A school hygiene

Material Information

A school hygiene in the Nilotic Kavirondo language, for use in the schools of the Seventh Day Adventist Mission, South Kavirondo, K. C.
Clarke, G. A. ( Author, Primary )
Wilson, Andrew ( contributor )
Furneaux, William ( contributor )
Cantile, James ( contributor )


Subjects / Keywords:
Maasai Language ( LCSH )
Public health
Africa -- Tanzania
Spatial Coverage:
Africa -- Kenya
1 x 38

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Source Institution:
SOAS University of London
Holding Location:
Special Collections
Rights Management:
This item is licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon this work non-commercially, as long as they credit the author and license their new creations under the identical terms.

Full Text
4 ie i oe Ss
Prag) ae ! k ‘
Be typ
aa ncaa
Ht aR i
Beevesttt tla ( :
a 4
Bali St a :
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a i ate
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bis i HRS) eS
Ben tutta
aii 4 fh : :
ath Ri en
ani mineiticiheeyes ‘
Br ne ie
EM att EH ;
Stat a
Besainiseripsts tec ‘
He pagieeadtrh j ; Z 5 f x
Gril iy ail |
Bannan ay é
Bice L |
Meisiebasiny ta fs : .
i :
Briain Hi :
Be etif tsi h CU ag x
Be a J
Beaes: treciitragin : 2
ae |
Bucs) eater
As ee
ae a
; ae hag | é E Q
ae tis Ca aniatt : 7
Ri iene Ri ; f
Say : - 2
Sea aati
ec ncn re
penn i ti ite see
(ramen rit Pot pisces :
ia), ,
ROSS hiitntS citi ctoe ae :
ue zs
Ei i i fii
kaeuincusizares tatty f 4g
eaeean eat f
| :
aiid lise
: a
Beasts i tageteuteayei i
Sad eta Bc ae |
Sr aie ebeilt21 5
Pea aii 5
fooes wists
Sea eat hy te i ;
ea iy sina :
iat) s
Re ey
pei Hk
‘ sar aie sil ea A S rs
ee a :
ms nie 2) J
to :
i hi ie ei
pee ses Hie a BS
ee Berti mas
alate Si: g
Slit itanntsanistsitit
Sa Mey ;
Guat eects #
He a
Bi anaes ws
i : ai
Burs tht ah :
Beer Gua a ie ‘
BOUL isthe ipea vagcady f
a = =
Ls a i REM ais
“1 |
if ira nan e
aerate AIM ty
Hun elanatHie: é
3 Loe
soit é
Be aautuais ith ti E
pees Hn
a THA BE ;
Sn Ie
Ce Ea
ene urate
a Uauaeliie
Sai aren
RS Seer Tn it
Mia es :
Bsr anette
ines :
acre mudcuIii:
Rena tbat 3 A f
tai iy :
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“gy st x
cea D
rote i
le é ee le DD
iN he 3 ~ ILE -
i hirPapeetense tie TEt pian Pa ae

>. Ny "3 a P om ce
YS . —— ae : So ; Z 5 = Ete Yes.
Pies ‘ ——— . eee ee
s ie : 2 : Ssh ~ < at nu
lS Bn teeter : : i : 2 :
Peres ey Beene ee somes Se ace : sen ao 2 ‘ : ; on
ire hart Raas Sp Speke Re wae _ Sea A Sieve mS 5 ee i “ ae
nna RES: = ; SS ere Ags28 S :
ee Soeores : : eed = Ss < : 7
Race ea : aces :
eS aay : Tees :
He aS é x :
etn : : : es
ee : : :
Meow = Re a Fe = 5
Baas 2 . = 3 s ee
eens sche oc eeee ° : 2 eS = ae s
i ee = > - % = Sarak “ : : 2 ao 5 Z 2 C a se ‘ = = ae ~ :
Ss cee im ¥ a as 2 ee = ea a Sy tae
Sask Skee 52 Se en aes % . : : Se perl r ee
Bake Pee 3 : : os Seo -
Garett, od = 3 : : : s
ik a : : phe = a 5 “ 5 = Bet = é Panes an
es ats an re eee eg ogee ats pe ae SERS : . a is : 2 pe a>
Pears ma Pee Cpe oN emg ng ae : : = : = es z ie =
Bist Pe = : s y = A a ae z
SS es3 Nese S Sats = a: t 5 = “! s aes ae sas s ~ = ee
PRR RRRS Tce a Seas eam 3 Se ateey presi é Aaa eo ae ¥ pene ees “ : : :
eR GC NS ean yen ee EN ca 5 3 eS I re oe pare pg ie ee : SMe tee i " ee
wena Wart ae Rey tae ate Se aks CSG % 5 3 aera ee es ee os er : 3 - cease j : = z
Mages tons mealy ena Nase ES sae re < é a Seth ena Cea gars Rae =
By sere ea tS cys ea een sienna : oe : : Sita on ta = an Seca ; = : = a
fi eee Si Sue mena ee ese age a SHE eh es See segues : : = 2 A
sree Ae re eee Se Nein eg emt aera ee - Seay Be Braet S Saige eet ss fa pe
Pi stir wearer 2g ore so) Sen Rg er Ss Seen ES Se : Se Sea
= Sa nee Set z ah wate poem ee = ms 2 a ie s = : i * Soe z ae : See = 5 sae 2 S Pa Seer eae
Sissel eee een Rem te Soret Brest SRR Ee Ss aie : :
% Ba NB a tae ep NSN ee omer ra aaa: Pte aR me Ee me ie = Bernabe Been Ep Geek ep aera F ee ne
s "SERS ESSER SS eat g toate ence th pe et tee ra pe < aes - rege 5 Sree 5. : : Sera 55) Pi = ee
hese ay ate ea eae AS Ne eS Sa eR nee S SP Oe 2 ores Be vey, : = es Hass ; = oe "4
feeetegc reece re at anon er eee Re ea paeie one te ‘ Bes Be x aes So {
Ree ae cs aOR tne eR Ee A Ra oe ee ay eG 3 Seca ty : Z % ae ate: test a
PRS eee ia eee oa SNM pve a ae Go acer MOC NE Spring Cogs. SS Se =4 a : Seat ee eh eee See
pees eens ee OTF ae ples Re ras les ca eR carat Tee 2 aaa ere ean kee SE Rater sage tng gous = Yes aii at me a = Rens eS Sa ee Sy
Re ge er gO Se aa ce a EE ag SE ce ee ey sar a Sst Se Peereetcats Se epee aes
5 acer ae eg MoS So ee IE RU en ps Pe ae : Seve ees : =
BE eee to EC PR tee SE as a SPEIRS = i = SES Sha * * So as %
ERD eres oer ena a aaa Neer tage ee en ag is oe NS Sr eehi nok hee ote ae : 2 Pi Ne ea RE oe
; aR Sacer oe ee oe ee a EE Ra eG a ee s aS Ste bie iB soos
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ca See arian * SS ee VE Tene MRD Ce eR EAS mS Som ; = BCE eR e oF : aaa See ion
ie Sapp ike int fea PR wen =e SS rene tt - a areas Saas aad : . ~— saree ee
A PRM fig ee re Ct mee ar a gee ORB er ete aot gate rae EEE ey ORS eee Sate a oe SE t Bg: Reg eeE Ga aeee
eae oe or emticee shinee set SSS ty sos eepeeen ok een Se a SS 5 * aie Sez % os e as ae ees
re easier io Nn etna ee Ge RENEE tts ss see ais Sa ae oi ate ae
Sem ea RE Cs aaN a oak op Rca A ee ae wO oETRS N g tapeE raass ae ae je % fesere a] See a See a Se ag ie on OS ae
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Eee ee at agai atten, Gin ahs SP ST RR eae ks a Me PSR AOI RE Tp LBS aa ne Satine ee ay aa x fH Pat Saer ene ae : Kr x Aeeet rts Sapa
i: Seen Recaite ie | Mena thorar a naga I ent ad DRL ORM MENS POR adie See tae 5 Ser RE Ter : Crete conten et See eae teri
eae tee atenls se cere nae ert senmices geen wae Iw erg | Seg ae eg a ae Ret ee Rae a tees Bre a eos Bien oe ae
pee ea. SRS EB eae Ug eer Se Paar aT GeO, EA eA a Aaa WL RES
: as Reape eS Dare ence nos SE CEM A aI SRG SO. ee LMS Oi Bab Ota N Ei MED a> on Nee ood hg ar a ON se nace? Feo j ges Pe s ve ES ebro
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Rare Ors ate RL ise Ma PR eS SAE DEN Sa re Pear «gs MOR NN Sis, SCE pM igi CS RUE aman Ae yy tae nO Pe Sete 5 Peace Repu eas EASES 2
5 seems Ere Sr RE Gre te NMR Y ent oN aR ima yey Shoes cme mee Thc rc terea ember Se een mane. pS te a ete ta =
BRR Sd eae ena Soy Ut RAE ta Bere AS ort al ee IR bien Spent aN oa Re Sere ae Tae Disease ek es
3 eG PRA cabana ce ati EON rea CT NC Sata peers Shes SCM g Sage os eels ORE Sr ue sg pt SS ue eR
[ eS pes rere aO ae Los hace Be ree ISR et Yai Se eat Set kei Eee Pra eseesute id onl Sed eee array tee reaeaah wit ao a una ga
Ee es a Spas ft earrege ta ea ecrsteea eh ran Se ee Ror LN MR Na a ecg Sas ea rn Beet ke ELLE EeE Ca poached cath
i ae ee, Oh ee eg ss eee a heer aR ee ee
Ra Nea oR R geebgarc P aNie eEaant pc S ae eee gags a bag RAT eC eae br eo eS See
x BR eas NES ene oe ae cea ea Eee path Ny YT eR at aera oe lS a ea
ae Sree ens eee eG ices eee RN ee ees are ee ered bcd 2
SO ORS Ts wha Renan Sa SRO MCR SO Llane EE Re a ORN Rina ep oh pe Ee ag NEE Sen aaa id
Se Bae A aoe NS oe ee ag a Mee oe et eR ee SSeS .
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Bi Se eee SS RR eee es eee Sse ee -
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lemmpumer ais) —— ~ ) eID ISTE a i fee ee ae ery, B Se ee I, |
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RRR] a : ee : ere, SS at ane Gore eae : : ; Bas
titi Fo te 2 = r : eet e a : i
picts testa ear 1 5 E 3 ce 4 3
Piette oth se Mees 5 7 Z 7
Fay? REL be z : x : : % E 5 a3
Ge eats | hee a A g :
irate neti 4 5 See z 2 Leas ‘ : i ,
it Ste) Ee Nia ae i . seat
Sinead y Es < : aos = ‘s tee , 2
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Sines 5 A : ae 3 3
ey A 3 LS te been : i
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ai oe tt 5 « : Sioe : ego s :
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Rarities 3 ; 5 f or ree
ab SHi2] esti | E 5.2 S % nag
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Ekg, s a 5 i 5 . 5 3 *
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‘ee * 2 z Bok Ba Son ae
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os i - a z Beas
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pase senses ai! , $ ‘apo NS PM ine ae oe : tees a Sap A : a see PS Svan Ta pee = 4 ¥ +
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: B) ee ee oe Nae Seas Boo ee ET Ra ag Oe aot Let PEGE eee < Fis ak ice RE is Op EeePC a Bathe gt cose “YR BE
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d . ‘ee ane SS nrae Fe TICK Sailers ee eS erat nia ~ Bt gs RD CAO a RE EE ETOP caste 2 oe He SN cane oe SCE DN
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ii ge Rena gree er ee Sr aiRaaE aay YD Pre Pa te RO ce a 6 ge ease Oe RR REI POI Oh ase ROT etn. < fas es EF Petes
att | oe eh ht ie AoE PO cig Sete ee cy Es ee Oia eR eT aia ne Nk aT Ss Boon Apsara ee eh agree ean
, I MEL et rata AS SORT RMON aT eR AE Lol SI aa Se sj ag RAR an SG Cd ak ZION aE eal Bae ete ge Pe A EID en sua ea LID Nad bres OR wk PRINS : $ CRETE MASS opert Tate mee aad
{ ce PO AW cas oe ete ah Spa Se IE FCB EO Ae reat a ea Pi ARE hans eCa Iae BEE eM at A ek ate oad ‘ apa Oa gies kr ae og ack Bike Sis Pita mp ARE Nae Fase
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: 4 Sie pete ee ee eae Se geen SEE ay eae PR SN RN nan oe ea (Ea eet ae eee Re eenrerer |
iS ey if Nia a Ga ee ee een S34 es Te, ee Sas eer Meg ee ipod eR IS pee ee Ree aN oe Lio peed age ae aac a aaa
Roeser ei phic SOE ee Te “ Pe Se. “ ent pe aie ” Rarer ae Bhi: BTS AOS ies etal 5 ee eae ee al
a Been Ri sg AR Settee a aaa, NER PE i, a ai ee oe :

= â„¢ - oO a 4A S i
Peete Se : Ee : : Ses
Fae Se Se pit 5 \ : : seis 5 : “i
Bp geese Sensi i - s ; : 7 | eee Se :
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Brera yisen 6559s Reo pS ean = me : SR iia ke Sr eee ee hme es ae = se
aimee Gees eos s SxS : : s eye Son Seen teats hs eerie tok emote dec ae aman e EnGe Sites
biter fen oS Seat eee - = . acs TRON wats = He es x goa pee See ieee ne
RBM Smosh peg : : Sates Ey :
DSS aes Reese SES GRR = S “ : oat - 7 z z
eer eee sa nec a eS eS ae : sir 3 : 3 |
Bae Rear eRe tag oman | ERECT ANG < = - 2 Bee a
Be ene Cae ease Spee ice eS : Sear SSRN Se ee Se eee 2 : : =]
i: Pate NSS ree pe SiS ae ere ae SESS aS x : ee : = :
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gece: Se er urea oe SS = es : 53 See : 3 p
Peete eet é a Se ss ater Sara eee ee ee eS Sas ; Hi
Sees eS See SRE eee Bet ae ee ne NS eS y fi
Rinsies Soe cs eS a = - 5 Lae ae Pa he eT r goers : store : s zea 4
Pas S Ne : = - = See : 3 :
eee es : Z
Sethe ie ae Si Ss é x 3 ‘ = \ 7
Se eee = ee ~ me 2 : > Es s % q
Bisa eee zs 5 Be se z : es
poems ws eran vie : panes Ag Se ee ee z : : sores
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ISS neta eS Set & : 3 = ae : ess ae ‘ nes axe ae e fee
Gao Sere ee . = = = a ainda ete 5 : 4
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Sethe rea arr eS 2 as : aS z RTS aos eS 2 Sea aen : s - 5s s z
Neat Sree : = 4 ere Pope eer at SS Pang aes deere tat eT NR Sette te ee Ser 3 a
ee Nes ane Teter Tee Ce ere ee Ae een aire eS Fee ee : So a7 a
Eee HS a ee pn ee eee Sas = ee
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Oe a ae Spee See op te Mena ee ny Ee nce Nene ares gaan nei : i aoe
een ee : BETA ncn Se ar ae OD Soe eae Sate a Enis Sap ee
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Sees oe a on bene Ra A ntfe nt RR Ea Sy eee Beane mee 5 : = ¥ . : z he a res Aree
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pe Seagate Fae ss te Sar ere eng ean en a : Ea Perr ae SSUES sens 4 : ee
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me SSE Sean Sek aoe EN a Care epee SSeS we es 7 2 : 7 f at Sir ee eee
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oer 5 eas ee a a ee oe ee eee nes pee = = z - : fe Ss Angee
Pees ele ea etme ie ERO ens ete ce ere ape ee Ge aa Saas scares Sapien ee 3 = r nee
gies a SE ae ance aes Seco Pesce = Re eo SS ke Seger tetera tne eg een rene ct pteen Sine e anak Fee eR geet an eee ea ata a Sree man ao ae : 3 gee Sie oiee ogeape
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aa rae Re te Stee eS ee Rae Nae re eee = 35 Pipe ee eee $ Pi reer Se
Sere Pe SEEDER ES anc eee erie tbr TAS iagn aan Lp EE SS Fenestra Sec Eee es Beceem ee PO TT
, Dua eRe tae Ss ea ena RNS NA SEN weee es OT SS aoa eR IS = SSS one ea ete See So nS maaan
Rohe Ge ee eR epee a Sra cat care antennae ican SSR ESE ee SE oie eT aE is:
eee Ret ce Maa EC rte See eT Se Sea aaa tyres aN) ees Oe ee ree Sy tens st ates tislearee Tag ich ee meee tie ae ape —
ee = Se eActesses t= Si ots bis ae a er Soe Fe Sa ent an ore eT Neen ee SET EE = Bs a tn Nie apart
Se a ee IRR eS pI EN ea on See Bea ne AUS ae RS Pon tongs Chater Tenet x Pirne et seca e rs Tiere
eS ea i BORG Sse ee ne eee oes CEA No a es eae et ein NS Eh eae aR ae 3 SS ae
aan veh cee aR Ay CRD Sate ire ae aN te Fens ee ee I te es le > sal fel Se Scie bg ee eat aca SARE Sree set dette es 2 SShantomeemae arts x : : ‘
eg me en eee See nates esc aes PSR RO ws ee Se SSG Ae SIN Sa eae ae reg PURI Sy Daas eI Bape ga et = Brae aR cae a8
= Ba a ee ee :
eee Pima Ng eR I Rep eee Oat A nS Oe eee SASS Sn PE pe try aaa Se
ee eae SI Sy a oS eee me er See SS os
See ee Sete soem tara se Recerca aA ren ee pee eee ta ae
ee eee es CS ee ne Le Re SS eee erties eC Nie Moen eer
rage eee ce je Sehentaan ae Se See Septem en oe ee SRS Fae Rhee aS mee PR Se Pde See ke aarp Re psa AS. > NR a hig ae
See ee ee ee Bo oe Se
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ee XXX KX a
XXX A 8 ¢.H 0.0 L HY G2 NG ‘XXX a
ZXX ag aR ee I - KXX ae
0 ox |
oe XXX in the Nilotic Ravirondo Language, AKX 4
XXX 4 — XXX 7
XXX for use in the schools of XXX q
nae | KKX The Seventh Lay Adventist Mission, XXX 4
Sa INK South Kavirondo, K.-C. XXX ‘
= XXX Gempiled by Miss G.A.Clarke XXX
XX of the XXX
XXX Kamagambo Training Fchoel, XXX
XXX with 22 illustraticns copied from XXX a
XXX The Modern Physician by Pr.Androw Wilson, XXX :
Ge XXX Human Physiology . by William Furneaux, XXX ;
XXX First Aid Manual by Sir James Cantlie. XXX.
XKX ppphinph peppy XXX 7
XXX November 1928. XXX
Bones and their work; some differences ; the backbone.
Joints, their kinds with examples; muscles and their work;
asics voluntary and involuntary muscular activity.
The mouth and mastication; the gullet;the stomach,its 3
structure and work; bile and pancreatic juice; the intestines 4
and absorption. : q
ve Work of bloed; red and white corpuscles;blocd vessels; the ‘
heart;its structure and working:bleod stream;pure & impure 4
blood. ;

Breathing through the nose and mouth compared; structure of
lungs; Oxygen and Carbon-dioxide 3 vontilation.
Structure and use of skin; perspiration; care of skin; kidneys.
Structure & work of brain and nerves; cranial nerves,sensory
& motor nerves; work of Spinal cord; necessity of using brain.
Feeling; structure & work of ear; of eye ; and of noge.
INTRODUGTION. Definition; why taught; personal responsibility,
_ CHAPTHR aS : SLESP. Page 10
Body repair; increased need in children; inadvisability of
sleeping on a full stomach.
- Oxidization in the body; necessity of getting rid of Carbon-
dioxide; fresh air during sleep; fresh air & blood; action on
Why worn; good and bad conductors of heat; necessity of removhy
wet clothing; clothing to be of washable material.
Frequent washing necessary; care of teeth; of eyes.
CHAPTER 5. GARE @F THE Hous. Page 13.
Building, drainage; light and air; frequent plastering a
necessity; outside kitchen; evil «f goats etc, Sleeping in
house; laying of dust before sweeping.
Various kinds of; benefita of to mind and body.
CHAPTER 7. FOOD. Page 15.
Waste of bedy; necessity of food: kind of food should depend
on climate and nature of work; building and heat~producing fcac
variety needed; mastication; proparation and cooking of food.

