Maulidi ya Barzanji na Tafsiri Yake (MS 380058a)

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Maulidi ya Barzanji na Tafsiri Yake (MS 380058a)
Series Title:
Knappert Collection :
Said Musa ( Translator )
Imam as-Sayyid Ja’far al-Barzanj ( contributor )
Ali Omar, Yahya, 1924–2008 ( contributor )
Publication Date:
Paper ( medium )
Handwritten manuscript : In black and blue ink, on ruled paper


Subjects / Keywords:
Islam ( LCSH )
Religious practice
Religious belief
Biography ( LCSH )
Swahili poetry ( LCSH )
Kuzaliwa kwa Mtume
Imani za kidini
Kiswahili mashairi
Faith ( LCSH )
Mazoezi ya kidini
Islam -- Customs and practices ( LCSH )
Muḥammad, Prophet, -647 ( LCNA )
Prophet Mohammed
مَولِد النَّبِي‎‎
Spatial Coverage:
Africa -- Tanzania -- Kilimanjaro Region -- Eastern Africa -- Moshi Urban District -- Moshi
-3.334883 x 37.340381


This manuscript is a translation of Maulid al-Barzanji Nathr, which is popular in coastal Swahili communities, where its reading is not restricted to Maulid festivities. Like the original poem, this manuscript contains 19 sections that celebrate the prophet Mohammed and narrate the story of his life. A preface in Swahili and a Qur’anic verse (translated into Swahili) introduce the poem. Throughout the manuscript, lines of the original Arabic precede the verse translation into Swahili; generally, each Arabic line is transformed into one Swahili stanza. Occasionally the refrain that concludes each section appears in Arabic only. On the first page of the eighth section, the Swahili verses are misplaced; the second verse should appear under the first line of Arabic and the first verse under the second line. The content of each section may be outlined as follows. First: praise for God and the Prophet Mohammed; second: the lineage of Mohammed; third: the conception of Mohammed and the wondrous events accompanying it; fourth: the death of Mohammed’s father and the birth of Mohammed, including six verses from the Hamziyya; fifth: the birth of Mohammed; sixth: the miraculous events following the birth of Mohammed; seventh: the nursing of Mohammed; eighth: the early childhood of Mohammed; ninth: Mohammed’s journey to Medina with his mOther, and his mOther’s death; tenth: Mohammed’s marriage to Khadija; eleventh: rebuilding of the Ka’ba after a storm and Mohammed’s resolution of a dispute surrounding the black stone; twelfth: the inception of the Prophet’s revelations; thirteenth: the conversion of Abu Bakr and Others, hostility against the Muslims, and the death of Abu Talib; fourteenth: the Prophet’s miraculous journey to heaven; fifteenth: the Prophet’s acceptance at and flight to Medina; sixteenth: the Prophet’s miraculous milking of a cow in Qudayd, on the way to Medina; seventeenth and eighteenth: the appearance, habits and nature of the Prophet; nineteenth: a prayer. ( en )
General Note:
Biographical information: Imam as-Sayyid Ja’far al-Barzanji (c. 1690-1763) wrote two poems to celebrate Maulid (the birthday of the prophet Mohammed): Maulid Barzanji Nadhm, a 16-section poem in which all verses end with the Arabic letter ‘nun’; and Maulid Barzanji Nathr, a 19-section poem in which all verses end with the letter ‘hee’ (or ‘hay’). The latter, which was composed in rhymed prose, is translated into poetry this manuscript. The introductory notes identify the author of this Swahili poetic translation, Sheikh Said Musa, as a resident of Moshi, Tanzania
General Note:
Date of Composition is unknown
General Note:
Languages: Swahili (Arabic script)
General Note:
Extent: 1 exercise book
General Note:
Incipit: Najilinda kwa Mwenyezi, na shetani mal’iuni, ambaye ni mtokozi, kwa hila ziso kifani
General Note:
The prose translation of the ‘Maulidu’l-Barzanji nathran’ is probably the most relevant portion of Knappert (1971): pp. 48-60.
General Note:
Africa -- Eastern Africa -- Tanzania -- Kilimanjaro Region -- Moshi Urban District -- Moshi
General Note:
Purchased from Dr. J. Knappert, August 1979
General Note:
Scribe: Ali Omar, Yahya, 1924–2008
General Note:
Publication information: Knappert, Jan. 1971. Swahili Islamic Poetry, Vol. 1. Leiden: E.J. Brill

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SOAS University of London
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MS 380058 ( SOAS manuscript number )
MS 380058a ( SOAS manuscript number )


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