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Hichens Collection
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Mixed Material
Būṣīrī, Sharaf al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Saʻīd, 1213?-1296?
Athman bin Al-Kadhi ( contributor )
،البوصيري، شرف الدين محمد بن سعيد 1213?-1296? ( contributor )
Sayyid Idarus bin Athman ( contributor )
Al-Hinawy, Mbarak, Sheikh-Sir, 1896-1959 ( contributor )
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Paper ( medium )
34 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Swahili poetry
Religious beliefs
Kijuma, Muhammad   ( lcna )
Kiswahili mashairi
Imani za kidini
Spatial Coverage:
Africa -- Tanzania -- Manyara -- Siu
Africa -- Kenya -- Lamu -- Pate -- Pate Island
Africa -- Somalia -- Bajuni Islands
-4.26667 x 35.01667


General Note:
First lines of the manuscript: Nanza kwa jinale Bismillahi lenye adhama Na rrahmani Muwawazi na rrahima
General Note:
Mistari ya kwanza ya hati: Nanza kwa jinale Bismillahi lenye adhama Na rrahmani Muwawazi na rrahima
General Note:
Scribe: Athman bin Al-Kadhi
General Note:
Būṣīrī, Sharaf al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Saʻīd, 1213?-1296? = Abū 'Abdallāh Muhammad ibn Sa'īd ul-Būsīrī Ash Shadhili, 1211–1294 = Sheikh Muhammad bin Said al-Busiry
General Note:
Relevant dialect: Kingozi
General Note:
This manuscript contains a very old copy of the famous religious poem, given to Hichens by Muhammad Kijumwa. The Swahili translation of the poem date 1792 AD (1207 AH) and was done by Sayyid Idarus bin Athman,. The Hamziyya, as it is known among the Swahili, is written in Arabic and Swahili and it is an ode in praise of the Prophet Muhammed. The first line of each verse is in Arabic and the second line is the Swahili translation of the first line. The Arabic part of the poem in known as 'Ummul-Kura' and was written by Sheikh Muhammad bin Said, known as Albusiry, a prominent Egyptian poet. The name Hamziyya, which refers to the poem that combines the Arabic and Swahili lines, originated from the fact that in Arabic prosody every poem rhyming in 'Hamza' is called Hamziyya. However, this is not a concern for the Swahili community who knows the poem as Hamziyya per se, without any reference to the rhyming pattern. The main linguistic characteristic of the poem is that it is written in Kingov(z)i, archaic Swahili, and the translation from Arabic to Swahili is very literal. A typical stanza contains 30 mizani (syllabic measure) in each baiti. The number of syllables in each line varies between 14 and 15. The poem used to be recited by professional singers from Pate, Siu, and Bajuni. They learned the poem by heart and performed it in coastal towns.
General Note:
See also SOAS manuscript See MS 53827
General Note:
Relevant Publications: Knappert, J. 1979. Four Centuries of Swahili Verses. Heinemann, London, pp. 103-108. Wa Mutiso, Kineene. 2001. AAP 68-Swahili Forum VIII, pp. 81-115. Forthcoming, Wa Mutiso Kineene, 2002. AAP 69-Swahili Forum IX
General Note:
Original pages partly damaged
General Note:
Biographical history: Sheikh Muhammad bin Said al-Busiry is the author of the Arabic version. He was a prominent Egyptian writer and poet. Sayyid Idarus bin Athman is the author of the Swahili translation. He was a prominent theologian of the Lamu Coast as well as a Swahili and Arabic scholar.
General Note:
Al-Hinawy, Mbarak, Sheikh-Sir, 1896-1959 = Mbarak Ali Hinawy
General Note:
Kijuma, Muhammad = Muhammad Kijumwa
General Note:
Composition dates from circa 1652 A.D. (Gregorian calendar) = circa 1062 A.H. (Hijri calendar)
General Note:
Handwritten manuscript
General Note:
Manuscript dates from circa 1652 A.D. (Gregorian calendar) = circa 1062 A.H. (Hijri calendar)
General Note:
Purchased from Kegan Paul, 26 November 1948
General Note:
The poem called Hamziyya, in Arabic script
General Note:
1 small red bound book
General Note:
Swahili text inscribed in Arabic script
Digitised for Swahili Studies at the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures at the Universität Hamburg, with funds from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (the German Research Foundation).

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SOAS, University of London
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soas manuscript number - MS 53823
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