CHAPTER 8. WATER. Page 17.
Its uses; pure and impure; necessity cf, and hew te cbtain ge:
clean water; work of water in bedy; drinking a necessity.
In compound; in heuse; rats; flies; bugs, fleas, ete.
CHAPTER 1@.- TOBACCO. Fage 19.
Piscevery; habit opposed by those in high autherity; effects
ef un’body; effects ef nicotine on animals.
GHAPTER' i1. ALCOHOL. Page 29.
Action cf en egg, meat; on tedy,.and nerves; results.
Bed; washing of sick; bowel action; bed gores, prevention and
treatment; feod, preparation of; sleep.
Uses of cold application; hct fementations, preparation of;
poultices and their use.
Average temperature of bédy; regularity in taking temperature
anecessity; methods of taking temperatures.
Treatment of cut artery, vein; bleeding from nese; dites &
stings; fainting; burns; poisening; ebjects in ear, nose, eye,
throat; drowning; bruises. :
Treatment of sprain; fractured humerus, forearm, claviwle, 4
femur, ribs, lewer leg- ;
‘QHAPTER 6. GERMS. Page 27. |
Inerease; methods of antering body; immunity; werk of white |
corpuscles; how to keep free from infection. :
SHAPTER 7. Ulcers; jiggers; ticks; lice; sore eyes. i
GHAPTER 11. Symptcms and Treatment of SMALLPOX, LEPROSY,

7 Bye ee me x '
Fresh air; light; fodd; cleanliness; clothing.
| CHAPTER 2. SLEEP. Page 38.
| Bed separate from mother; hours ef sleep necessary; child
| should be taught to be content in bed during waking heurs.
Nature's way; cleanliness of mother necessary to baby's health;
insufficient milk; too fast a flow cf milk; weaning; hours
for feeds; wind; vomiting,
| GHAPTER 4, BOWEL _ AGTION. : Pass 40.
| Nature rather than quantity ef faeces to be noted; regular
action. |
| Teeth; mastication; drinking with feod; regular feeding;
| breathing through the nese.
| Diarrhoea; running eyes; ringworm; umbilical hernia;
| From 6 = 8 months; after weaning; from 18 months te 3 years.
How tc prepare foods suitable for young children; (all the
foods mentioned are either native products, or European foods
| known and grown by the majority ef natives.)
| Pppeppbp ii .

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ED eae Bi mar my G Le N W.
Ke AB mar Bee Fie Lave
Sura _i- Gedo mar Ringruok.

Paudi ewacho niya, "Anapaki; nikech ghwechna odhiero ng'eyo;
soni ni gik miwuoro; mano to chunya ong eyo maradier. Ka ji
lo puonjore kuom chwech dhano, ji medo yudo gik momiyo giwuoro
ko mar Jachwech. Paulo owache ka ringrewa gin Hekalu mag
ra Maler." Kobedo kamano nowinjore wapuonjre kuom ringruok, mondo
i'e kaka wanyalo ritogo mondo obedi mangima. # kitabu ni wa-
iré puonjre weche mcko kuom ringruok dhano, kendo kaka wanyalo
1og0 mondo wabedi gi ngima maber kaka owinjore.

Ringruck otimo choke mathoth. Mokc bedo machiegini gi del,
ta Mag lithe luedo, minyalo mulo maber. Moko ogeng' gi ring'o j
jhoth, kaka mar bam, kendo ok inyalo winjogi maber. Iwinjo ka
jie gimoro matek kanyo, tc ok inyalo mulogo maber, ming'eyo kite
ra ochalo. Nitie choke moloyo mia ariyo e ringruok, to ok gi-
ilore gi duto. Moko dongo, moko tindo; moko bcoyo, moko chieko;
ido moko dwaro chalo gi pado mar agwata motho.

Tich maduong’ mar choke ni siro ringruok. Gibedo mang'eny
ido mi ringruok kinde mar sudo kuonde duto, kata ka ng!ato odwaro
lore, wichore, chikore gini.

Tich machielo mar choke ni geng'oc kuonde mabeyo mag ringruok
kik giyudi keth moro. It maiye, ka ma wawinjo godo, ogeng' gi
igo Matek ahinya. Wang! bende obedo e gi machalo gi okopo moles
choke. Kar oboye gi adundo obedo = ot molos gi choke aoko
joke Oboye Bi adundo tiyo tich madongo e ringruok, ma kokethgi
li watho. :# momiyo ogeng gi matek.

To e ringruok nitie kamoro maber moloyo duto, nikech ene
liyo kuonde duto tiyo, konyisogi tichgi. Mano ni obwongo, kar
Os Hn koyudo keth moro onyalo miwa tho; e momiyo orits maber
oyo, kogeng'e e sanduk mar choke mwaluongo ni kar hanga.
mjore obodo matek nikech ka ji tugo wich oyudo gocho mang'eny.
chokego geng'o socho ni Eik oketh obwongo.

Mowuck kuom obwongo yo. ka mwal> nitie gi machalo gi tol moro,
kite dwaro chalo gi kit obwongo owuon. Mano walucngo ni tond
umblu, moluwo e ka morokore mar choke lihumblu, ka chokego geug'oa.
/ng'ato opar ka Lihumblu ni chogo achiel kende. Ka dobedi
laao ok di wanyalo dolore ngang' . Lihumblu otimo choke 33;
kuomgi chalo ka tigo moruw, minyalo pog kindgi;. to mago mamwalo
ore kanyakla ka chogo achiel, kendo osore es choke bembe.

a tigo moruw ogeng!o tol moruwgi godo, kamano bende choke mag
umblu geng'o tolne moa kuom cbwongo.
Sura 2+ Kaka Ringruok Osudo.

Ne wawacho kaka ringruok obedo gi, choke mang'eny mondc omi i
nde duto mag ringruok gudo. Ka ng ato. ogere ot okete thigo ;
dirisini, kendo oksto pata kuomgi mondo migi sudo, kodwarc . a
0S1 kata chiegogi. B ringrewa bende nitic kuonde moko machalo a
a momiyo: wanyalo. sudo ringruck kamoro kaka wadwaro. Kuondego a
uongoe ni..fuende mag ringruck. To fuonde duto ok chalore. Moko ;
iQ machalo gi thigo, mosudo nyakuchiel kende. Magi wayudo a


pe '
2) )
kuon okumbe, chong’, @i litho luedo. Mar Bok gi bam yore gi magj!
Llago chalo gi adhulo moruaki 2 okopo, kendo onyalo wichore koni
Koni, To kikana gi ng ut tielo timo choke moko matindo, ma choay
achiel achiel owiror> kuom owadgi. 7
| . ,,, 20 @ kar fuonde duto nitie tonde moko momako choke matek
ni kik gipasore. aa kargi. Tondagi nyalo yuware kando wichora
mak giyiech. Ka kamoro owil obedo nikech tonde mar kanyo okethi
| kata oyuwagi moloyo.
Thike moko yuak kiyawogi kata chiegogi. To koketia mo nati
eka giling'. Choke betide dotin kamano, to Nyasaye noketo 9 kindgi
vaten moko mag omuot. Pi mero owuok e omuod3go momiyo wi chokge
) . Dedo maber, na ginyalo sudo mag givyuagi. Pigno owuck pile pile.
aoe Foro ang'o momiyo choke gudo ? Wang ' eyo kaka ogeng'gi gi
: ring::o. Ring'oni otimo ponde. Pondegi nyalo ng'wony kendo
yuware ka mpira moro. Tonde moko motegno riwo ponde gi chokes. |.
tend pol nyakuchicl otweye gi chogo moro midwaro sudo, to tiende
: ko wachiclo otweye kamoro ma ok sudi, kaka mar bat. Ma’ koro
: adwaro ting o bada ang'o motimore #@ Pdl mar odioch bat otweye
“UO chogc ar ywer bat but okumbo. Koro ka polne odwaro ng" wony
; wodoko machiek, tiende na mwalc kar ywor bat onego ting'ore malo,
i nikech tiende machielo motwe > gok ok nyalo sudo. Ka Koro bat
odwaro dok kare, ma pol oyuware kendo, nitie pol machislo ko man
| chislo mar bat momiyo bat riere kendo. Kendo kwawuotho ronde
moko ma nyime ting'o lithe tielo, kende moko mobedo chien ting'o
ohunj tielo. . a
a Ka ng' ato obedo piny pile, mak otimo tich moro, ponds mar
ng atno doko manyap, nikech ok otiyo kodgi- Mano e mcmiyo ng lato
| onyosors koa e tuo. To ka ng'ato otiyo matek pondene dokc ma-
dongo, motegno. Gichalo ka jotichwa, motimo duto mvadwaro. Kamano
| ka obwongo oparo odwaro kitabu moro, ponds mars ringruok tero ng' at
| kama kitabu nities; — ponde mag wang’ Miyo wang dwaroge;}- ponds
@ag bat gi luodo ting'ogo. Kamano ng'ato oyudo gi ma odwaro.
/ 3 ringruok nitie ponde ma dirom kata mia abich. Ok gichalore
: Siduto. Moko donzo, te moko tindo, kendo kitgi bende cpogore.
| Ponde moko, machalo gi mar tielo, bat, luedo, rito wach
| monylsogi tichgi monego gitin. Moko tiyo Kendgi, ma kata ka
: wuongi dotem tamgi_e tich, to ok,donyal. | Kata kidiemo wang'1,
itimo mak iparo. Ponde mag wang ng eyo tichgi mar miyo wang
bedo maler, kendo onge: ng'ato monyalo miyogi we tichgi. Adundo
dende ni pol motiyo saa duto, godiechiang' gotieno ka podi ng! ato
; ongima,. Chino otime ponde mang eny moloso wach mar chiemo mak
} dhano oparo.
Sura 3. Wuodh Chiemo oe Ringruok. ae
-Thok ni kar chakruok mar yor chiemo. Yor chismo duto
! obaw @i del moro marep ahinya, mopong' gi ligepe matindo tindo
i mang'eny mag remo. Ka chiemo odonjo e dhok lep cloko chismo
/ aloka ea dhok, kendo lake nyamogo-nyaka odoko mayom. Ilo nitie
; orung'ruag' moko magolo pi mar olawo mar konyo tich nywaso chiemo
| e dhok; kendo omiyo chiemo chokore adundo maromo mwonyo. #n gi
tich machislo bende, mar loko "Starch" mantie = chiemo moko mondo
i obedi sukari. Kinyamo rabuon, kata mucdo nyoyo gi kinds iyudo
j keolokore wamit e@ dhok. Mane obedo nikech olawo oscleko Kite, —
To ka wanyamo chiemo moromo, nyaka kite olokore, wamiyo chino tich
maduong'. eee
\ Ka wasenyamo chiemo koro lep ochokoge kanyakla koduckogo
, chien mondo odonji e rauwony.. Ramwony otimo ponde mang’eny, ma
| ka chieme osedonjo, gimich ka gidhiro chismo mwalo nyaka odonjo «
@ chino. : SOD TE Sas a os eg
| Chino ni kirowo mar del matek, man gi dhogo ariyo, achiel
| ma chiomo odon jogo, machielo movwuok godo. Ka iye ni nono kor
chine obedo matang tang , kendo ojoworo ahinya. To. ka chieuo

| 3° 4
cbiro mathoth eka chino oyuware nyaka kore obedo mapoth, ma chino
omedore gi duong - Kor chino ctimo del adek. Mano ma iye
ni del marep motimo pi, machalo gi mar dhok. Madiere otimo
tond ponde mathoth mogwenyore. Mano man oko chutho ogolo pi Ne
moro mobudo del ma oko ni kik omoko kuom gik msmoko manie ich.
Koro tich manade motimore = chino ka ? # chino nitie pi
moro motimo tich maduong' mar loko chiemo mondo owinjore don jo
e@ remo. Ka chino ni nono pigno okan e kirppe moko matindo tindo
manic kor chino. To ka chiemo ochako donjo koro pleno ochako
wuck gi kanyono mondo otim tichne. Chino koro opuoyo ckiemo
apuofa kaka ipuoyo mo e ko. Pi chino oriwore gi chiemo,koloko
kite, monywaso duto mayom.
Ka chino osepuoyo chiemo moromo, koro dhoot machielo mo-
chiko jambich oyawore matin mondo owe kinde mar chiemo moselokome.
To ka yok chiemo kobedo mayom chutho dhoodno ochiegore matek,
ma chiemo ok nyal kadho. Ok owinjore warodhi mathoth kwachieno
nikech pi mathoth kwamadho ctamo pi chino e tichne, moduoko tich
chisn. Gik mang'ich ahinya cduoko tich chien bende, nikech
gimiyo chino bedo mang ich, ma pi chino ok nyal tiyo nyaka chino
ochako bedo maliet kendo. Kendo gik maliet ahinya wang'o kor |
chino, Momiys nyosore. Chino chero mondo wamiy2 dichiol chiemo
duto mobiro tiyogo, mondo otigo kachiel. Ok ohero mondo oyudi
chiemo moro matin, kendo bang! saa matin ochako yudo moko kendo.
To chieme mobiro tiyogo kachiel:ohero yudo d*chiel, mondo ka
tichne orumo oyudi kinde mar yuweyo ka pok ochako yudo chiemo
moko kendo. Kor chino otimo choge mang ' emy matinds tindc. |
Chiemo moko meselokore, mobedo maliu moromo donjo 2 remo, koro |
dhoge matindogi madhogo tero ni remo manic ligspe matindo e kor
chino. iH
Ka chiemo osebedo mayom chutho, koro dho chino oywaore
mondo okadhis. Kanyc ochako donjo kamoro mabcor mapuot, ma kore
chalo gi kor chino. Mano ni jambich. & kar chakruokne nitie
pige ariyo mamoko machako donjo mar kenyc tich loko chiecmo. |
Pi achicl oa 9 tako mobedo tok chino. Pi machislo mar kedhno :
oa e ka maducng' moloyo duto mag ich, en chuny. Kanyo o kar
loso tzedhno, to ka tich onge kedhno odhi e kar keno man but
chuny, miluongo ni od kedhno. To ka chiemo odonjo e jambich |
kedhno oa © ods kodhiyo tich. Kodware donjc oromo gi pi tako
e yo, kende gidonjo e jambich kanyakla.
Kedhno oyie thmo tich achicl kends. fige ariyogi biro
ticko tich ma pi chino echako. To kedhno oyie tiyo gi gik mo- ;
timo mo kende. Tichne obedo mar pogo mo matindo tindo ma ring-
ruck nyalo tiyogo. Kendo mc © mokonyo ringruok bedo gi list.
: To pi tako ok oyicro gi motiye godo. Oyie chiogini dutc. |
Pige ariyogi koro tiyo gi chicomo nyaka osebedo mayom, maliu
chuthe. Kor jambich chalo gi kor chino, kendo ka chiemce ose- |
lokore, dhoge mantie 2 kor jambich madhogo kotero ni remo. To i
_ ehiomo duto ok odenjic © remo e yorno. Mathoth pod omedo wuoth. |
jambith. |
3 ‘ iH
Kor jambich ochiwo pi machiclo. Pigno otiyo gi chismo i
ma pok olokore, ma pige mamoko oWeyo. Kamano tich mar loko
chiemc orumc, komiys deko © kido ma ringruok nyalo tiyoge: a |
EB kor jambich nitie gik matindo tindo machalc gi yiler, Gimadho :
chismo makadho, ka gikowogo ni lig2re moko matindo tindo ; magi
-‘komda riworo mondo gitim ligepe moke moloyogi; magi bende
rivorg mondo gitim ligepe madongo, nyaka giduto giriwore @
ligopo ariyo madongo madonjo @ pigspe ariyo madengo mag remo |
mobedo 3 ng ut. Kamano odhiyo ni adundo; kanyo oriwore gi rome
duto mondo otim tichne e ringruck. T>. chiscmo moko dhiyo @ yo |
Machioclg, kokwongo dhiyo ni chuny ; chun ne) mance moe wAy Oy TAY
tichno, to modeng odhiyo ni aduncdo. Kamano waneno kaka SNe |
mwachamo odonjo © remo. To mano modong’ ma onge konyruok edhiyo |
adhiya nyaka ogik @ kar witruok mar lula. Ce SN SE ge)

: 4, |
; Sura 4. Wuodh Remo kod Tich Remo. | |
I {
oe Remo olosore kuom chiemo mwachamo 61 pi mwamodho. #& leson |
r machiolo wasepuonjore kaxa chiemo okelo bedo remo. Ka wachamo
chiemo maber wabedo gi reme maber bende. To kvachamo kendo modho —
| @lk maricho ok wanyalo bedo gsi reme maber eo iwa. Wanyalo wacho
ka romo ni jarit mar ringruok. Da remo onge ok dak wanyalo bedo
| fangima. & Biblos wasomo kaka "ngima mar gik moko duto ni remo."
Ang'o momiyo remo bedo makwar ? BE remo nitie gik matindo
tindo mang'eny makwar, mvaluongo ni "Corpuseles." To ok gikwar
| adieri, to gibedo marbuore. To rikeck Waner.ogi mathoth kanyakla_
o remo gimiyo remo béedo makwar. To ok gibedo makwar giduto. :
: Nitio dhoot machielo mar "Corpuscles" moboao marachere. Mago :
makwar siko gi kido. achiel, ka gititore. To mago marachere nyalo
i loko kitgi. . Saai moro gititore ka mago makwar, to kamoio gibedo »
i kido moko mayore. . Kendo gidongo moloyo 'mago mekwer, Gik makwar
{ Si, kod gik marachera gl, gin -e@ momiyo remo poto. Da wanyalv golo
. magi duto oho @ remo di koro remo obedi maliu ka pi. Mago makwar
ni jotich motero muya maler ni ringruok, . Mago marachere ni wakechoe
mag ringruok, machamo gik mcko 9 ringruok ma domiwa tuo moko.
Ka remo ose a kuom.chino gi jambich gini, koro edonjo 6 Ligewo
| moro moduckogo ni adundo. # ringruok duto nitie ligepe mang'eny
ahinya, moko dongo, moko tinde, kendo moko tindo ahinya. Gidwarc
chalo ka yata mopogore apoga nyaka ogak kuom keto matindo tindo.
e To 2 ringruok mago matindo ahinya otamo wang’ neno, mak wang8iyogi
cP kod "Microscope". Ligepegi gibedo tieng' ariyo. Wage matero
i remo Maler, makwar, ni ringruck waluongo ni "Arteriss”. Gigik kvom
moko metindo ahinya mwaluongo ni “Capillarios". Magi matinde kcro
riwors ka gitimc ligeps mwaluongo ni "Veins". "Veins" ni ligepe
moducko r3mo mochido, marateng', ni adundo. "Arteries" loye "Veins"
Si duong:, ksndo korgi tek moloyo kor "Veins".
Adundo = matiyo bichk mar dhire remy 3 ligewini mondo odhi
ni ringruok duto. ® Hn pol moro morokors. Wasa3puonjore: kaka
pond? nyalo miyoro ksndgi. Adundo bends kamanc. Adundo -opegore
| 2 udi ang'wen, kondo ka kor adundco omich odhiro remc mantis e udigo
| oko. Del more nitis mopoge kind adundo koni gi koni, ma ongs kindo
ma romo nyalo a koni kcdok koni.
= Adunda ma korachich ochalo gi kirowo mong'ad diers, Ka del
moro opogo kind ot ma malo gi ot ma mwalo. 8 delno mopoge kindgi
nitis otuch moro, kendo @'ot ma mwalc nitice abana moro mar del: motwe '
gil tonde moko. [Telni odino dho otuchno, ma ku remo ose a ct oe :
| malo kcdonjo oc ot ma mwalc, ok onyale dok e ot ma malo kendo. x ot 4
Ma malo ma korachich niti> Ligewini ariyo moyawor? 2 adundo; ligow- |
inigi e@ ma choko remo as ringruok, reme marach mochido. Kondo
moa ot ma mwalo niti® mw ligewini ariyo mochiko oboy?2.
| ‘“Adundo ma koracham odwaro iret gi ma korachich. Opze udi
ariyo ka mag korachich, kendo nitie abana mar del mogeng'o choot
mopogu kind udigo. Nitis ligewini ariyo moa kuom oboy?, moyairor2
SOG Masato Kando niti2 achisl maduong | moa 2 ot ma mwalo;y oan .
| 2 mokowo remo malsr ni ringruok.
Rsmo malor moa 2 oboys, odonJjo 2 ot ma malo mar koracham
nyake odno opong'.. Zka del mogeng o dho otuch Oy oN Ons koweyo ni |
romo kinds mondo odhi ni ot ma mwalo. Ka koro of ma mwale epong .
kor adundo omich, kodhiro remo 2 ligswo maduong' moloyo duto @ od
} ringruok: Ligewons opogore 3s beds moko, kendo beget See ee |
|. kendo, nyaka gigik kuok mage matindo ahinya ma nying?s? nl Capit to
! arics". Kae romo ovuothe mos ahinya, k3ando kokadho ponds kawo kuom ©
| remo gik ma gidwaro mar chismo, kendo gimiyo remo Coe
‘ ok gidwaro,. Romo ochiwo auy a. maler mamiyo ringruo LeU. , .
\ mMaler no waluongo ni Uxygen - |
, a |
‘ s : | |

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i ? “4 .
SS — - _

Pa Koa kanyo remo ochako donjo e ligespe acko mochako bsde ma-

' dongo; koro smako wuoth mar dok ni adundo, kendo komedo wuoth
Lig2ps medor> gi dongo. Remo ok obsdo makwar mab2r koro, to obtdo
maratong mochido. Kogik 3 adundo oolore: > ot ma malo ma kor-
achich, ma pil2> obedo. gi remo mochido 2 iy>. To romo ok ogsiko
kanyo. Okadhe 23 kind abana mag dol ko@enjo 2 ot ma mwalo Kor
udi me korachich ok tek ka mar korachan. Mano gbedo niksch ot
ma koracham ori2mbo remo kumabor noloyo ma korachich. Ka ot ag
mvalo ma korachich osepong’ 2n bende koro omich, komiyo remo wuok
2 PkkRz ligepe moko ariyo madongo. Ligepogi toro remo ni kar luok,
mondo oluokore obedi malor kendo. Kar luok ni oboyo;. ligeawo achisl
odhiyo ni obo ma korachich, kendo machicsho otere romo ni obo na

Remo oa 2 oboye koler}; odok ni adundo ma koracham mondo
ochak wuodh? 2? ringruck kendo. Kodhiyo ni chuny, chuny okawo
kuom? sukari duto manti>, kod gik modwaro mar loso pi mar k2dhne.
Remo woko dhiyo ni chok2, kendo choke kawo choka kuone mondo medgi.
Remco moko dhiyo ni obwongo, kendo obwonge okawo kuone gik modwarc.
Kuond? duto kama remo odhiy3, kawo kuom reno gik aa gidwaro mondo
kuond2?go olosore; ka remo ochako dok ni adundo k2ndo,.

