Creator   日本國際協會
    Kokusai Renmei Kyōkai
    International Association of Japan
    League of Nations Association of Japan
Publisher   Kokusai Renmei Kyōkai (Tokyo, Japan)
Language   English
Dates Published   Began publishing in 1931
    Ceased publishing in 194-?
Holdings   1933 August 15 through 1941 April 15 (some issues missing)
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Subjects   Japan -- Foreign relations -- 1912-1945
    Japan -- Diplomatic relations -- China
    Japan -- Diplomatic relations -- Germany
    Japan -- Diplomatic relations -- Italy
    Japan -- Diplomatic relations -- United States
    China -- Diplomatic relations -- Japan
    Germany -- Diplomatic relations -- Japan
    Italy -- Diplomatic relations -- Japan
    United States -- Diplomatic relations -- Japan
    Sino-Japanese Conflict, 1931-1933
    Diplomatic relations
Historical note   GENEVA, Feb. 24, 1933 (UP):
    The Japanese delegation, defying world opinion, withdrew from the League of Nations Assembly today after the assembly had adopted a report blaming Japan for events in Manchuria.
(See, the full UPI report at
    In 1933, following Japan's departure from the League of Nations, the publisher changed its name from The League of Nations Association (国際聯盟協会 = Kokusai Renmei Kyōkai) of Japan to International Association (日本國際協會 = Nihon Kokusai Kyōkai) of Japan.
(Reference: Trove.
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