Sura 5. Oboye- me

Ne wawacho 2 12?son machislo kaka ka remo 02 2 ot ma ihwalo
ma korachich mar adundo, kero odhiyo ni oboy2 mondo oluoks. Muya
2 gi meluoko r>no. Koro wadwaro nono tich mar cboy>.

Nitis yor? ariyo ma mjya onyalo donjogo kcdhiye oboy>.
Achiel ni dhok, machi>lo ni un. To um 3 yo: mabor moloyo, nikech
%. un nitio yior noko natindc tindo nagcng'o buru gini manic nuya,
ni kik gikadhi. Bn yo.maber bende nikeoch 3n yo mabor, maulyo
fluya kinds mar dcke milict ka pek ctundo ¢ cbcy”?. To ka nuya
odonjo gi 2 dhok, meno yo machick, kendo muya odenjo 2 choys ka.
pok ee MALL. ha nuya osokadho y un odon jo 2 ducl, ska. odhiye
9 lokre. Kckadho © lokro oyudo yor? ariyo, achiel modhiyo n
obo 22 koracich, machizlo ni korachan. Kore ae ae ete 9

a a rondo 720 donjo * yo machiolo. 1>n0°CK onyedo. is
Tees +) Seeoch winks Vee nore negmng's dhogâ„¢ ka chic
dwaro biro. To ka chiozmo ong2 uodwaro kadho, rageng no koro
oyawore aalach ni auya. Ka gigik kucno oboy? b2d° lokre pogor?
apoga ka bed yath, ka gipeng'o obey? duteo, nyaka gigik > kirop>
nang’ any gatindo tinde aating’o nuya.

Koro remo oyudo luck nad? ? Upare kaka, n? wawacho ka renc
otero "Oxygen" ni ringruck duto iende los?, kendo kake ringruok
oniyo reno gik am aa ok odware ¢ kide mar auys narachy quya narach
ni waluongo ni "Carbon Di-oxide". Muya aarach ni oniyo ron
lokor? naratong', kendo reno enIgo ewit oko nuyani, kendo kawo
"oxygen" oko ka pok onyalo uedo tich uer konyo ringruck. Ke koro
rono “lochide odonjo >» adunde ma korachich, adund og0l0G2 rondo
odhi ni oboy? nonde epoeng'’ ligep? natindo tindo nang ony oe 2
oboy?. Kor ligopegi rep ahinya, 2a Oxygen _onyalo poe See
kendo “uyn narach owuck kodonje > kirope atindo es anes
kwaywoo oko wagolo muys uarachne oko. 3 en ke ok
dipar gaboro. Kende > saa achi2l nangiua niti> da. ” gs
4 gan achiol waketho auya uathoth. Mano onysiowa ae a ee
muya walor kind? aar donjo > udi saa duto gee eg
Gik nodung' narach kotho auya ve - Fe ee ena

: see . aw: ; ik siokea Mae > > ’
a a ae ae Kanano obey? nyale yudo

? i 3 ; ; eZ eee ie
ce Aaiee kaka Zidwaro 3 nikich ok inyal luok roc gl Muya
ok 12Yr-


I 6s

| Sura 6. Dol Kod Nyiroke.

L ,

P Ringvuck duta oun gi dol, Wanens ka d21 achiol, to adiori
{ wangi del ariyo, wa oko, gi ua fy>. Mano ua oke og2ng'o aa ly?.
| Anyalo chwowo mance aa oko gi sandun mak rono kachw>r, kondo ka ok
| awinjo lit more. To kachwowo mano ma iy? romeo ochw2r, kendo awin j
| - EEGs Mano cnyise ka reno nitio ker "Nerves" bend? Manlyo awinjo.
i 5 bwe dal aa iys niti>s bor. Mano ochalo ka nanga nog3ng!o ringduok,
i kokonyogo bodo maliost, Kendo > kind dol ma cko gi del na LYS

| nitis gimoro mamiyo dol kit. Manc 2 nomiye jonoke bedo ratongs,
| kendo moko gilwond2,. Pel mar ji dute chalcro, kata mar ja Afrika,
H kata ja India, kata ja Ulaya. To gi nebtde 2 bwo d3l na cko 2
Mmopogo kido.


{ , Bel ma cko cchalo gi kagakla, kendo croch pile, satin tin.
. Ta ng ate oruak nanga achiel mar ndalo moko, eka otang's oko e

! chieng', dine kagakla matindogo ka gin 3 nuya ka buru noko “iatindo
| _ tindo.

i Pol ok ochalore e kuond? duto mag ringruok. Kuond>? oko

1 tok ucloyo kuonds mamoko, kaka mar chuny luedo gli.tielo. To mano

| mar dhok gi dho um obsdo mar2p ahinya.

| To tich del ok ni uno ringruck kendo. En gi tich nachiszlo
) bende. Ringruok ok cnyalo tiyo gl chiemo duto mwachamo; kendo

i ringruck okethor? kamorc pile saa dutc. Da gik mckethorege giko

S e ringruok dwayud tuc. EB del nitio dhogo matindo tindo nang'ony.
i Ka ng ato cbedo malist owacho ka kuok omaks, nikoch pli cwuock 6

| dende duto. Pigno owuck @ dhoge matindo tindogo mag deal. To
kuok owuck saa dutc, kata ka ok wananogo. Da dhoge mag del dinre
| chutho, ng ato dotho piyo. Ka del ochido ahinya koro kuok vok
onyalo wuck maber kaka owinjors.


Ka ng'ato obedo naliet ahinya, kendo obedo 2 keyo monde

| dend2 okwe piyo; kata ka keth ogoyo ng'ato, kendo osiko gi nongini
i nangSich mak oruako nengini ucke motwo; tin ma kamano nyalo ni :
dhog2 mag del dinore, kendo du2 nyalc make ng’ato, kata ahonda,

| kata duonde nyalo chance, kata midhusi nyalo mak>. :

| Men’ bedi mangina pilo, ng’ato onego luokore2 pile monde

| 6 2 Shilec- of nuok kc, mondo, dende onpedi maior, Iwinjore uendo

| ng'ato oluok dend2 duto diriyo kata moloyo 2 juna achiel, Kondo

| ok owinjor? ng'ato cbudho gi nanga achisl ° dends mag oluckogo,.

| Gik maricho mowuok e dol @ chieng! achiel diron nonds pong! kikonbe
( ariyo madito.

1 :

/ Mabirwa gi Kuond? malit gituch 3 ringruck nikech rono ck

1 bor, kondo ginyisc ka ringruok odwaro chisne maber noloyo uano

| moyudo « Kanano ka ck wachano chicne naber nowinjors, dendwa

/ ok nyalo bodo maler naber, uangime chutho.


| Nyiroke.


| Niti2 yo machizlo mar golo @ik naricho 2 ringruok, ma ok
owuok 3 dol. Mac ni tich nar nyircock. Nyiroke gin ariyo, kendc
il gisor2? 2 ring oguro, achiel koni gi koni mar ban. Ka renc okadhe
. 2 nyiroke koro nyiroke gole gik mw moko maricho a9 roo, Koro gik
i narich: ac nylroke ka gikadho 2 ligepe ariyo motsrogi ni dag lach,
mogolo gigo ae ringruok.

| Koro wanono ka nitis yore adek mar golo gik mariche a 3

| ringruok; oboy2, de1 gi nyiroks.

i, ee ee ee . ‘ oe eve SS :

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Keme més Obeye denje § A\clundu emich ; hodhita remo | :
ar ome mie lo. Ss lis SWO madu eng, :


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il is im Bias. kK
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# one o> STN rr eae
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i | AY Af Heese \ af ; MS fe \ \ / SN
| A a | [ a i ‘ ) \ KoA Ne 1 SA
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Wes ee [ee eel aN
i } wee \ \ : / See ee Re a So54 See
i ee EA SNS = ee ey og aS ES
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Ht Ae SENN AY \ vot Pa (
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1 or pageyt } [fp nea eS SeNias MON oa eee ee oe Ere See OS OR, BE Pee Gem aeee oo
! Sy / Cie pen SSRN OSS ate gp. Pasta DES Gy Pe AY Rae cae ahaa es Torys
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| }

Sura 7. @bwengc gi "Nerves".
. Yer Winjo gi Rieko Duto.

Ka ne waparo choke, ne wanene ka ponde e mamiyo choke gsudo,. ma
ka ging'wony kata yuware, gisudo choke koni gi koni. Ponde kelo
ng'eyo nade kaka onego gisudi ?

Wich ni ka maber moleyo mar ringruok. Ko onge, . kuonde
moko ok nyalo timo gimoro. Kanyo e kama ruodh ringruok nitie,
mochiko jotichne, ponde, konyisogi kaka onego gitin. Ruodhno en
obwongo. Obwongo nivkar paro gi. rieko duto. Nikech tichne
duong. “ahinya, okete ¢: ka matek moloyo. angi rageng auchiel kuome,
Mago ma oko ni yier wich, gi del mar wich. aka nitie choke moko
matek, moriw kanyakla. Gi iye nitie del adek moumo obwongo; mo-
kwongo nitie del moro matek; bang’ mano del moro marep; to Gi lye
chutho nitie del marep ahinyam motimo ligepe mang'eny mag reno
mokonyo obwonge. Wang' obwongo ojowore ahinya. Ji wacho ka
cbwongo mar nyathi matin cpoth, mak ojowore; to ka ng'ato onedo
paro, jowruok mag obwongo omedore gi thoth kod tut.

Kwanone obwongo wayudo ka en gi kido ariyo. Mano nan oko
obsdo marathuol, to mano ma tye obedo marachar. Gi marathuol
ochiko ponde konyisogi tichgi, to mano marachar onyiso kucnde
mamoko mag ringruok tichgi.

Obwongo opcgore ariyo. Mano mwaluongo ni obwongo maduong'
otiyo tich mar chiko ponde, kende en e mwWwaparo godo. Kanyo bende
e kar winjo malit, kata maliet, kata mang'ich. Koyudo tuo paro
gi rieko koro okethore, kendo dhanc ok nyal sudo ringre kamoro, to
oling'’ ka'ng'* motho.

Nitie kamoro mar obwongo miluongo ni obwongo matin. Obedo
e bwo obwongo maduong'. Otimo tich mopogore gi obwongo maduong'.
En e momiyo dhano nyalo diedore, kende chung’ tir, nikech tichne
ni miyo ponde tiyo kanyakla. To kokethe, ng'ato koro otagore ka a
ng, a manéer. To koyudo keth maduong'’ ng'ato ok cnyalo chungo |
ng ang', to onyalo. sudo luete kata tiende kende.

Wi tond lihumblu, gi ka mowuok ae obwongo, kanyo bende ni gl |
tich mayore. in e¢ morito tich mar yuweyo kod mwonyo chiemo. @n
kckethe to ng'ato otho mana gi kanyono.

Koro obwongo onyalo nade chiko kuohde ringruok e Cloned es
ringrewa nitie tonde mang'eny matindok tindo mwaluongo ni "Nerves". |

_ Giwuok kuom obwongo ka gidhiyo ni kuonde duto te mag ringruok.
' Olosgi machalo gi obwongo, kendo githoth molcyo, ma cnge kamoro
e ringruok kama diketie dho sandan mak iwinje. —

Mowuok kuom obwongo, koluwo elihumblu, nitie tol achiel ma-
duong' toriwo "Nerves" mang'eny.. Kuom tond lihumblu "Nerves"
owuok koni gi koni ka gidhiyo ni kuonde duto mag ringruck. To
"Nerves" mag wang’ a mana kuom obwongo owuon. 3% choke wich aa
liye nitie otuch moko matindo kama "Nerves" moko wuok madhiyo ni
kuonde duto mag wang' gi wich. Moko um, mamiyo wanyalo
ng'weyo ik moko. Mcko dhiyo ni tongwang’, maniyo wanenc. Manoko
bende dhiyo: ni tongwang', maniyo wanyalo loko tongwang' kaka wa-
dwaro. Mdko dhiyo ni it, mamiyo 1t winjo gik moko. Mamoko bende ee
dhiyo ni wang! duto, gi leke, gi lep, gi duol, kod kuonde ringruok
ma liye.

Koro ka ng’ ato oparo nondo osud ringre Kamorc,wach oa kuon
obwongo, koluwo tonde mag "Nerves" nyaka wach otundo kuom ponde
maniyo choke man kanyo sudo. Tichgl machielo ni rito ngimawa. Ka 2
kanoro oyudo lit more, kata kowang', wawinjogi kolit. Mano oniyowa
tero tos kuon gik makelo malit ni ringruok. Kuonde duto tag ring-
ruck, chcke, ponde, chino, adundo, chuny, oboe sini, ni si "Nerves"
mondo mi wuon ringrucok ong'e ka Sinoro otimore kuondego ma ok -owin-
jore. Kendo "Nerves" manoko dhiyo ni kuondego mondo chik ponde
man kanyo e tichei. ;



Wawacho kaka wach onyalo ae obwongo odhi ni ringruok, kendo
|= vingruok onyalo kowo wach ni obwongo. To."Nerves' duto ok ti tich
i achiel. Opogo moke e tich mar kelo wach ni obWongo, kendo moko
h- kowo Wach moa _e obwonge ka gitero ni ringruok.

| Tond lihumblu okonyo obwongo e.tichne. Kamoro ochalo gi
| obwonge. Obito tinade gi luéte e tich ma ging iyogo, Kata ka
| ng ato csomo kowuothg, tond lihumblu ochiko tiende e tichgi. Ka
ii nyathi opuonjore wuotho, kata ka ng'ato opuonjore timo BZimoro ka
\ idho ndiga, chwongo e. matiyo. To ka ng ato olony e tichno, koro
i tonds lihumblu orito ponde matiyd tichgo.

HH} Kaka dhano obedo manyap ka ok omiyo ponde tich, kamano bende
| ka dhano ok opuonjore, komiyo obwongo tich, obwongo obiro bedo gi
i samuoyo, ma teko mar mako rieka obiro tamore. Mondo wiwa obedi

| mabith onego wami obwongo tich. Kamano nomedve gi teko mar mako
i) rieko mamcko matek moloyo.

| _ fo ck odwaro tiyo saa Auto; oneg oyud Kinde mar yuweyo. &

| momiyu ober saa moko mondo ng ato oti tich gi luete mondo obwongo
{| oyud kinde mar yuwéyo, kendo mondo ponde yud kinde mar tich. Ok

i : cwinjore dhano obedi mak otimo: tich gi luete, nikech mano omiyo

| dhano nyaw. To kuonde duto mag ringruok ohego yud kinde mar tich.
| Kamano ng'ato nobedi mangima kaka owinjore.


i Bera Pen ce rit ae rte ee csscnce cis pe caer ie Sere ee Re CeO SUR SoTL ANNE ice teeter et ot ot ts aasb 466g 40a 6 a

| Sura 8. Ycre Rieko. - Gik ma Wawinjo Godo.


| 3 ringruck nities yore moko mamiyo wakelo ng'eyo kuom gik

\ manie piny. Nrtie yore pag Winjo gi it, neno gi wang , mulo gi

4 del, bilo gi dhok, kod ng weyo gi‘um. Magi duto ni gik ma ring-
i ruok otiyogo mondo wayud rieko.

Ht :

|| Ka pok ng‘ ato onyalo ng'eyo kata gimoro oyom kata otek,

! nitie gik mang'eny monego timore, Kimulo gimoro, "Nerves" mar
i luedo momule gino okowo wach ni obwongo, kendo obwongo e mong'ado
i wach kata gino otek kata oyom. ,fo ka tuo moro nitie moketho "Nerves
\ kata kimulo gimoro to ok dak ing e kite, nikech wazh ok ‘onyalo

Hl tundo ni obwongo.

| Yore dute mag Winjo gfk moko obedo kata apar gachiel. 5

| del nitie yore ang wen- mar wWinjo diyo, liet, ng ich, gi lit.

! Kendo = ponds gi fuonde nitie winjo moro, mamiyo obwongo ng'syo

i ka pond? mich kata ka giyuware, kendo mamiyo wang'eyo kar fuonde.

i) Kichiswo gotisno ing ‘eyo maber kama lug ti nitis mak imulogo-

i Kendo nities obwongo matin, mamiyo wang eyo Kata kwachungo tir.

i} Kendo nities yo machislo mar winjo, mamiyo wang 3yo ka wadenyo

| kata ka riyo omakowa.

| Bang’ mano niti2 yore mag nono, Winjo gi it, ng'weyo, kod

| bilo. Yori duto nigi "Nerves" makelo wach ni obwongo.

Hy 2

i Wach mar It. |

i It opogors kuonds adek; ma oko, madiera, BY Mea Tyo.

| It ma oko ni mano moneno gi oko, kod ka morokore modhiyo yO

1 Mano moneno gi oko obedo maduong' amano mar ruako gi mwawinjo,

| mondo odon ji @ it. Si ka morokors kanyo nitie odok. Tich odok
i ni geng o gik maricho ma didwar donji 2 it.

| :

/ = giko ka morokore niti2? del moro modino dhoge mochiko tye.
i Delni waluongo ni "Bul mar it", nikech oyuware matek ka del mar bul.
a Kwakalo bul mar it wadonjo 2 it madisre. Kanyo nitis choke moko
i adek matindo momakore; mano mokwongo BawNÂ¥YHXX omako bul mar it.
I Gi mwawinjo odonjo s ka morokore nyaka ogik kuom bul. tka ogoyo

| bul komiye yiongini, kendo mano omiyo choke adek ka yiengini bende.
i Chogo mar adek osore e otuch moro kama it ma iye ochakore. It ma
Ht. ly? ohadhors ahinya. Kamoro nitie gi machalo gi od ogonglo, kendo
i ka machielo ka tol monal. Bi kucndego nitie Nerves mang' eny

| makelo wach ma giwinjo ni obwongo.

yi ;


i ae

. a
Ps |
Tonewang'- Dirisini mag Ringruok. ae |
Tong'wang odwaro chalo gi adhulo.
Ybado 2 ka morokore ©. chok Wich. Kanyo ogeng'ore maber ni kik
gimoro okethe. HE yo ka toke nitie bor moro mobsdo ma raten. To
oko nitis yier mar nyim wang' mogeng'o kuok ni kik odonji 2 wang,
Bende nitis raum wang’ ariyo mag del, achiel malo kendo achiol
malo. Ginyalo mich piyo piyo ka gimoro biro ma diketh wang'.
Kendo kuom raum go nitie yier mogeng'o buru gini ni kik donji oe
wang - Ponde moko nitic mamiyo raum chiogore kendo yawor:.
a Wi tongwang gi malo nitie kar los pi mar luoko wane’.
Ka raum wang oting ore kendo:lor, pi wang’ odhiyo kuom tongwang'!
duto; pigno omiyo tongwang' sudore mayom, kendo omiyo wang' siko
koler.- 3% okweko wang' mochiko um nitiec fareji moro magolc pigno
ka tichne oserumo. Ka mirima omako ng'aro pigno ologore mathoth,
matamo fareji tero, ma koro pi wang owuok oko kochwer 8 lem
ng ato, kendo iwacho ni ng'atno yuak. Bende nitie ka machielo
> raum wang! maloso mo moro mar dho raum wang! mamone gimoko
Otwe tongwang' matek c kare kod ponde moko auchiel. Tich
pondego ni mako tongwang! kendo miyogo.lokors koni gi koni. -
Ka: marateng' mobedo e chuny tongwang', e ka mwaneno godo.
But mano, molworogo, nitie del moro mangi kido. iano bende obedo
ka rageng wang , marito ler.modonjo ¢ wang'. Ka piny Jer ehinye
.rageng no omiyore mondo kik 13r mathoth odonji @ wang’. Lo ke
piny otimo mudho,koro oyaWore malach mondo wang oyuak ler duto
mantic. -
= tongwang' yo.ka iye nitie del moro mobedo "Nerve" ma-
duongyv. Gi mivaneno odenjo e wang’ kodhiyo ni "Nerve" ni, kendo
tonde "Nerve" otero ni obWwongo, kendo wawacho kwaneno gimorc.
Kata ka wang'wa long'o, ka "Nerve" mar tongwong' okethore ok wa-
nyalo neno gimoro, Kamano wang ' eyo ka, waneno £1. obvwongo, ok
gi Wang" wa, :
Jarit Wabsr. Um gi Ne'weyo,

Ka wadwaro ng'weyo gimoro maber
wayuweyo tye matut. Watimo kamano mondo muya moting'o dung’!
onyalo donjo kama "Nerves" mag ng'weyo nitic. Gibedo @ yo ka
malo mar um. ,Gitindo tindo ahinya, to giduto giriwore e "Nerve"
achiel maduong obwongo. Ginyisowa piyo kuom gik ma
ok wanyalo neno kata bilo.

Ndalo moko, ke due omake ng'ato, koro ok onyalo ng'weyo
mabor. Meno nikech e um okuot ma muya ok onya@lo tundo e gunds
um kama "Nerves" mag ng'woyo nitios

Ne'weyo okonyo nade ? Okonyowa mondo wacham chismo mabor,
nik3ch ok wahero chamo chiemo madung marach. fichns machislo
ni siomowe. kuom muya marach, ma kwabedie wanyalo Yudo tuo. Ka
wadonjo o ot ma ok cdung'’ mabor, onego wayaw dirisini gi dhoot
mondo muy® malar manyien odonji. Ka ok wadevo umva kosionowa
kuom dung! maricho, mos onyi:lo ng'iyo ei dung’ maricho, kendo
oki nosiemva kuom kuonde ma muche richo. Ok owinjors wawe gimoro
madung' mondo obed but ct.


i |
i 10.
! Ki A Bile. tar AR > YO: 3
i» ee ts a
| eee a |
Hi : : ; :
"HYGISNS" opuonjowa kake wanynlo, mond: tue blro, kendo
| opuonjowa bedo mangima kame. tho nitio. Wach maduong mar "Hyrions!
Hi ni tim malor. Owinjore ng ato obedi maler, ok kuom dends konda,
i to onego olos gik moko duto mondo obedi maler. Oneso wachan
i chiemo maler, mcdh pi maler..yuweyo muya malor, dak 2 udi maior,
ii kendo karwa duto ma but:ot mondo cbedi maler. Ka nitis gimoro
Wi ma ok ler, Wayawo dhcot mondo tuo odonji.
Hi 1 oe : nes
| _ Neglato-ka ng ato ni. gt tich ariyo! (1) timo gik moko’ mo-
il nyalo mono tuo biro. ni ji man bute; (2). mondo olosra owuon
kik tuo obine. ue
\ .
i mise 4. lglee WoW oct Sha PRR PAGE 8: oie wha Ae gies ave ae Ne
\ SES A UT SY tata it :
i Bs .
ll Sura’ 1.8 Nindo.
ill Wasopuonjore kaka ringruck: oksthorsa saa duto. Kata kwaparo,
il kata tiyo, kata tugo, ringruok kamoro oti, kendo on3go boss. Ramo
| odhiyo ni. kuonde duto mondo gikaw kuome gik ma gidwaro mondo gi-
| losre. To ka ringruok onyosore, kendo nindo otsrowa, koro ring-
| ruok onyalo.losor? maber moloyo. Ka.pod wanono kendo tiyo,
| ringruok oksthors plyo motamo remo loss. To ka Wanindo remo
| cnyalo lcso ringruok mapiyo.molceyo kaka ringruok okethors. Ring-
i ruck owinjors gt nindo kaka owinjors gi‘chismo gi modho. Ka,
| dhano oonge gi paro mathoth, koro onyalo nindo mabor. Chanel
| ruok mar chuny omono ng'ato nindé matut.
Hi | * *
i Nyithindo winjore gi nindo mcloyo jo madongo. Jo madono
| dwaro nindo saa abiriyo kata abcro chioug' achiel achisl, to nyi-
| thindo dwaro moloyo kanyo, Kendo jo moti dwaro nindo san ino-
i medore mondo ringressi budcho.
| .
Owinjors watts kinde bang chiesme ka pok wadhi nindo, mondo
| mi chino kinds mar tichne; .nikech ka chino pod otiyo, kamoro
| otamo ng'ato nindo. Owinjore wanindi ka maler, kondo kama van
| nyalo yudo muya wualer mathoth morono.
i . oo
i BSS eh TBR SRR NOOR TE: OTROS RCE RNG TT Rtg SC URC I Het ice Tee h gasemodiee Nica Rau res fe oei ope Arsene UC USE Ut N cc hs Ct We Dene een Ua Ug tri M Ph Sen © eth chet ee
| Sura 2. - Muya -Malow:
i ,
| Wang! 2yo ka ok wamedo yien 9 mach, mach onyalo tho. Kameno
i pends, ka ok wacham chiemo, ngina kod tokowa norun. Kinoke mony
| kendc ium? gi chupa, ang'’o metimoro ? Bang 6aa matin ochake
ii licl matin kende, eka othe. ©.To kikawo chupa oko ka pod mony
Hi 6. odie] matin, koro ochako liel mabsr kendo. Nang'o ?
ii | n
i : ¥ c e
| Ku pod oliel o chipa meny ogelo muya moro marach nyaka
| chupa chiogini pong’. To ok onyalo liol o muya no. Kigolo
I ehupa oko koro meny ocheko modo liel, nikech muya maber obirone
| kondo.
| a , yea tyra ull ee 11
| Muyo mwayuweyo otimo muche ariyo - Nitrogen gi Oxygen.
i Da Oxygen obedo kende dotamwa yuweyo. Oxygen ni gi ma meny no-
q dwaro mondo miye liel. Ka noyudogo nochako Lisl mabor kendo,
i To ka onge Oxygen mienyien mabirone, koro muya marach che, othung se
i MONS Ss «
a ay : : ee can
i Kata ka ringrewa ok oliel mineno kemanc, to giwang e@ kido
i ma kamano. @hiono ok nyal donjo 2 ringruok kendo ti tiechne aor
i konyo ringruok ka Oxygen onge. Kar kuka kit oboye chalo, Hondo
i omi remo duto kindo uar yudo Oxygen ¢ oboy2; oka remo odhiyo
i 2 wuodhe 3 ringruok, mondo ochiw Oxygen nl ringruok.
i |

, : SS
To kaka mach notho ka muya marach obedo nathoth, kamano 4
‘ ngima marwa nochak rum bends, ka ok wanyalo golo muya marachno |
ae oko. Wagologe nado ? Remo okawa, kendo otero ni oboye, :
- mondo wite, kendo mondo okawo Oxygen moko kendo. 1
Par kaka dobedi ka ji mathoth nindo e ot achisl gotieno,
ka dhoot gi dirisini dutc ochisgi. Oboys mag jogo gole muya
mnarach, kendo kaw muya maler mar Oxygen. EB gaa achioel ng'ato |
odwaro Oxygen mathoth. llokwongo ji duto yudo Oxygen moromogi
maver, to bang! saa moro Oxygen odwaro rumo, kendo onge kinde
ma moko chako donjogo; to muya marach nar Carbon DPi-oxide opong'o “|
muya manic ot. Bka ke ji yuwoyo ok ginyalo yudo Oxygen maboar,
to giyudo matin kende, kanyakls gi muya marach ma ringruok ose-
wito. Kaka mach ok onyalo liel maber kopong' gi chuk, kamano
ringruck ok onyalo bedi mangima maber ka muya marech osiko e |
lye. To ka pile ji nindo e ot mochiegi kamano ok oneago ji gon > a
mondo gibedi mangima mabor. |
Gotieno e kama ringruok olosore moloyo. To ka fuonde |
dware losore, ing'adonigt chiemo ma gidwaro moloyo, ka ok iyie |
mondo ringruok oyud muya maler mathoth ka pod onindo. Owinjore
ng'ato ong's konindo ka maber ka monyslo yudo Oxygen moromo.
To nitic ginoro machiclo mowinjor? ni ngina, Muya mar i
Oxygen kende ok oromo. Wawinjore gi ler bende, Ka da ng'ato 4
opidh gimoro @ loWo maber, to okate ¢ ka motimo mudhc; kata |
nitic muys mathoth, gino ck dodongi mabor, nikeoch conge gi lor. |
Kanano bende gi dhanc. Kata da ng'ato obedi @ bt ma- |
duong' maber, kondo oyudo chismo maber, gi muya mathoth, to lor |
onge, ng'atno ok dak obedi mangima.
"Gorpuscles" makwar mantie ¢ remo, maniyo reno kwar, ok .
nyal bedi mangima’ ka ler. onge. Ka watiyo oko © isla, kama Ler
thoth, ler okadho @ del 2 yo modhisro ng'esyo, kend¢ omedo ni i
"Corpuscl2s" kwar. To kar ler onge gibedo matang tang’. |
Kiweyco chismo moro budho, mos ineno ka gik matindo tindo
ti kuome, kendo wawacho ka gine opur. Muya opong' gi koth gik j
na kanago, kendo ka giyudo kn mowinjore kodgi gidongo piyo. Mcko |
niyo chak poto, kendo moko miyo -ring'o kuok, kethore; noko niyo i
chan pur, kendo moko miyo gik noko tow.
Nitic mokc matinde tinde ahinya, matanc wang! nono. Gi-
tiyo tich marach noloyo, ka gikelo tuo noko, kata nundu, "plague", }
gi midhusi mokc. To ler mar chieng' onyalo nego matheth kucngi.
EB uoniyo ji mcdak e udi motiuo mudho yude nundu gi tuo hoke no- qj
loyo ji mobedo o udi malor, kod ji mobsdo 2 chieng’. Nikech ‘
ka wan ec chieng', ler mar chieng onego gik natindogo nwaluongo
ni "Gorns"”. .# mnomiyo bende onego waket gir nindo gi nongini o
chieng' ndalc ka ndalo, nondo chiong'. onse "Gorns" mantis kuongi.
s |
Sura_3. Nengini.
Kwanmlo ringrewa wanenc kalict. Ka ng ato cnindo ° kitanda,
list nar ringruok oniyo kitanda liet bends. To ringruok ochivo |
Listne ni auya pile. Kwayuweyo oko, liet bende owuck, to cwuok |
noloyo kuon de. ee ,
Mondo: kony liet nar ringruck bodo uaron pile, waruako —
nengini. Tich maduong! nar nengini ni gong C ringruok ni kik |
ginoro gwarc kata kethogo, kendo rite ringruok onde lict osik |
Saroio, Kata ka piny ng ich kate List. a :
Kit nang niruako obede kuom tich nitiye, eee eee |
: @ pinjo nang! ich ji dwaro nengini makeolo List. Nengini nok« {|

i, eo

i °

|| .

i nyolos gi.usi, kake.suka, thatanini gini, wawacho ka gikowc list
\ inber, nikech giyle Liotekadhce:a2 ringruck. To.neongint Is kaka flannel gi: piconds,. gibsdc.jokape marichc. fiende = yas
i ka waruake nanga “la jagkow list iater,, list sca e ringruck ckadhe
|| 3 manga edhiyc ni wya, kendo wawinje ka dendwa Ewe.

i .
| wre Planes ni jakcpo warach nikech ok cyie li2t mar ringruck
| qfende ca rplyce, te cwuok mes Shinya. Hano nikech flannel otimo
A yier ahinva, kendu:yier ting o muya mathoth. To muya moling'
HH ck cyie ite. ckagh-e; e@ momiyo koro, nikech flannel ctingto muya
| mavhcoth, ~K sn cwuon, Mobedo jakoro marnch, to muyn menie iye
a omiye. bedo “amano. :
| Ka ng ato ctedo gi nangea mang'ich liet gar ringruck oa
i piyc, to koa mathoth moloyo, ringruok oyudo tuc. pedo kameno
Hi | nikech pi ni Jakow ies maber, kendo otero liet ni muya piyo pLyo.
| G momiyo ka manga ng len onego ng ato ogol koruako nanga machielo.
WA Gi momiyo vingruck Liet ni: remc mawuothoz © bwo deél.: To
il ka Sia ese mat Oa ca plys remo onego medre mondo miye bedo maliet
i kendo- Rem Momedore on Kata .e chino gi jambich kemayo kucnde-
| go remo makonyopi e. tichgi. To ka tichgi ok nyal dhi. maber
| mano bende nyalo keic tuo.
Hh | @nesc ji vit nyithindo matindo ka piny ng’ich, kendo k#
| koth ochwé, ni kix koyo omakgi. Koyo nyalo make nyathi piyo mc-
| loyo ng'a maduong’ - Jo moti bende dwaro nengini moloyo rawere
Hi Si jo ma ped tek, nikech dendgi ok. nynl.bedo maliet-‘ahinya, kendo
| gidw-ro néngini memedore wtundo geng! liet mar ringruok.
HH |
| wnego {$1 los nengini kod k¥tambaa minyalo lucko pile.
i Nengini ma nengogi tek ober moloyo nanga ma nengone tin ma jarvu
i ti;.-nanga.' ma nengone bet tek, kaka maradufu, cnyalo budho ndclo
I | momudors.
H Bega g gee 4 POSE oe let cam eed eptid as en ges ae Gig CNG En ea epee NEE NES p ce eo al” op elma Tenor tet bese Boe Saas Maa og ap SCO eg TH eae ge nee itso
| | Sunac ess Rito Ringruok.
a Swan exes ng’ ato ciso dende duto, kod koke, dhoge, wiye,
i gi kuonde duto mondo bedi maler. Dele magole kuck. To kwa-
| .weyo kuok twe e dendwa mak Wwaluokore, mos odung- marach. & mo-
i | miyo onego waluckcre pile, ok mar Bole chilo mwaneno kende, bo
H kuok wmctwo ma ok nyal nenc. Luokruok gi pi kende ok oromo mar.
‘a goic kuck, nikech kuok otimo mo. Owinjore ji luokore gi pi kod
i gaoun be. ee
i YW orcmo mendco waluok luetewa. gi. wang’ wa kende. Kik wiwa
i wil gt kuonde ma nange ogeng’c. Kind embe gi yuethe, kuonde | |
| kane del omanyo del, owinjore luoki ndale duto. Owinjore ng “to
\ oluck dende dutc diriyo e juma,. kata moloyo. Yier wich monde
Bl IWICeKI- cLives “ende kik we koke bed gi chile, nikech mano nyclo
| medo ni ji tuo. To kik ji luckore e yawo kama ji umboe.
i Leke gi Lhck. =
Hl Onego ji rudh leke pile bang chiemo, ‘kendo ha pek
i | ei dhiyo nindo monde gigcl chiemo duto e kind leke.— Ng'ato ka
zy ng ato onego obedi gi miswaki mar rudho lekene. Kose rudho
|| dichiel ver cng'2d cko mano mosetiyo godo. Pi moketie kado ma-
| tin over mar rudho leke. Gokiny kwa' ae nindc, ka pok wabilo
i chieno, cer ka wakudi pie dhok monde luoke. ri milosogo leke
i cnego bed pi mosechwaki nyaka oyienyc, mondo neg #ik mericho
tl mantie.

_ Ok owinjore ji temo toyo: kata kayo gik matek ei Lak, di
i po kn lak osonycre kamoro. Mano moa ni gi matek ahinya miluongo
i ni "Snamel"”. To kose a mano modong' ni chogo kende. Choo
t nyalc tow piyo, kendo onyalo ramo ng'ato malit. Lak motow onego
| gol piye, nikech onyalo @Miyo ji tuc.

= ———



Nitie jomoko mabedo moler e ringruok gi nengini, to ka gidhi , |

nindo ginindo kuom kitendini mochido, kendo ginindo gi nengini f

mochido. Mano timo mofuwo, nikech nindi ni «i mekonyo ringruok
ahinya, kendo owinjore wanindi ka mealer. Ka ok waloso giwa tar
mindo kuok moa e del gotieno osiko kuom nengini mag nirdo, kendo

dél mcroch cbedo kuome, madung' marach, kendo wayuweyo dung 'no
kwanindo. Gir nindo onego bedi maler ahinya. Ber ki mogi oko
3 chieng' pile, kendo ok owinjore ndalo mang'eny okadhi wak o-

luokgi. s |

Tongwang'. 2 ts

Waseneno e leson machielo kaka tongwang' ni gi maber

moloyo na Nyasaye osemiycwa. Kwarito wang!wa maber ginyalo

bedo mand@ima bigini mang'eny.


: Ka wang ng'ato rame, kata ka ok onen maber, wang'e

dwaro yuweyo, mwcnego ne atno we gomo. Wich bar gi, wirawira obiro |

ndalo moko nikech wang° osetiyo matek. Ok owinjore ne'ato gom |

ka ler ok her, kata but mach ma onge taa, kata ka piny huyu-huyu. |

Ka ng'ato oamdho ndawa ahinya, iro mar ndawa nyal> ketho |

wang e. |


Gale eae ts oa pice tl a e080. aha sche esos 5 oye She Live baba esto uap ages an pce ee Opa ge numa co Se

Sura, 5+ Losruok Mar Ot. 4

‘ iG

Ka ng! ato ogero ot nitie weche moko monego opar, kaka I

muya, ler, kod kar ji. mabiro..daki ei. ot. \

# Leson kuom chieme wabiro somo kaka ok owinjcre ji \

chiemo kata kan chiemo e ot kama ji nindce. S momiyo ka ji. i

gedo onego gilos ot maduong’ moromo mondo pog kar nindo yore gi "

kar chiemo. ‘i |


Kogedo ng atoonkgo par kar romb jocde; nikech ng'a ma joge i

thoth cdwaro ot maduong' moloyc ng'a ma joge nok. Bende owinjore !

dlos kar nindo maduong moromo, ka nyithindo nindo kargi yore. 1

Jk en gi mowinjore mondo nyithindo nindo e ut ji. To nglato ka i

ng ato owinjore obedi gi kar nindo mar nybthinde, mondo cnyal }

ng eyo kaka gibet gotieno. » Kendo nyithindo ma nyiri kik nind |

kachiel gi nyithindo ma yawuci. |



; Ka ng'ato ogedo onego opar mar bugo ot. Dier ot onego

ting ore talo moloyo piny kama ot nitie; nikech ka dier ot obedo i

mwalo ni piny, ka koth ochwe kendo piny ng'ich, odno obiro bedo |

mang ica bende, nikechpx pi moa oko oyudo kinde mar donjo- To |

ka dier ot oting'ore malo, kata ka piny neg'ich ot ogiko kotwo. |

Koro ka ng! ato ogero ode, onego opar kaka ot obiro bedo koseruic. i

Onego ket yi2n meboyo maromo e kor:ot, meando kik’ ‘ot obed machiek, |

kaka kobugo dier ot kaka owinjore. Bugo ot maber omedo ni ji a

tich, tc gikone okonyo ngima mar ji modak e odno. i


s Kata’ ka ot-tin kata duong', onego obed gi ler. Ct motimo {

mudho ‘ok okonyo ngima. Ok inyalo neno chilo @ ot molil, kendo

nikech mano chilc omedore. Muya maler onego donji e ot saa duto.

Ot onego bedi gi ler mathoth; to dirisini e ma miyo ot ler. Onego A

Sibed dirisini miyawo, mondo mi muya kinde mar donje bende. Kata i

Scdiechieng kata gotieno, onego wami muya maler kinde mar donjo i

e ot, kendo muya marach kinde mar wuok. Kata ka piny ng'ich,

kik chieg dirisini duto, to mondo we kinde ni muya. ii


‘Ka j1 thoth @ ot, kaka e skul, onego we dirisini duto nono !

mondo muya nyalo lokore pile, mondo ji duto yud muya moromo.

Ka ng'ato ae nindo mondo oyaw dhoot gi dirisini duto te, |

ma yamo nyalo kudhiec ot duto, kogolo muya mrricho oko.

i ;


| Onesxo ji mwon udi pile, kende..din lowo maberys-nikech bury

H ii kelly tuc. Ka ji wiro kor ot’ sgi.choke mano gi.mawer ahinya, nic

rt ieee omedio mae. ot Lome Kendo ka kor ot obsdo Marachar inyals nan

i? maber chilo moko ka nitie. @kuodini. gi chwarné sini hevo kucnde

| Molil. To ka waloso kor ot gi choka, kendo ket dirisini’ s Udi;

| momiyesi-bedo maler, kero ok wanabedi gi Sik mar&chugo e utewa.

| @nego ji yuwe udi ndalo dute te; ck disr ot kende, to mana

Ht | with? si bwo kitendini bende, si kuonde mogeng ore. Ka: pok

i | ichako yuwsyo ot on2g0 ikwo pi e disr ot mendo kik buru duneg'.

I Kiyuweyo ot mak okwoyo pi koro buru dung! mathoth, kendo ochako

I | bedo kuond? moko, kata kuom chiemo, chak, gi pi manic ot.


| Mond > ot muadaktie obed? maker maber , ok ber ka Ji todce. Od

i tedo owinjore bed oko, yore. a Ire otimo chilo;, kendo onyalo

it ketho gir ot ka ji tedo kama jtmdakie. _fo onege ji um chiemo

) duto bende, kik chilo mar iré @onjie. To kinyalo bedo gi. sanduk

| moum mano ber ahinya mar kank chiemo.


i | Kendo owinjore ji los Kar: gwen gi diek gini. Ok owinijore

i gigo nindo ka milaso chiemo, kata e ot kama ji nindo. Gitiske

i | muya mathceth ma dhane odvaro, ka gimiyo muya doko marnch, kendo

| gimiyo ot dung’.


| Kigeyo ligala mondo kund dhok obedi mabor gi pacho. Udi

| mondo oedi ka moting cre matin molcyo dipo, mcndo kik gik maricho

| mag dhok bis pacho. Par kama yamco thoro ae, kendo ger kul ku

|| m2 yamo dhiye, ok ku moa e. Kamano dung’ duto* marach moa e kul

i | edhi mwale gi yamo, mak oduogo-ni pacho

Hy! I

I pegahaiateny ancescis he neeeaana es ser stein Gisa tae scutes Bas as She se Rte a mane RN Fas oir tt stan Renee eDuceh Sea OC RMU Cec einem

i |

i Sura 6. Risyo Fuende.


| : Nitie yore mathoth mar miyo ringruok tich. Ng'wech ni

! SL ma0er ni ringruok. Omiyo fuonde riere maber. Kwatugo wo-

HT | yuweyo matut, kendo mapiyo, maniyo @xygen mathoth donjo 3 oboye,

i molcyo kaka: odctnjo pile. Mano okelu konyruok maduong ' nL remo,

Hy komiyo Corpuscles medore gsi kar. ;

| oe

i | oe Ka wan gi rome maber chink gi jambich gi gik moko man iwna

| nyalo tiyo masor moloyo. Ok ginyal tiyo maber ka nitis nuya

NY Marnch mathoth, to tich marieyo fucnde, mamiyo wayuweyo matut,

Hl | okonyo tich mar golo muya marach cko. Tuo achis] mohero chamo

| Ji ni ich makerore, ka‘gik manic jambich obedo matek motamo Jomb-

| ich gole. ifnnc obsdo nikech ponde mag ich ok oyudo tich morome

i | rioyogi mondo’ medgi teko. Ka ponde ok oyude tich morome, koro

{| ginyosore, ma ek ginyalc tich maber. Ponde duto masz ringruck

| . onesgo yud risruok saa mcoko ndalo duto, mendo. giti tich. mabor.. Rie-

im ruck, kata on tich moro kata tugo ma ole ringruek meromo, cmiyo

i | fuonds “duto tiyo makars.

it |

| Nitie wach machielo bende. Tugo okelo mor moar chuny.

4 Kendo kwaonges gi paro kata Luyo ringruck onyalo tiyo maber moloyo:

| Bende tich liso chismo @ iwa otimors maber. To ka chuny ne ato

aH | ochandcrs, mano oduko tich chiemo chien. Lich mataoth, kata

| mar wich kata tar rineruok, ok ni gi maruch, to obedt gi: mabor

| Ba ok Wagtko-s* tich“acnhiel “saa duto. Ka tichwa othoro bedo tick

i) agar wich, eka onego wayud kinae saz moro mondo ringruok otim tich,

Hh | ka wich ayuweyc. Kata ka wathobo timo tich mavle ringruok, kaka

a pur, enego wanwaug' kinde mar miye, obwongo tich, ‘ka ringruck oyu
_ Kamano fuonde duto mar ringruok eyudo kinds mar rieruok, mak moko

i | onyosor? nikech sionge si tich moro’.


I Kwatiyo kata tugo kuck bende omadors. uck ogcolo gik

PT maricho. Koro ka kuck omedors, sik maricho modore.a co ringruok.

| iil

Hi |

\ |

P : <
Kamano waneno ka tich mamiyo fuondo riere okelo konyruok ¢ yor f
mang’ 2ny Omiyo r2mo medo wuoth mapiyo e ringruok; mano omiyo ,
oboye yuweyo mapiyo kendo matut mondo kel Oxygen momedors; Oxygen i
momedere omedo ber mar Corpuscles makwar mag remo; bende omiyo
chiemo lokore maber ¢ iwa; ojiwo ponde mag jambich gi del mondo
gigol oko gik maricho gi muya maricho mondo gia piyo moloyo kaka |
gia pile. i
Sura 7- Weche Moko Kuom Chiemo.- i
: i
Ia chieng' moro ipim ratili mar ringri kia e nindo, kendo
iwe chiemo duto mak icham ndalono, kichako pimo ratili gotisno
kendo, diyudi ka ratili moko ong'adore. Kendo kata diwe chieno i
mar chiang’ machielo dine ka dendi domed ng'a@o ratili. xno |
obedo nikech ringruok ochalo ka mach molisl saa duto. |
Kipong'o taa gi mo, kendo iweye gotieno duto koliel, iyudo |
ka taa koro yot. Taz onyalo zie ayes mo orumo, to ka pok ring-
ruok gdwaro rumo diyudi tuo, kendo d wenore gi. chisne. Kote i
& ne ato ocham chiemo toren, ringre dinierre, kendo mos kech i
dinege- if
Kata kichamo chiemo mathocth moloyo mano mowinjore gi ring- |
ruok, eka diyudi tuo bende. Kiketo yien wathoth ahinya 2 anch
imono unch liel maber, kendo ckelo iro mathoth. Kanano kichamo }
chiemo mathoth, ich onynlo witogo oko, momiyowa ng'ok; kate, ka q
cok onyalo gologo, muya marach omedore 2 iwa, monego ogol oko. i
Kendo ka ringruok kamoro cchandore kamano, mano onono tich annoko i
mag ringruok timore maber. : i
5 t
Ringruok owinjore gi chieno morome, kendo ma kitgi winjors. i
Ji modak © pinye mayore onege chan chisno ieyore. Ji modsk |
pinje mang'ich ahinya dwaro chen ber gi mo mathoth tiondo wd ni “Hl
ringruok lLiet. To 2 pinje naliet, makelc kuok anthoth, vadware i
chan chie10 Matince pi nathoth, kaka olsno, alote gini. Kondo |
kit chioic michamo odware pogcre kuo2 tich a ng'ato otiyo. Ka |
ng'ato opuro matek odwaro ghe10 ng'or gi ring'o gi chieno scko I
aaniyo dhano teko. To ng ato mnabedo ¢ tich nayot ka tich kerani, |
kobedo piny saa mathoth, ck odwaro cham chiemo mathoth, to werono :
‘konde. Kendo e pinje maliet ji dwaro chamo ring'o matinkende.
Chiemo moko makelo liet. Oduma, michele, rabuon, rabolo, mariwa,
sukari, mor kich, bor ring'o, nuke, chak, mo mabuo. 4
Chiemo magero ringruok. Ne'or, oduma, rech, del, chak mopuo, q
njuke, ring’o maler ma onge bor, kata mar rombo kata mar dhiane', ,
tongwen, cha chiewo, olembe moko, karot. ;
Ghiemo makonyo jambich e tichgi. Alote, ng'or, kitungu, lemlem, |
olembe, nyanya, mor kich. Kimodho pi gokiny ka pok ichiemo, mano \
bende nyalo konyo jambich maber. : j
Chiemo moko ma ok ber mar achama. Nyircke, akwacha, tako, ring'o i
motho, ring'o mokethore, kod gik maliet ka pilupilu. i
Chiemo moko bedo gi Kado moko maloso pige mag orung' rung! nag i
olawo gi tako gi chino maloso chiemo e iwa, kendo mamedo ni remo
. ber. Ghiemo kuma kamago ni alote gi olembe.
Ok ber ka ng'ato ochamo chiemo achiel pike, nikech kotemo i
kamano sik moko norem mar konyo ringruok, nikech chiemo duto ok i
chalore e tich ma gitiyo e ringryok. Ji machamo kuon gi mG or i
mathoth owinjore madh chak, kata cham alot, mondo chieme oponore
maber. Konyalore, mondo wacham alot kata kitungu, kata nyanya, i
kata budho, ndalo duto. i
: Z

Hh Be
Val =
i F 7 lO.
rey fh
I oS
| Nyame chiemo. Owinjore wanyam chiemo nyaka omwonyore kende.
i Kata @i mimadho, kik madhe piyo, to use mcs. Ka ng'ato ochiemo
di mos, oOwinjo mit mar chiemo, kendo ok odwarc chiemo mathoth ka
| nz'ato machieme piyo mak onyemo maber. Ka ng'ato oparo kaka
i cnyamo chiemo mar dhok adek mokwongo kochako chiemo, koro dhoge
Hy ae 1. y i +
HHH obire ng iyo gi nyemo maber, kendo enonyem maber mak oparc.
| Gik matimore ka ok wanyemo moremo:-.
II (1) Leke ok oyudo tich moromo, mamiyo ginyalo ruyo tow.
Hi | (2) Olawo moriwore gi chiemo orem; koro chiemo ok nyal
it tH losore maber e iwa.
HH {|
HH | (3) Chiemo ok opogore matindo moromo, mamiyo chino gini
| tich matek momedore.
| 3
Hi | fs tay 3 2 3 a
| i (4) '"“Newves"” mag dhok ok oyudo kinde mar kowo wach ni
Hi | chino konyiso kit chiemo mabiro, mondo pige mowinjore
i kode nyalco ikore.
i |
| (5) Ji chamo chiemc mathoth mohewo chino, kendo giyudo
H | chandruok war ich muor.
H iF
I | Loso @i Tedo Chiemo.
| Watedo chiemo nikech ringruok ok dak nyal
I |} tiyo si chiemo manumu. Tedo omiyo chiemo bedo mayom, monyalo
i pogore maber ma ringruok onyalo tiyogo. Kendo ka nitie "Gering"
| | anke Kkuom chismo, tedo onegogi. Bende tedo omono chiemo moko
| kethora. To onego wated chiamo mochiek chutho. Chiemo mo-
I | tedi manumi chando ich ahinya.
Hh! It
i | \ : : 5 a2 s s
| (1) Sn gi maber ka ji chiemo e mesa, nikech kokete e lowo
HI chiemo onyalo yudo chilo moko.
Hi It
| (2) Ka ji tieko chiemo mondo luok sende duto kod agulini duto
Hi mag; tedo, kendo ketgi e diro.malo, koumgi piny, nyaka saa
HI mar tedo ochepo kendo.
| (3) Kik kan chiemo e od nindo; kendo kik ji chiemo e otk kama
| ji nindoe. Kar keno chiemo mondo bedi maler, ot kama muya,
| mathoth nyalo donjie.
i , Re : : ‘ Oars
Ht | (4) Nengini ei luet jalos chiemo onego bedi haler, kendo gik
i! | moko duto mar Lloso chiemo mondo bedi maler.
| | i
i] (5) Hondo watem tamo luang'ini donjco kuom chiemo, kwaumo chiemo
Bt rs 41
i duto maber.
\ : s : s = .
| (S) Ne'ato mose ae tuo marach e ndalo machiegini kik mul chiemo
i MLLOSO. Kendo ka ng! ato tuo mondo luok gik mochiemie yore
iH | kod pi moyienyo.
ai .
a |
i) : . . "or
I i (7) Gik miwito mondo ketie bu@o,kendc ume, Kata wang ogo.
i |
Bi . mS :
ih (8) Chiemo motedi modong'’ bang’ chiemo mondo um maber gi agulu
| : kata san.
Ny | :
Hl Wi : : ;
| (9) Kik ji puo chak motimo chiedho. ilano rach ahinya.
al |
; ‘ Sa age ear
i | (10) Janyiedho monde luok luete gi aguch nyledho gi thund dhiang :
i | Ji nyalo yudo tuo kuom chak motimo chile.
| I
Hii Be ‘ ta 7 =
i || (441) Ring'o kata rech manumu. monde um maber kik luang ini yud
/ ii fe
i | kinde mar nyuolo tcng' kuome. —
I See
| Oe es a es ees ee ae
| reo |
{i :
> a, Se ee cs

Sura__8. Pich Pi. l
Pi owinjore ni gik moko duto,e piny. Owinjore ni ringruok
kaka ler gi liet gi muya bende owinjore. Dhano donyalo bedo
mangima ndalo manok kende ko onge' pi. Kata ka pi ok en chiemo
to owinjore ni ngima mar dhano. i
Mokwongo pi okonyo chiemo lokore e iwa; nikech chiemo onego |
_ bedi maliu mondo ringruok oti godo. :Kosebedo maliu koro odonjo :
e remo kendo odhiyo ni ringruok duto mondo los kuonde makethore.
Ka, remo owuotho e ringruok ochoko gik maricho ma ringruok I
ok odwaro, kendo oterogi kar witruok. Da gidong' @ ringruok
di kz gikel tuo. Gik marichogo odhiyo kanye ? Mathoth odhiyo
ni nyiroke, matiyo tich maduong'. Mathoth bende owuok e dek i
ka kuok. Pi mowuok e yore ariyogi ting'o gik maricho ae ring-
ruok. ; i
_ Pi owinjore ni tich mamoko bende, mar tedo, luoko gik moko,.
tich ot, gini.*® To nwang'o pi maler chutho, ma onge chilo moro,
otek; gik maricho moko e pi nyalo miwa tuo kata mar ndira ei q
diep, kata njoha; to moko bende ok tim gimoro. Owinjore ji ;
ted pi yawo nyaka oyienyo. Bka ober, nikech tedo oketho gik t
maricho. Ok owinjore ji luokore kama ji umbo, kendo ok ber {
ka dhok modho kanyo,. Owinjore ji chiel kama ji umbo, mondo |
kik gik moko mi pi duwore. !
Ji mang'eny yudo tuo nikech gimodho pim kata luokore e '
pi mosechido nikech chieth gi lach jomoko. 0k owinjore ng'ato |
oketh dho soko kata dho yawo kama ji dhi umbo kata luokore. 1
Pibedi maber da ji beto lum man but soko mondo kanyo obedi maler. i
Hka ji ok dak keth kuondego, kendo gik maricho mar ng'ato ok |
dak onyalo donjo e pi. }
Pi nam gi pi aora mamol ober, nikech gik maricho ke piyo i
nikech pi thoth. Fi soko gi thidhiya loyo pi yawo, to owinj- |
ore um wi soko, kik gik moko donjie. i
Kaka Qwinjore Wamodh Pi. f
Thano owinjore modh pi moromo ndalo i
duto. Ng'ato nyalo bedo ndale mang'eny maonge chiemo, to ko- i
ong? gi pi enctho bang' ndalo manok. Mano obedo nikech pi ni
gi tich maduong e¢ ringruok, kaka waseneno; to ka pi onge i
tichgo ok nyol timore. EB ndalo achiel ng'ato owinjore modh
pi ma dirom kata kikombe auchiel.. To ka ng'ato ochamo chiemo 4
maliu koro ok odwaro pi mathoth. To bura achiel mar Hygiene a
ni ma: dhano onego omodh pi moromo tich mar ringre ndalo duto. i
Pi ni gi maduong’ kuom remo. Ka ng'ato.ok omodho moromo, q
rembe ok obedo moromo; kendo ka remb ng'ato orem, ng'atno onyalo |
yudo tuo gi nyosruok. Ka remo’ ok oyudo pi momedore pile,obiro
kawo pi manie jambich gi kuonde moko; to kotimo kamano, ok okawo i
pl kende, to okawo bende gik maricho manie pigno. Kotimo ka- j
mano jambich gi lula bedo motwo, ma ok ginyalo tim tich witruok ;
Maber. Ng'a ma iye korore, ma ok onyalo dhi oko maber, onego }
modh pi mathoth, ok ka riyo omake kende, to mana pile. i
Ka kuok omako ng'ato, ma pi owuok mathoth, odwaro modho i
moloyo- Modho pi okonyo nyiroke kod lwia e tichgi mar wito gik i]
maricho. Wich bar, fuonde malit, wich mapek, gi ich muor obiro i
ndalo moko nikech ng'ato ok :omodho moromo; kendo gik maricho /
dong' e ringruok, nikech nyircke gi jambich ok nyal timo tichgi i
maber ka pi onge motero gik maricho oko. |
Ok owinjore wamodh mathoth kanyakla gi chiemo. Mano omiyo i
pige mag iwa bedo maliu, ma ok ginyalo tiyo tichgi maber. To i
wanyalo modho kaka waneno ka saa chiemo podi. i



‘ 18,


Sura 9. Tim Maler Moko.


| i i Ka ng ato odhiyo oko onego odhi gi kwer koiko duto maber. Ka
ee ok oike maber gigo nyalo kelo ni ji tuo. Ji mong'eyo gik

H | makelo tuo ok luor nawi, to giluoro ahinya dhi oko machiegini
| gi-dala. (Deut. 23:12, 13)

| :

|| Qs Ok owinjore ng'ato ola but ot, kata e pacho, nikech mano omiyo
ial kar ot dung’ marach ahinya. :

H | 3. Laru mondo obedi maler pile, kiyuweye ndalo duto; kik gik
HI mathoth ka chok oduma, opokla rabuon gini bedie, to mondo wang’
| gigo duto, kata ketgi e bugo.-

d Hy
| Onego ji pa laru pile ni kik oyugno, nikech ka moyugno okelo
H | luang'ini gini makelo tuo moko. Kata thuol bende nyalo yudo
i | kar dak. Kendo ka koth ochwe ka moyugno osiko kong'ich, ni-
i kech chieng' ok onyalo yudo kinde mar twoyo kanyo; eka mog
| odung’ marach.
| 4. Oyieyo ok owinjore bedo e pacho, nikech gin gik mariche ma-
| kelo tuo mar "Plague"; kendo gichamo chiemo mathoth mar ji.
Hi Kineno oyieyo e odi neggi piyo. Da wanyalo nego oyleyo duto
Hi e udi eka "Plague" ok dak obi. & momiyo mondo waneg duto ma
Hh i wanyalo. Ok owinjore wawe chiemo kama oyieyo nyalo yudogo,
| nikech mano omiyo gimedore.

i |

i 5. Kik ng'ato ng! ul olawo e ot. Ka ng'ato mangi tuo mar kor
i ong'ulo olawo mano obedo marach ni ji mamage, nikech olawo
HH mare nyalo miyo jomoko tuo bende. ‘H momiyo ok owinjore mondo
| ong ul olawo e dier ot, to mondo ong'ul e mach monyalo tieko
| duto. Kata ka ng’ato otuo ma ok onyalo a malo, ber cng'ul
HI e tago kendo um gi lowo; eka onego ikego duto. Jomoko ‘vacho
| ka ng ato nyalo yudo tuo kong'ulo e mach, to mano miriambo.
| 6. Kik ng'ato ochiem mak ologo; di po kosemulo gi marach, ma
i [ ma kotero e dhoge gi chiemo, onyalo miye tuo. Gir chiemo
| duto mondo bedi maler.
ia 7. Luang’ini ni gik maricho ahinya., Gikelo tuo mang'eny, kaka
| magoko, tuo mar wang mar odondue, ndira, kod tuo mamoko be.
| Gichamo gik mochido, kendo gihero ahinya kuonde kama nitie
| chiemo mosekethore, kar gik mokuok, kata chieth ji gi owuoch
1 | chok. 2
I |
| | Ka ng'ato ma ndira omako cdhi oko kamoro but ot, mak oiko,
i | luang'ini bedo kanyo, eka gidhiyo ot ka giplyo kuom chiemo,
| ka giweyo gik maricho kuom chiemo. Ska ka ng'ato ochamo
Hh | chiemono oyudo tuono bende. To ka luang'ini ok oyudo kinds
gik maricho but ot ma ginyalo chamo, koro gia kanyo, eka ok
| ginyalo keto tuo. :
| ) 8. Onego ji go marangete mag nindo pile, ni kik nyuogo bedie,
| | nikech nyuogo nyalo kelo tuo ni dhano. Kata kikunde, chwarne,
i kod gik makelo gwonyo, nyalo dak kuom ji ka ok gilosore maler
| e ringregi, kendo e ot. To ka ng ato obedo maler kuoh gige
| duto, ok owinjore one gigo.
| | Nyuogo mar wich ong'ere nikech.tong' momoko e yier wich.
| | Inyalo negogi kiketo mo taa e wich ndalo mcko. Mano omiyogi
| gonyore ae yier wich, kendo kiluoko wich ginyalo ae.
a 9. Gik makelo gwonyo gichalco gi minembe. Gichwowo e del, kendo
Hi) inyalo nenogi e kind Lith luedo, ka gik marafenge matindo ee

1 | tindo. Ka koro wagwonyo kuondego eka bang mano wamulo ring-

| ruok kamoro kod koke, minembe mag gwonyo chako donjo e kuonde
a go, kendo gimedore. Kamano bende, ka ng ato oruako nanga

i :
| WAN ‘ i

: } =

| 19. f

mar ng'a Ma gwonyo ochamo, kata koumore gi marangete mar ja- i

- gwonyo, koro gwonyo onyalo k make bende. (

Negima maber cbhedo kuomwa wawegi, kata wayie timo gik ma-

nyalo konyowa, kata ka ok wadewo timogi. Ngima ni mwandu ma-

_ duong' mar adier. Ji yie mondo gichandore ahinya mondo giyudi

ngima, ka gichiwo rupéa mang'eny ni jothieth gi ajuoge ma ok >

nyal konyogi maber.


Ka ji keto chunygi chutho kaka giniyuwe muya maler pile,

to gotieno moloyo; kendo ka gichamo chiemo maler, molosi e gik ;

maler; ka ok gZiyie modho pi mak otede, kendo ka gimiyo fuonde 4

duto mag ringruok tich mowinjore; kendo ka gilogo ringruok

kod nengini mondo gibedi maler’pile, eka ji dithor bed gi H

. ngima mowinjore, mak gichandore gi jothieth mang'eny.
Ka wadwaro bedo mangima maber, onego wamak weche ma wage

puonjore, Monso walos ringrewa kaka owinjore.


SUS sy soe foo: 8 cee eta age Samet ere Cees a ON fe Ie Da eel a ae Neh a sen 0k so Dalgaere acy i

: i

Sura _10- Kaka Ndawa Otimo ni Ringruok. |

Ndawa gi njaga gi gik ma kamago gimayo ng'ato ngima.

Ng'ato moro ma nyinge Kristofer Kolumbus, @ ma nokwongo yuda 1

ndawa e piny Amerika, ka nofwenyo pinyno e higea 1492. To

higini 100 nedwaro rumu ka pok jo Ulaya nxdwaxx tlyo kode. |

Ng ato ma nyinge Sir Waltar Raleigh e ma nomiyo jé Sngland |

chako ng’ iyo gl madho ndawa. Ndalo moro noorce jatichne mondo

omne kong o. Ka noduogo noyudo ka Sir Walter Raléigh omadho i

ndawa. dJatichne ne pok oneno kotimo kamano, kendo nokiya gi {

ma notimo. a noneno iro kowuck e dho rucdhe, luoro nomake,

mopuko kong'o dutco e wang'e mondo neg mach; kendo ncgoyo koko |

ni jotich mamcko mondo gibi konye nikech ruodhgi owang gi e

lye. ; i

Jomoko bende notero ndawa e pinje moko mag Ulaya. To /
rucdhi gi joteko mag pinje ne ok oyie mondo ji madhe, kendo ne I
giketc bura maduong kuom ng'ato ma giyudo kcomadho ndawa. "
Ruedh @nglond nowacho kuom ndawa niya, "Zn momadho ndawa, ok
ny ad weyeé; oirogo." Kendo nowecho ka en gi marach may neno
ng ato komadhe, kendc ndava odung marach, kendo oketho ji.

To kata joteko mag pinje notemo tamo jopiny ni kik gimadhe, — 4
to timno momedore ameda.

Ji dutc yie ka ndawa orach ni jo matindo, kotamo ring- i
regi dongo maber, koketho parogi, kendo onyoso adundo gi chuny- |
Oketho tich mar ligepe mag remo, nikech ka adundo onyogore, ma i
ok nyal gwecho maber, koro remo ok nyal wuothe maber e ringruok. !
Ndawa okele tuo mar ducl, komiyo duond ng'‘ato crwe , kendo eshondsa 4
omake. Oketho wang', kotamo wang’ neno malong o, kendo ndalo i
moko onyalo miyo ng ato muofu. Chino, chuny, nyiroke, duol,
duto yudo chandruok nikech ndawa. Oketho "Nerves" bende, ma |

~ luet ng'ato okirini, mak nyal bedo mos. :
B ndawa nitie nawi moro ma nyinge "Nicotin". #n now |

Marach ahinya, ma ton achiel nyalo nego paka e dakika adek » I

Bende ok odwaro mathoth ahinya mondo neg dhano e dakika abich. i
Obsr mar nego okucdini gi nyuogo gini-. To kobedo kamano wa-
nyalo ng eyo kaka orach ni ringruok kata kimadhe, kata kinyame. i
Neg'ato moro nemiyo apuoche muko madho ndava mar "Cigaret" |

mar sac 6-8 godiechieng' pile. Moko notho ka pok due norume. |
Moko nong'iyo, to ka ng'atno nonegogi bang' due abich, noyudo |
ka ligepe mag remo nusechako bedo matek, ma remo ok dak nyel |
mMolx kuomgi maber. i


Ht |

i BO:

lima? : : ee a ie

| Ndawa odino wich, kendo omayo jt teko. Kate kuom yawuol Ma-

di puonjore go,abal ku mabor, idho ndiga, gi tich moko mag ringruok,

HH ka gipiemore, jogo ma ok madho ndawa loyo ahinya jogo mamadho,

| kendc gidongo maber. moloyo, ka korgi bedo madongo moloyo.



| = gkunde moko jotelo mopimo rieko mar ji ma ok madho ndawa f

H || kod ji mamadho. Kendo e nonruok ne giyudo pile ka rieko mar jo

Hit ma ok madho ndawa ne loyo rieko mar jogo mamadho,. Kendo jamadh

| ndawa ok nyal ae tuo matek ka ng a ma ok madhi.

hi Se Pe :

i) Onego wapuonj} ji pile kaka ndawa gini ni gik maricho, ma-

HI kotho paro, mamono ji dongo maber, makelo ni ji tuo moko manyoso

i ringruok.

HN} acheter ait eguinciat comecut-y tr" caatue near Neael 0s Chea igte heen eats tense ip Secautal Leute ett 5s Te eee ve sunun er fe ue taees aie ce, 8 cetacean

i a

i | Sura 11. Wach Kuom_Kong'o.

| S

i =n I arene : : : a |

2 kong o nitie gimoro miluongo ni "Alcohol". Kineno

ia "Ay cohol" owuon ochalo gi pi. To.tichne yore ahinya. Kiketo

| tongweno moro e okopo kendo olo si kuome kirudeogi kanyakla, kit

HH I : we rf ) : ; s

i tongweno ok olokore. To kiolo “Alcogol kunme kendo rudogi kanyak-

Hh |) la, bongweno olokore, kobedo matek ka gi motedi. Kata kiketo

Hy - ~ - fons 5 4 : -|

| ring'o moro maler e "Alcohol" dodok matek bende. Mano obedo

i } * 1 7 ' ; + 7 as 5 nN j 4

| nikech "Alcohol" ohero pi, kendo’ oxawo pi duto manie gigo, ko-

|) weyogi matek, motwo- s

1) if 3

i | a ringruok bende otimo tich ma kamano; okawo pi mantlo

Ht | ~ ! 5 : 5 ‘

i 3 “Nerves , ponde, gi kuonde mamoko. "Alcohol" ni jansk. "ALco-

| hol" makech dones gimoro manade mangima. Diel onyalo chamo

| ndawa moromo nego ji buora, to ok onyalo madho "Alcohol".

I | "Alcohol" ni nawi marach moloye.

I |

K | Mokwonzo ka ng'ato omadhe, owinjo ka ringr®o Liet, kendo

| | oparo kaka okonye- To remo momedore odhiyo ni wiye, momiyo

| wuoyo may ore} kondc otagore kowuotho. Otagore nang'o ? Nawi

NI mar kong o mosemadhe omiyo obwongo aatin gi tonu lihumblu nindo.

| To gin e ma chiko tiende. To ka kong'o omayogi teko mar tich,

Vil koro ck gsinyalo chikh tielo maber.


| oo

| Jonoko mamadho kong'o mathoth doko jo mac hwo ahinya, to

|| ok obedo chwe mar nzima. “Alcohol” manie kongvo omiyo pondo

it lokore bor. Chuny bende olokore bor, ma ok onyalo timo tichne

Hi maber; kendo cbedo maduong', modhiro gik mbko mag ich ae kargi.

i Omiyo kor adundo lokore bor bende, ka adundo omedore gl duong ;

i to onyssore, mak onyal miyo remo mol maber @ ringruok.


| Ka diket “Alcohol” matin 2 dhogi, dhogi dotho kalandhidhi,

Li nikech "Nerves" mag dhok onindo, ma ok ginyalo bilo kata winJo

il simoro. Ka ng,ato omadho mathoth, mos obwongo kod Nerves duto

I | nindo, kendo ng ato okiya kata kaon ka marach; kata ka garl

i obiro ringo kuome nege, to okiya.


1 ; t : ;

| "ay gohol" ni jawuond maduong'. Biblos owacho kuome niya,

ieee |


ht ie xt e : 2 sat = ae:

Ht Ih "Ne'a gini mangi chandruok ¢ Ne'a gini mangi kuyo fe Nga

He a8 : a - eee : , NT, 4

| sini mangi ubaka 7 Ng) a eink mawacho weche mofuo ? Ng a gini

eT mozo lero kayiom ? We'a gini ma wang gi kwar Jogo mabudho

i | kar kong! 0; jogo madwaro kar metho. Kik ing i kong o Ma- ;

ll kvar, konyiso kit rangine 2 kikombe, kochick mabers Gikone

HI okecho ka thuol, kendo ohinyo ka kwirl. 3 s
Wi Mfanc ya maneno.23:29-3e:

Hl oo ea

Hl i Pe Eg each oa hae CRA Na Th PRUE oP BI SR BR Ry BR ARP ESS Rn A

I coo0000000000 900

LT |

NG :

‘ *)
) BA, |
Kt Dey oa ee an eK. /
a ee oe
| Sura _ i. Kaka Tloso Neg'a Matuc.
Ot kama ng'a matuo nitie onego bedi gi kwe, kendo onego )
obedi maler. Udi duto owinjore bedo gi dirisini miyawo, ma |
ler kod muya nyalo donjics. Owinjore kir pi e dier ot kendo
yuweye pile, mondo ot obedi malar. |
_ Kitanda mar ng'a matuc. |
Nengini kod marangste cnego bedi maler. |
Ka ndira omako ng'ato owinjore oluck neng kitanda pile, kik t
gidung marach. Ka ng ato ma kore ochame inyalo losone muto 1
moro mondo oyiengerse. Inyalo timc mifuku mcro, kata kawo i
| gunia, kendo ket lum e iye mondo tim muto. |
Luoko ng'a matuo. |
Kilucko ng'a matuo, ber kiume gi nanga i
moro kik pi oo e neng kitanda. To mondo isl ka matin kende |
kiluoke. Ka pod iluoko wang'e kata tade, kata kamore, mondo |
fel kanyo kende, to ringre duto mondo um, kik kcyo make. Bends \
mondo ikaw pi maler pile kiluoke. Ng'a maber ka dend ng'a |
matuc obedo maler motwo chutho. Ka ne'ato otuo ahinya ma ok
onyal loso dhoge gi lekene, miny pamba 2 kede, lute e pi metimo |
"Boracic" (yadh apora) kendo luokgo dhoge. :
Wach dhi oko.
Ka ng'ato otuo ma ok owinjore wuck e ot, logne |
tago moro kendo ket lowe 6 iye. To kcese dhiye mondo ipuk duto
kendo ikggo maber; los tago maler kiketie lowo manyien kendo. iW
To ka ng ato otuo ma ok onyalo. ad kitanda mondo pedhne kitamta Wt
more gi Tum kata oboke kuome. To ka ng'a matuo odhiye kaw
duto okc, kendo ketne maler kendc. ilcndo ik gik mcoko dute
kod lum, to nanga mondo lucki.
Adhonde mag nga matuo. ;
Ka ng ato otuo ma ok onyalo ae kitanda,
dends odoko mayom, kendo ka ok irite mabor kuonde ma kitanda
odiyo, kaka onding', bam gi gok, onyalo dholcre. Ne! ato ma
jakuck onego luokne kuondego pile gi yi kod sabun nyaka otimo
bucyo, kendo yuweye motwo chutho. tka ket "Boracic" (yadh Wl
apora) kata moge moro mayon. To ka dends chako ridhore ket i
pi tengweno kuome. To komedo ridhore ket "Boracic” Kata |
'Todoform" (murufuong' )
Chienb ng'a matuo. i
Chiemo owinjore mcndo mi ringruok bodo i
Mangima. Wadiwaro chiemo mondo mi ringruck lict, kendo nondo
Miwa teko mar ringruok kod obwonge. Ka kech omako ng ato
tekre koro onge, kata mar tich waxxx kata paro, kendo list war 4
ringruok odok chien, Ringruok ma onge chiemo cchale gi mach
motemo liel gi yien matin. Kata ka ng'ato ctuo owinjore
ochien. To ok onyale cham gik mochamo kengima. To onsgo
ocham chieme mayot, malokore piyo e iye, ma ok omiyo chino ¢1
jmabich tich maték.. To mondo los chiemo e gik maler, kendo
| kosechiemo mondo luok gik moko mochiemoe e saano motisko chieme.
Ne'a aatuo owinjore ochiemo gi saa: kochamo matin |
kende mondo ochiem bang’. saa ariyo kata adek pile. To kochano
i moremo, cnyalo chiemo kaka ji chiemo. ji
Chiemo moko mayct. be i
Tongweno aorudi, momedi gi cha chiewo maker. |
Nyuka mariwa, kata nyuka kal molcsi gi chak. To mondo reg ii
mogo mayom ahinya. |
Kat ring'c gi kat gweno. ]


| Do.

i Kaka inyalo loso kat ring diane’. Kaw ring'o mcro maler, ng'ade

a matindo tindo, kete @ sufuria gi pi mang'ich kod kado, weye kanyo

Hk moromo saa achiel- Koro: bi ring'o kendo rude. Eka kete e kendo
Hi mondo tede mos moromo nus saa, to kik oyieny matek. Koro thiwe
it mondo ring o odong .: Kate e ma mondo mi ng'a matuo-

I) =

HiIl ; Ve :

HI Rech manumu. Tede gi chak matin gi kado.

|| Pawpaw mochiek, gi rabolo mochiek. Nywaséi mayom. |

Hit Pudding mar "Custard’. Rudi tongweno moro, med kikombe achiel

HI mar chak gi sukari matin, ketie bakul, kendo ket bakul e sufuria

| | ma pige oyienyo, tedogo moromo nus saa, nyaka ochiek, kopotc mcromo,

| "qustara! mar _rabolo. Nywas rabolo moro, ol kuome ‘Custard’ kaka

tal onyisi logo malo ka- Onyalo cham maliet kata kosekwe.

ial 2 2

i | "soup! moko molosi gi gweno, kata rech, gi ring rombo gini. Kaka

| ilosogi inyalo yudo kuom wetthe mag chiemo mar nyathi.




Hy I Sos

| Nindo mar ng a matuo.

i) : Nindo ni wach maduong' kuom ng'a matuo.

il Qwinjore inon kit nindone, kata konindo aming a gi kinda, kata

i matin tin kasuksuk, kata onindo mos, kata owucyo konindo, kata

i | kolokore pile, kata kobedo mos konindo.

I i

| AS

Hi Kineno ka nind> ok ctere, mondo ing'e kata dende ne'ich,

| | kata tiende-. Ne kata neng kitanda obedone maber mak ojowore.

| Kata ka nindo otame tem umo wang'e gi nanga mang'ich, kendo lok

i nanga nyaka nindo otsre.

1 | ; ‘ i

| Chak kata nyuka mamormor konyo jomoko nindo.- Kendo ka nindo
Ht ssetere, kik we gimoro chiewe, di po ka nindo chako tame chutho.

| Tim duto minyalo mondo mi nindo tere, nikech nindo nyalo konye

HI moloyo gik moko duto.

i or ee ee
| :

Sura 2. Tich Gi Mang ich Kod Gi Maliet-

ri — : i

| I Gi mang'ich kuom ringruok omiyo remo dok; to gi maliet

| omiyo reme biro malo machiegini gi del.


i Tich Pi Mang ‘ich. ~


1 W4

|) 4. Mar miyo chuny ng'ato duogo, ol kuome pi nanggich.

1 | 2, Mar kweyo dend ng'ato luoke gi pi mang ich, kata

| | ket kuome nanga mang’ ich.

| 3. War nego rem. c

HW hk,’ Mar miyo remo chok ket nanga motimo pl meng ich

vl kuom ka mochwer.


aM) iM . :

1h Kiluoko ng ato gi pi_mang'ich kik el ringruok duto dichiel. Ket

Wi marangeti e bwoye, kendo umego bende. Ter mos kik kitanda bed
He mang ich. Kik pi ton e neng kitanda.-

| i ‘

| - Nalo nanga mang'ich kuom ne'a matuo. (Har midhusi)
; li ee ee NA OM Le i "sch edhe e6

ih Kaw suka moro maduong iluke e pi mang oe

ih - wo ne 8 matuo, kendo ume gi machielo kamano. . Koro ruake maber
yi gi marangeti, weye kamano moromo nus saa kata saa achiel. Kikawo

f li oko yuwe dende motwo maber, kendo ume maber.

ih + z nee |
i Mar nego rem- Owinjore ibedi gi kitembint ariyo mar alvka- ey

| nanga ae pi mang ich, to kik otiek pi duto. Hine moromo kende “log
ih kik pi chwer kuome. Kochake bedo malicet, lok nanga machielo-

NF Ma ober mar wich bar, kata kamoro mariwni kx -malit-.

1 | ie
NS : |

23. |
Ka modholore. Ok onego igol nanga motimo yath e ka malit. To
mondo tkaw nanga maler ilute e pi, kendo ting'e kotimo pi mondo
echwer e nanga moumo ka malit. Kata kowinjore in;alo kaw nanga i
motimo yath oko mondo iket nanga maler. 4
; |
Tich Pi Maliet.
"Momentations” maliet. Giber mar kweyo rem, kata mar ich, kata |
karoro, kat& ka marewni malit, kendo mar kweyo dend ng'a matuo
tuo mar ahonda matek. Pile kiloko "“Fomentations" mondo iyuwe
'kuok duto kama nanga maliet oa. ,
Ka nindo otamo ng'ato miye "Fomentations' maliet moromo moloki
gi nanga motimo pi mang'ich. h
Tielo kata kamovo mowil, kata‘mokuot. Ket pi maliet e ndoo |
kendo ketie fucni mowil. Ka pi okwe med pi maliet kendo. i
Kaka iloso "Fomehtations’. |
Kaw marangeti moro maber, poge ariwa
koi achunga diere tir, mondo obedi ang'wen. Ariyo obedo mar keto
oe pi, kendo ariyo mar umogi. Pedh mano mar umruok e mesa kata i
e kitanda. Mano mibiro luto e pi bane didek mondo obedi mabor i
mapuot. Mak dhoge koni gi koni kiludoge e pi moyienyo. Koro |
mine matek nyaka pi duto oa, to min piyv ni kik okwe. Eka teng'e
dichiel piyo, bane, kendom kete kuom nanga mar umruok. Ruake |
piyo, kendo bane diriyo ka ko mobiro chike del cdok lye mondo
geng’ muva maliet. 'Fomentations" onego bedi maduong’ moloyo
ka malit.
Cnego lok "Fomentaticns"” bang’ dakika kata ang'wen;
to ka en ke malit mtremo, ka ich muor, loke kochako kwe moromo. |
To kikawo oko mondo ium kanyo maber kik koyo make, ka pok ichako |
keto machielo. To pile kiloko mondo iyuwe kuok ka pok iketo \
machieio. "Fomentations" adek dichiel cthoro bedo moromo. Ki- '
golo mano machien yuwe kanyo gi nanga motimo pi mang'ich. Yuweye f
metwo kendo ume piyo, ni kik kuyo make. |
"Poultice". Ma obedo maber mar tongjuok kata buche motamore
chiek. Okonyo tutu chnkore mondo ochwer. |
"Poultice" mar kuon. KXet kuon maliet e nanga kiporo moromore gi i
pala miluto e pi maliet ni kik kuon omokoe. Ket kuon nyaka ]
opedhore ma tutne oromo gi kok dhano (#ins-) We teng nanga nono, |
eka bane kuom kuon. Ket mo matin kvom kuon mondo miye kwe matin, |
kendo mondo mone moko e dend dhano.- To ber molcyo mondo ume "
dutce gi nanga moro marep ahinya. i
'"Puoltice" mar rabuon. Kaw rabuon moro madit, bule nyaka ochisk
mayom. Yar nanga moromo, bar rabuon diere tir nyakuchiel, kendo |
yawe kuom nanga- Ruake piyo, kendo kete e@ ka malit. 1
ge ee ge Re bs Foo oy 6 of ah Ooo ve ereuette: eels en ep aiuetae SS UUOR CRC kak y SRR SMA gars es 8 888 hea alae 8. Begs q
Sura_ 3. Pimo Liet Mar hRingruok.- : |
winjore ji duto ng'eyo pimo liet mar dend dhano. Liet {
mar dhano waluongo ni "Temperature". "Temperature mar ng a
mMangima ni 98.4, kata machiegini gi kanyo. |
Lend dhaao odoko mang'ich mulcyo e saa ochiko mar otieno,
to obedo maliet moloyo kata saa apar mar odhiambo. Kipimo dend |
rg'ato matuo 2 gaa moro cnego ipime @ saa nogono pils. Tiends 2
kama : kikwongo pimo ng’ato saa 6 godiechiong onego ipime saa 0
godizchieng’ pile. Kik ichako pimo ng ato gaa, kata adek, to kiny |
| ipime saa auchicl.- To saa michako pimo ng ato, mondo ipime e
saa kamano pile. |

—) rere ™ ’
i Oe ais

i i :
| Ka ng' ato otuo moromo mondo ipim dende eokiny gotieno kende.

! as = : +. t tee ;
| To kotuc mane, ahinya Mondo pime bang saa ang wen pile. Tiende,

ih kipimo ng ato gokiny saa 1, mondo ichak pime kendo saa 5, kendo

{ gaa 9, kendo saa ji mar, otisno.
Hl 2 a 248 2

lh Inyalo pimo ng'ato e yuweths, kata chieke, kata dhoge kata

i ) : : ) ; S

Ht e@ oOlul. To ka michako pime kanyono e ma mondo ipime pile.

WI |

HI Pimo e¢ yueth odwaro kata dakika apar. (Chieke bende kamano.)
HTK Pimo e dhok = : Vabilen.
iil Pimo e olul t : a ".° To mondo owir rapim

| gi mo ka pok ikete e olul.

it |


i | Pile kisepime ng'ato mondo iket rapim e Jeys ka pok ichako

HT pimogo ng ato machielo. Watimo kamano mondo kik "Germs" moa e

i dend ng'ato dhi ni ng'a machielo kipime.


|| Pils kipimo, ka pok ichako pime, uk rapim mondo obedi mwalo

| ni 97. :


fl Se :

iM kik pim e dhok mar ng'a mariere, mawuoyo mayore, di po ko-

Hh ng ado rapim, kendo mwony yath manie iye. Kamano dotho.


ia Dend nyathi cbedo malist moloyo dend jo madongo, mak gimoro

ll omiye bedo maliet. Liet mar ringruok ma donyis tuo kuom ng’a

| maduong , onyiso gi matin kende kuom nyathi.

| ! : :
ik Ka ng ato owacho otuo, kendo dende lict, bew onind mos nyaka

H | dende okwe.

Get oe th NCES NSS ce IER SO Sos ee Rae ee haa cote SOP tte Re Soh tare Saar cetee ot


vl Sura 4. Hasirini Moko.

A Nitie masgirini moko mabiro apoya. Ng! ato nyalo no'olore,

vy kata chamo gi marach., kata mach nyalo wang e, kata gimoro nyalo

tI kaye - Mondo wang ¢ kaka wanyalo timo ka masira obiro.


| Ka remo ochwer. Ndalo moko wang'olo ligewo mcro mar remo kendo

i remo ochwer ahinya. Mak watweyo makare wa-

H || nyalo tho. Mokwongo din ka ma remo ochwer gi lith luedo mathuon

I il maler nyaka ng ato okelo nanga maler. Kik obedi nanga manyien

ee ma pok oluoki, to aana moselucki. Tudi nanga kata twe chok
LW} oduma moro ¢ nanga- Koro tweye mondo ka motudino obedo e wang

Hil ka mong ol. Ka remo pod ochwer ket kede moro e nanga kendo mine |
1 nyaka odino remo, to kik mine matek molcyo.

A :
1 ha :

| Kata ka in e thim, ma ok inyalo yudo nanga,

Ha inyalo kawo it obinju idinogo ka mcchwer. Kata okola mar rabolo
Hy} = eee :

1 hal kata opokla oduma inyalo tweyogo ka malit.

ai Remo mar "Artery" okwar ahinya, kendo ler. Ochikore

HH kowuok, kendo chogogo t2k. Mondo idi ko momanyo adundo king ado
i "artery.

1 Remo mar "Vein" ochirore mos, kendo remo ok kwar maber, |

| i 40 odwaro bedo maratong: : Mondo idi yo ka mwalo king'ado Vein -
Hi To ka mochwer mondo ting e malo pile.

i : :

By ih +t

iat Um_kochwer remo. oS. oe = ee
Hy Uh Kamoro onyalo chek kiluoko um ae pi mene «100 Oe
| Kata inyalo ket tiend ng atno e ndoo kata debi gi pl mallet, Of

Al Zol remo a2 wiye-. Ne atno mondo tem yuweyo matut, ka ng ato ma
ai = a'o kore @i muya- Ka mano ok onyalore, mye

‘a omo chunye, kopong o Gt Sy ; toke, kendo machielo e wiye:
a nindo ataro, kiketo nanga motimo pi @ boke, Kendo >

| To kik okuloere auma-.


| I


. : \
Kach kich gini. ©
Ka gi machalo gi kich kata pinc okayo ng'ato, ma
take odong' e dende, mondo okwongo gcologo oxo. Koro mondo |
\ duck kanyo gi pi kod yadh aftka (Ammonia) kata "Salts", eka ket 1
nanga gi Mo moleny. i
Kach ondiegé. '
Biye mondo remo ochwer mondo gol kwiri. Luoke
gi pi maliet gi kado matin mondo mi remo chwer. Eka tweye gi i
nanga moro maler.
Kach thuonde - 3
Twe tol mmmicxxe mondc remo marach moting'o nap
thuol kik cdhi ni fuonde duto. Kokayo tiendi mwalo mondo |
twe em malo matek gi nanga gi kede mar dino wang’ yer remo. j
Kata kokayo tat ma mwalo twa bat ma malo kamano. Kata ka en
- 1ith luedo mondo twe 1ith luedono gi mwaio chutho. Ka yath |
mar PERMANGANATS nitie ket moko e wang'e ka ma thucl okayo,
kata inyalo riwo gi pi folie.
Wirawira. y
Ka wirawira otero ng'atc kete nindo ataro mak iteno
wiye, mondo mi remo dhiyo e wiye. Kik ting'e malo ngang'. Ka
nanga moro cdiye kamorce gonye, kendo kets ng'atno ka monyalo
yhdo muya mathoth, to kik koyo make. Ka chunye ok oduogo piyo
ol pi mang'ich e wiye gi ng'ute. |
Ka wirawira oterc ng'ato kama ji thothie, mondo :
kul wiye piry kind chongene. Ka chunye duogo miye pi omod‘i.
Mach kcwang'o ng‘ato. l]
Z Ka mach cwang'o nanga ng'ato mondo cgore |
piny piyo, ka ku mowang' ocniko malo; mondo oumre gi marangeti, ' |
to mondo oumre chuthc mondo odin ni mach muya, nikech ka muya 1
onge mach otho. |
Nawi. :
: _ Ka ng ato osemadho kata chamo nawi e chiemo, mondo |
miye ng ok plyc. Ti maliet motimo kado mathoth onyalo konye i
ng ck. Ka kit nawi owang'o del mayom mar iye monde omwony mo i"
moro maler piyo, kata mabuo, kata moleny- , |
Ka _gimoro odonjo e it. ]
| Ka okuodo kata gi machalo kamano odcnjo 4
! e it, kik tom gole kata gi kede gi kalam. Kaw mo moleny maler |
iol e ite mondo gi mantie olewore e wi mo. Ska: inyalo gole. i
To ka en gi motarmcre wuok tere ka laktar. Kitemo golo iwuon i
di pi kiketho it ng'atno, mimiyo ite dinore, kata tuo moro mar it. |
Ka gimoro odonjo e um. |
Miye ndap scjo Kata pilu-pilu ofiki mondo |
mi gir omake. Kosedino um ko mangima ng'atno mondo thiny ume I
matek mondc mi gi mantie wuck. !
Ka gimoro moko e duol. |
| Ka gimoro omoko e duond ng'ato so lith
lueti kata yier gweno e duonde mondo miye ng'ogo gi mantic; )
kata, pame matek e dier ng'eye. Ka pod ctamore miye kuon |
monde mwony ngili, di po ka kuon oter gino mwalo. 1
Ka gimoro odonjo ® wang’. |
Inyalo gologo kimino nanga moro
maler mondo obedi matin. Kik rudh wang' malit. Kinyalo, |
mondo imi wang i saa matin, koliug! chutho. Koro pi wang |
- noluoki gi mosedonjo kotere e okweko wang’ ; ka monyalco e piyo.
Kodonjo wang mae malo, lok raum wang’ mondo igole. Kata
Pi. yuwaye mwalo’ koumoe raum wang ma mvalo , di po ka yier wang'
: ofcle. Ket "Castor oil" matin e wang mondo miye kwe mos.

i ce
| Ka_mowang'. ; (a
i Um ka mowang piyo, kik yamo kudhogo. Wire gi mo
Vi manade mantie malsr. Kata kaw rabuon English ichwer iye iketia
i , ka mowang'. Kowang' ka maduong' kik um duto gi nanga maduong',
Ake to ums ¢i nengini moko malach moromo gi luedo. Kamano inyalo
ni gulo achiel achiel kike to manyien kendo, mak ielo duto mi muya.

I! Konyalore, ket ka mowang e pi mamormor nyaka it&eko logo yadhe.

Hh Tho pi. |
Mi Ndalo moko inyalo chisro ng ato machiegini nwang'o

iit tho e pl, ka pok obudho moloyo e pi. Mokwongo yav-o dhoge, col

Hill lowe oko, kondo gol lum kata chuodho mantie e dhoge. ka loke

nit konindo auma, kendo ting’ nungone mondo pi duto mantie 2 oboye
| owuok @ dhoge. Go chongi piny akara kendo kot luetegi kuom

HAT ng ote Ma mwalo, kendo di muya ae oboye. Eka we diyogo mondo |
HH) mi muya kinde mar donjo e oboye kendo. Tim kamano ndalo mathoth

| mos kaka dhano oyuweyo. Kamano di po ka oboye chako tichgi

HI kendo. To kik iol nyaka gaa achiel mMangima oserumo.

| Goch >bindi. Gocho matek oketho ligswini matindo tindo, kendo

lt ramo ochwer e bwo del, kata ka ok otuch oko. Kanyo ochako kuot

i ma kit del olokore kobedo marateng'. Lut kitambaa moro e@ pi

|| Mang Loh, mino mond> pi mathoth oa, kendo kete 3 ka malit. Loke

H | kasukeuk mar gaa moke. ka ume gi pamba kendo twaye gt nanga.

wt iF ||

Mi Ne ee ee |

| Sura 5. Kaka Iloso Ka Mowil Gi Ka Motur.

H i

Mt Kake tloso ka mowil.

rh Ket ng'atno nindc, kiteno ka mowil gi muto

|| moro, mondo obedne mayon. Kot nanga motimo pi mang!ich kuomo.

HI To ka pi mang!ich ok onyalogo, eka teme gi pi malict, kimiye

| Fomentationgs.

Hy a

il Ndalo moko ji wilo fuoni moro, ma "ligament" moro

WT tH man kanyo oylech ae kare, ka momako chogo, kata ndalo moko oyuwaye
i modwaro yloch. Ka mowil olit ahinya, kendo onego lose maber,

| dio po ka chogo pasore as kare ka pok "ligament" ochango. Ka

1 chopo oa0 kare onego duoke kendo tweye kanyo ni kik oa kanyo kendo.
cH Ndalo moko "ligament" oterd ndalo mang'eny ka pok ochango maber.

al Kuonde mohero wil ni gok okumbo, lith luedo duto, chok dhck ma

i mwalo, kod chong! gi ombong .

1 |
Hi Ka ohok odisch bat otur. | |
ul .Yuwa okumbo mondo chogo oduog kare. Ket
HTH naga moro kuom bat, eka ket baw moko koni si koni, kata modi
Hai Hobar, kondo twegi maber kargi, Malo .i mak mwalo nar ka motur.

H | ika kaw kitambaa moro maduong! maber, tae dhoge kanyakla, kete e

i ng Ut Koliero, kendo so luet2 e iye mondo Oling kanyo. Kamano

na okum%o oltero, endo pekne onono chogo pasore aa kare.

ih Ka ghok yer vat otur. .
nn Nitie choke ariye e ywer bat, kendo ka :

il achlol kende e motur, bat ok nowengni ahinya, kaka ka chok odiach

nt bat @ motur. To kisudogo, ka motur oremo Mulit. Ket bade ale,
rt ka lithe luedo riere. Ket baw moro marep mapuo t nvaka a akuwxlithe
i) Luedo nyaka okumbo, kendo machielo nyaka a ng e luedo iyaka okalo
Hy okumbo matin. Twegi kanyo gi nengini moko Mapoto, kikwongo

i tweyo Mano man but akmamea okumbo. Lier nanga moro malach kuoia

Hi mg ut, moromo ruako ywor bat duto, ok luedo kendo.


i Ka ambun mar ng'ut otur. |
|) : Ma othoro timore ka ng'ato ogore piny

Wi ‘—kuom goko, kata kogore kogiro luete piny. Kimulo kanyo inyalo
i Mulo dho chogo motur ka gi mabith. Ng'atno ok onyalo ting'o |
H | oade ma komo malo. Kaw nanga moro kata gimoro mayom kando loge
i ka tuto matin, ikete « yue the. Mano omiyo odiech bado yuware |
| kuom ambun. Riw bade kuom kors' ka nanga aoa e-ng'ute oruake auto.


\ iL

Picha &, Base Bie
—— (= a tale | |
aa Ns)
ek aN jing me _ Sie, | wl
[aN oe Z ib. NES (1) oN 1 :
Fhe qe i Lo Le NGfop (\ SS Nes /| fo \ |
s i, ON gee bin | Wo CV " ‘® fy / Ty | i
(* | ate SBN QE LN He NO PS \\ 4
ME Ly | CBA ee A Rl iy eae ON |
Bs (ae We fle 7 ae | i !
oe ; ; i: My af hi of | ee i !
eM ee
: ae hie ap Up YN Mk ey Te |
Mekha ilweyo ociech bal. St ASS 4 HE f ee
Oe Zc \' oy | [Gjp- Kaka 1 lx eto
f / a oY " ha aa mar j i
ja coal * | \; cf ha } te i |
Fiche 10, Ven cee Lg RS
Gey I 2! i | |
\ea/ | |
oD oes Picha lt, |
oy ~ Sone {
3 ee Ves es 8 ie Bee eee |
/ 5 ‘ \ SS) \ fee eS }
Mpeg | ‘ SN states (WN ee
ass G \ \ Ne We ie (7 | H
fret WEWiseaty ey j
VANE ‘ ly
he ple ile Koike ciel po femo mar
Soe ee” ee os | ig euig -— kik rémo chwer, i
Picha [eee k Picha iS: Zak |
oe ue \ ( Q Tae fe \ PES X\
Whi ae oe fee CEN AV | eae PV TS ee [BG ENE Ne I ;
a be HA A 7 Sy "N oF bee ve yp) ,
We Yes MENS IT Re le a ee
ort I NRSSS Tec Nyt SES ea eet Le i
; Hi
Kaka jles fo yall Je, by eyo ; Ka Ka Ka | lw ae bea che [4 em a fu t’, | q
Chri, ogwala ofa : | 4
| 2 8
| 2 4 Pp ch NY | bn aay : PP, c h o / a , |
| Fae iy if
| : | | : oe
| 1 (=o k ali | ; ENG \ Vo | i,
Pi a : ; |
| N= AEE | |
| WRN ee ae ee acne I
| Ruka ifweye (4 aget slur os SS e : i |
| | Need ei 2 2 Ng's te ediya lig ewa Har em, 5
| |
| ee Cok ae |
a is ee ae ee ee
| o Mobiro gi "Gorms" moko madongo, iiakelo tuo mag dol, |
kod njohini madak ei jambich gi kuond? moko ° iwa.
| "Gormg" ni gik matindo tindo mangima, madak 2 pi, kata e chieth,
kata e gik moko maricho, madonjo 2 ringre dhano kokelone tuo. : |
Tuo ma kitgi yore biro kuom “Germs" ma kitgi yore bende. Germs
Mokelo tuo moro kata mar ndirea, ok nyal kelo tuo machieclo mayors,
_ to mana tuo achielno kende. Mendo "Gorms" bedi mangima gi-
dwaro ka maliet moromo, motimo pi. Gimedore moloyo > ramo, kata
_ 2? rabuon, kata chak, kata chiomo. moko, mowinjore kodgi. |
ee |
_ Kaka gimedore. |
| : Gimedore ka gipogowe. "Germ" achiel opogore ariyo; |
ariyogo pogore ang'wen; gipogore apoga kamano nyaka e saa manok

a seca Ge ee renee eee
a ee es : |
(Bi aN
iV | p eee O. ‘et ee |
i | Kaka ihime [sa ngata othe Pt fare oe? |
i Ht cs Tex ( Wi he as |

hi | \ A eas |
i , | AX or | \ fe a |

q | aes \ | pee’ AA ‘ lixg \ |

iN LNG Jr fs < |
i cM VT \ Ng — NS |

Nit Ne ] \3 yl yo ey

Ht | al 41 | / =e]
cH | fee. DOR Ais. oA | be |
| | eta ns SS \ > \ Vi Ore |
Hi a) Nuya.edonjyo e odoye. WARNE ly 4

Ki io y } |
| | | ~ vy =| 3 |
Ty. Ne NY = by Ny ry |
| Oar JON ~ HSE }- Picha |
| Yeo “fA ye :
f | NS 0
| oe S| poate Sts Za ej yy “ZA eS
| | PZ | Ss ies J Ber |
ii i | : + eR See nye ) : ' or hence
HI (2 ole iva kendo, Kako iFing’e nga mao ;
| | (<} Igol COLL ae owil, (fielo ma lxora cham.) |
{i | SEN ee al peewee Pichq [oo Biche |.
| | VEC Kulex ‘ Seer Sung Cno F eles i | JEN es
SS ee
| See 3 Va Ayn, rachar
- Gio a Sly |
| | a : LS) KL

Ni | ah Spe eres SS = Ga) | |
HH [Se rh = ie |
| | | Myalhine oyaweyo. ee Bee an!
a to
i! | J fe Le

a Nf = fA. Hes a

|| ALLO s | ees) ne

| : a = Z Le Ge) Es |

ra eran li In ass ” a (7) | eres i ae

Hult Kala “Kulex’ opiyo, kaka Anofeles’ oye, | pee |
i ; | ee eee | wee |
il - re ! 4 |

A | a ree scat Sag cory Se Vel
1 i a EY oa
a SE TELE ee Sacer ee 77 it = } ) Wey
1 Buemb | Kulex Bomb “Ano Feles Pio ee
Vii , | Pye) Se

1H , RY Vz \ % teh = ou |

hh NO SE WA te foe ee
iit el WE ACWW, yi f Blee) cs |
ee MDE bee et |
7, | We ao

il Ov OX te
Hal eee se ton a A i v

aa Vi Rule hal Wi Anofeles Ao Set f / ] |
} | teeters heme edi (ma dhako,) CELT) oi
| a ee

an RR RE c
pe $s CO Kea lye e ywer bat, kendo ka

AW achioal kende e motur, bat ok nowengni ahinya, kaka ka chok odiach |
a bat @ motur. To kisudogo, ka motur oremo Mulit. Ket bade ale, |
Ah ka lithe luedo riere. Ket baw moro marep mapuot nvaka a akunyli the |
HI luedo nyaka okumbo, kendo machielo nyaka a ng e@ luedo iuyaka okalo
a okumbo matin. Twegi kanyo gi nengini moko Mapoto, kikwongo |
Hi tweyo Mano tan but akumamiw okumbo. Lier nanga moro malach kuoia |
il mg ut, moromo ruako ywer bat duto, ok luedo kendo.
{| i i ;

i Ka ambun mar ng'ut otur, :
il fa othoro timore ka ng'ato ogore piny |
Hit} kuom goko, kata kogzore kosiro luete piny» Kiaulo kanyo inyalo |
Di Mulo dho chogo motur ka gi mabith. Ng'atno ok onyalo ting'o |
Hi | ead? ta komo malo. Kaw nanga moro kata gimoro Mayom kendo loge

bt a “tuto matin, ikete @ yuethe. Mano omiyo odioch bado yuware

i XUuom ambun. Riw bade kuom kor’ ka nanga aoa e ng'ute oruake duto.



fka kaw nanga moro mabor, ok mapuot ahinya, nale kuom kore duto, |
kitweyo okumbo e bathe. Mano omiyo gok yuware komiyo dho chogo
romo- Chalo ka norame malit, modwaro gonyo nanga oko, to kik i
yiene- Chalo donyalo nindo maber koyiengore e kom, moloyo ko-
nindo e kitanda. |
Ka_chok em otur. |
[a Kaw luth moro mabor moromo monyalo a nyaka yuethe
nyaka okayo tiende piny, kendo tweye kenyo kod nanga e kore, gi
machieglo e nungone, ok kuom iye. Yuwa tiende kirieyogo; kendo
ka chogo oOseduogo kare, twe luth kod nanga moachielo e@ wi ka mo-
tur, Machielo gi yo ka mwalo, kendo machielo but chong! gi mwalo.
lMokwongo mar ndalo moko owinjore twe tiande kargi ariyo kanyakla, |
kiting o ng'atno kikete e kitanda.
Ka ng'et otur. . . |
: Kaw nanga malach maber, ariyo, itwegi kuom kor
ng'atno mondo oride matin moromo. Nanga achiel itwe gi yo ka s
malo, ka dier nanga obedo e wi ka motur. Mondo twe nanga yo ka
nyime mar kor mangima, ka ka mnotudi obedi mwalo ni thunde. Eka
kaw nanga nmachielo,kete mondo ogeng nus nanga machielo gi nwalo;
kendo tweye gi uwalo nar nanga machielo.- Nanga nar ariyo, ma
mwalo ni, Mondo ride Morono, monyalo sire, to ok matek na ditane
yuweyo matin tin.
Kata inyalo kawo nanga moro matek kata maradufu, moban malach
moromo ins-8, kendo nale kuom kor ng'atno, kiride maber moromo,
kendo mak nanga gi pin moko.
To bade momanyo ko malit, mondo ruake e nanga Malach moliero
eng ut.
Ka chok ogwala otur. ae a s
Mi tielo bedo mos kimako ombong' kod tielo.
Ket tielo kaka kare kaka donyon piiny, kendo kik weye nyaka ose- i
twa baw kuome. . Twe baw kuom tielo koni gi koni nyaka a wi chong' ‘I
Malo, nyaka oOkalo tielo mwalo. Ka nitie luth achiel kende tweye |
kuom yO ka oko. Twe baw kare gi nengini moko gi yo ka malo gi i
Qwalo mar ka Motur, 2 wi chong’ malo, kendo twe ombong' kanykala, |
kende twe chonge kanyakla gi nanga iiobet lach. i
Ka luth otami twe tiendene kanyakla, kar chonge kod ~ |
ombong' kod ogwala. ak ae i
Meee Sore eae oe ie ciectaeains oa dn (eal ce cal cerlane glee ree Lenser ara ISIS GER No TEATS oe OT ee Pe ee
Sura 6. Wach Mar "Germs". t |
) |
Wanyalo pogo tuo = dhoudi adek. \
, e |
1. Ka tich ringruok ok odhi kare nikech chiemo maricho, i
kata liet, kata ng'ich. |
2. Mobiro gi "“Gorma". Magi ec tuo ma jolandore, kaka 1
ndira gini. :
a. Mebierg 21 "Gorms" moko madongo, makelo tuo mag del, i
| kod njohini madak ci jambich gi kuond? moko ° iwa. |
"Gormg" ni gik watinde tindo mangima, madak 2 pi, kata e chieth, |
_ kata o gik moko maricho, madonjo ° ringre dhano kokelone tuo. f 1
Tuo ma kitgi yore biro kuom “Germs” ma kitgi yore bende. "Germs
- lokelo tuo moro kata mar ndira, ok nyal kelo tuo machiclo mayors,
_ to mana tuo achielno kende. Mendo "Gorms" bedi mangima gi- |
dwaro ka maliet moromo, motimo pi. Gimedore moloyo 2 ramo, kata
2 rabuon, kata chak, kata chiomo moko, mowinjore kodgi.
ji a
Kaka _gimedors. i . |
| Gimedore ka gipogowe. "Germ" achiel opogore ariyo; |
ariyogo pogore ang'wen; gipogore apoga kamano nyaka, e saa manok

i gimedore moloyo kwan, Ok giweyo medore nyaka chiemo ma gichamo
pe orumo.
F i :
iM Inwang'o "Germs" e kuonde duto ma muya gi buru ayalo donii,|
| 3 6 y Jte
i, kendo gidonjo gi chiemo ka gidhiyo e yor chiemo. Ka ginwang!'o
iI) ka mowinjore kodgi koro gimedore.
Hi Nitie "Germs" mang'eny ma kitgi ber. iloko konyo gik mas |
Hi dongo e lowo mondo gigol ge lowo gik maber mobedonigi ka chiemo,
lil Moko miyo mo loth e ko kipuocho, kendo miyo mo ndhadhu. Kendo
| ka chiemo odonjo e iwa nitie "Germs" moko mokonyo chiemo lokore,
| Kaka "Germs" donjo e_iwa.
i 1, Wanyalo mwonyogi, kod pi kata gi chiemo. ss
(a) Kuom ring o kata chak ka dhiang'’ tuo.
wi (b) Ka ng'ato mangi tuo, kata moa e tuo, ma "Germs!
HH mar tuons’.pod ni kuome, kata ng'ato mosebedo
ii but ng'2a matuo, omulo chiemo. a
| (c) Ka luang'ini kata buru mabiro gi yamo mxting'o
FI "Germs" moa e chieth ng'a matuo.
Hil (d) Ka "Germs" oa e chieth odhiyo e pi, mimodhogo.
Ht Hh :
iil 2. Ka ng' ato ni gi tuo mar duol, kata mar oboye, ofuolo,
i wayuweyo e umwa "Germs" mofuolo oko, kendo gidonjo e
iil duondewa gi oboye-
I} |
5 3. Kata g tuo moko mag del, del oroch matindo tindo, kendo
i oting o "Germs" madhiyo e muya, mwayuweyogo. |
Hy :
li 4. Wanyalo yudo kuom mulo ng'ato; ka jalos ng'a matuo ok
Al oluoko nenge gi luetene, gik maricho mating'o "Germs" |
ih moa kuom ng'a matuo nyalo donjo e dhck piyo. |
ul |
Wi 5. Moko donjo e remo e ka malit, kaka mar tongjuok; kata |
| kuom kach suna kata maugo. |
| : : |
| Kata ka gidonjo gi yo manade, kata gidak e ka manade, tuo |
i ok ofwenyore nyaka ndalo moko. Tuo moko dwaro ndalo manok, moko
"I dwaro ndalo mathoth nyaka gifwenyore. E ndalogo "Germs" omedore,
li kendo,ka gimedore moromo koro tuo oyangore-.
hi i
ne Kaka ringruok osiro tuo. :
Hl Nitie jomoko ma tuo moko ok. maki, nikech
il e ringregi nitie kido moro mogiro tuo, mamono tuo makogi, kata
i ka "Germs" mag tuono nitie e ringregi.
i Jomoko ni gi kidono molcyo ji mamoko, bende kidone olokore
i gi tuo moko, gi ndalo. Tuo moko mag nyithindo ok mak jomadongo,
i kaka ka gibedo kama tuo nitie. Kendo ka ng ato ongima maber
i tuo ok omake piyo kaka omako ng'a monyosore. Bende ka kech omakt
wh ng'ato tuo nyalo loye piyo; kata ka ng'ato ok. ochamo chiemo mo-
iii winjore, kata ka koyo omake ahinya, tuo moko nyalo make piyo. Mano
i ebedo nikech dende gi ringre ok tek manyalo siro tuo.
i Ng'ato nyalo bedo gi "Germs" mag tuo kor, yath, midhusl,
a ndira, kata ahonda mak onwang'o tuo, kongima ahinya. To ka koyo
i ohewe, kata konyosore; koro tuo ojimbore, nikech Germs vined ore:
i i} ? :
al To Nyasaye oseketo waskeche e ringrewa mondo neg "Germs"
a Z rembwa nitie gik matindo mathoth mipogo e dhoudi ariyo nikech
\ kitgi kod tichgi opogore... Z
i ! ay "Corpuscles” -makwar « Gin pagasi mag ringruok, ma-
| ting'o muya maler ka gitero ni ringruok. —
\ 2. "Corpuscles" marachere. Gin waskeche mag ringruok,
i makedo kod "Germs". "corpuscles" marachere manok
iH st
ae | ore .

eg. i
nyalo nyalo nego "Germs" mathoth. Onego warit ringrewa |
maber mondo ginwang’ teko mar luenjgl.

Ka ng ato otuo Corpuscles” maracher machamo "Germs" obedo
manok; kore Germs onyale medore, nikech gionge jasigu ahinya.
Wanyalo mone tuo moko makowa kosarowa gi yadhgi, kaka mar nundu |
gi plague...

Kata ka tuo omakowa, kata ka ok omakowa, obedo kuom kit remo, |
kata Corpuscles” marachere mangi tich nego "Germs" obedo mathoth
moremo tichgl, kata ka ginok morem mar tich. Ka ok giromo, kendo.

Ge noe omedore, eka wayudo tuo. Kata ka "Germs" mathoth
odonjo ¢ remo, ma gihewo 'Corpuscles" marachere, tuo nyalo
mak wa. |
Kaka Wanyalo Tamo Germs’ Medore Ahinya-
1 Ket dirisini e udi, makelo ler.
2 Moyo air ot e chieng’ pile. |
3. Luoko nengini gi pi mallet @i gabun jumbe dutos
de, Wang! xuge yugi pile. Yuwe ot gh laru pile. |
ye Los um gi wenge nyithinde pile.
Ses chiemo gi pl mondo bedi maler-
‘fo Kik we pi budho but ot ~ mano kelo suna,
8, Kund dhok gi kar jamini mondo bedi mabor gi ut ji-
g. Phat oko. pile gi kwer.
40. Luok dhok @i leke pile kata gi kade.
11. Neg oyieyo duto mvanyatho. Gikele tuo mar "pnlague'.
1a... Kik ji la but ot, kata soko, kata but aora,
43, Bedi gi kitambaa mar um miluoko pile.
1h, Kik ket pega kata gi mochido e dhok.
(5. Dhi kar thieth piyo kiyudo tuo moro.
Va tie ecole sPeeue aueemrel as 2p SHOP BETS Bie Pak tae tess i
Sura 7-11. TUO__NOKO. |
- a
Sura_7. Adhonde, Mimambe, Ukuodini, Nyuono, Sdondue. |
Adhonds + one ! ae 5 : |
Ji mang'eny yudo rem nikech kuonde madholore; to i
adhonde mang'eny bire nikech chilo odonjo e ka malit. King! ado i
dandi kamoro king'ude kata kipuro, onego iluck ka ming olo kendo i
tweye BL nanga taler, (ok manyien)-
Mn ei marach kiketc owuoch dhok kata pote yien moko e
ka wmalit, kendc ok ber tende kitweye gi nanga mochido- OQwinjore i
‘katne nanga maler ndalo duto- Kata ka malit Matin ma ok i
‘“loso maber onyale medore nyaka obedo adhola maduong', mwanyalo |
Hetho tleLo dute. i
: i
Ka adhola pod tin ahi ka jathieth mondo ketmi yaths
kil: iweye nyaka obedo maduong , nikech kanyo thiethne tek. :
Mine mbe . ; i
““""""~ Aidak e lowo kata e burus Tlend Jt c makeyogi kuonde |

duto. Mago ma mon e matoko tong’ e tiend ji- Kaman.o gimed- i

ore. Mcndo wayuwe udi pile ni kik buru bedie. Kata kibudo |

ndawa e pi maliet kendo kire @ dier ot, mano ny alo vlembogl. i

Mwon diar ct pile- Gol mineme pile = saa Miwin,iogi 2. tiendl- |

Okuodini. ,

Cdichieng' okuodini nindo e kor udi. Givuok gotieno
kendo madho remb ji ka ginindo. Tiendegi abcro, to giongs

Wenge + Kach okucdini mcko kelo, tuc mar midhusi marach mo-

dhiero ji, ma thiethne tek; to nitie yata monyalo konye- a

piny Luo okuodini marichogi onge, to e piny Tanganyika githcth.


| Gihero mudho; 9 momlyo udi onego bedi gi dirisini makelgq ler;

Hil kendo owinjore Ji mo nengini gi marangeti oko e chieng' pile.
A Luok megini gi sanduge gi kitendini gi pi maliet gi sabun ndalo
iy moko. Owinjore ji mwon kor udi gi lowo matar, eka ji nyalo neno

| okuodini ginit ka gin @ kor ot. .Kata chwarni bende nyalo rumo
Ha ka Ji lucko kitendini gi pi mowtenyo motimo sabun; eka mondo
i! ‘owirgt kod yadb mo (Vaseline).


Hh Nyuoro «

Hii Nyuogo kitgi ariyo, modak e wich gi modak e ringruok,

lil kendo giduto ginyalo mi. ji tuo. To mano mar ringruok, madak e

| kuonds mogang’ore mar nanga, gin ¢ ma tichgi duone’, nikech gin
| jokel tuo moro mar midhust marach. Nanga motimo nyuogo onego
vi A chvaks 9 pi mallet, eka go mithe pas, kod kuonde mokwo, mondo lLiet
il mar pas oneset kod tongegi mantic. Kendo kikawo mo moro iwiro
HH kKuct nana Kuond.s mokwo mano nyalo thung,'o nyuogo matindo ka gi.

i wuok a tong + iofuta taa bende ni gi maber mar nego okuodini,

a chwearnl, nyuogo, minembe gini.
| | Cdondus . ae
TH Kik ket yedhe mx nono e wang , di po kokethe. Ka wang!
| I us 4to ochame. mondo oluok wang’? gi pi motimo yedh apora mar
HH “Sorocie", Kotemore biro maber, onego odhi ka thiebh, nikech
i “4 odondus omedore onyalo kaka mi ng'ato bedo muofu ndalo moko.
1 ee re rr eee yee tr ee
| Sura &. Ang'1ewo, Tuo mar Puol, Anding'o, Suresure,

VA ;
‘I ei Ahonda mar Nyithindo.

i “chako ke due; wang’ gi um chwer, gir omako ng'ato, |
Hl auond? rewinl, ahonda nyclo make, kendo yuweyo obedone matek.
Hl Dende chaxo rmuodho n@alo mar ang'wen; to ndalo Kata adek okadho
i nyake oruvodho dende duto- Ochako ruodho gi e nyim wang'e, lembe,
uN dhok, eka mos odhi 3 ng'ut, bedem ringre duto gi tiende. Ke gi- |
a such ringre ng’ aatuc otedore, kendo kz gsidok koro ringre ochnko 4
i Hi adok ksrevkendo.

i . Ka gik moruodhe chnako dock diep ohero moko ng'a :

ni motu0; onese oter mos ni kik tuo mar kor omeke matek bende. Hondo
HHI kik cbhedi. ke tin koyo nyalo make.

1 ay

a Ket jatuo ang’ iewo kar kende, kik oriwore gi ji, |
Hl hikech ang, 1evo ni tue ma jJ@landore piyo. iye chiemo mayot m1 iu.
il Gang weno ni ler mathoth, kendo luck weng'e pile, nikech wong e
H) ohero chemo: jatuo ang! iewo.


| | Surseure+

Ht Suresure okwongo ruodho matindo tindo makwar; mos gitimo
iil xabondobondo tochwer tutu. Bang! ndalo kata ang'wen gitwo, gia,
iL kendo ok giweyo mbaln ahinya. in tuo momako ji piyo, tuo ma-

eit lendore ahinya, to ok otuoyo ji shinya.

il Kaka Jlose,

Ml : Ng'ato mondo onindi kende, mak oriwore gi ji nyake

Ai glk moruodhe ose a duto. Kik ng'ato ogwonyors, kata ke dende

wit lle, di po komiyo mbnla siko e dende kaka mar nundu. Suresura

a ok onego ji, kendo thiethne ahinya to onge. To mondo ug's, matuo
i ono Kodhiyo mxkm oko maber ndalo duto.

il +0 mar Duol.

Wi Nitie gik mathoth manyalo mi duond ng'ato chame;

Hi} cnyalo biro kata nikech koyo, kata ka piny ng'ich, kata nikech

Hit Cruako nanga mang'ich; kata ka muya modung’ marach odonjo ef

my Og ate, Mano nyalo mi duonde chamc.

h | Yaka Tlose.

i = Ng' ato ma duonde lit onego ohake gi yath, kata gi pi

i} Mamertisy mokestis kado. Kaw nanga mang'ich kendg nal e ng'ute;

N :

i AS. a

a ee 31,
kata inyalo miye "Fomentations" saa moko. To kisemiye, mondo
iyuwe ng'ute gi nanga motimo pi mang’ich. Neg'ato ma duonde
chamo kodhiyo nindo mondo omin nanga moro ae pi mang ich kendo }
nale o. ng'ute, kendo ume gi soksi maler. Gokiny koa e nindo
mondo oluok ng'ute gi pi mang'ich. : }
ae Anding o okuedo orungyrung’ mag olawo mobedo © bwo ot gi
bwo teg- Ne‘ato matuc mondo owe tichne, kendo bedi kama koyo
ok nyal make. ilondo otim kamano moromo kata ndalo apar. Ko-
rame malit miye "Fomentations” e ka malit.. Mi ng’a matuo chicmo
mnayot maliu mcnyalo chamo, kendo mondo ne maber kodhi oko ndnlo
dutc. Ket ng'a matuo kar kende mar ndalo moko kata adok.
"Flannel" mero mclos maliet but mach kokete o ka malit onyalo-
Ahonda mar Nyithindo. (Maniyogi ng'ck).
En tuo mar wang’ yor muyn. Mokwonge dend
nyathi obedo maliet matin, keneo chalyu ka due dwarc make. Bang’
mano ahonda marach cchako make, ma kobukogo omiye ng'ck. Ok
.othoro nego ji, mak mana nyithindc ma jo midekro, kod -nyithindo
matindo ma pok orome higa achiel. .To kose make dichiel, ok
othoro make kendo.
Kaka Ilose. |
Onego wapar kaka tuoni ojalandore ahinya. Onyalo
landove gi muya kendo gi okego. &% momiyo kitembini miyuweycoge
dho nyathi.kofuolo onego wang'gi gi kanyono. Kata ka en nyathi
madit mawinjo wach, puonje mondo ong'ul e. mach. Rit ng'a matuc H
fabs icik koyo make. Wir kore gi yath mar arnaya. Miye
-chiemo maber mowinjore.
| Sura. Njohini kod Ndira.
Nithe njohini moko ariys mothoro bedo e piny Luo ka. Achicl
Obedo marachar, kendo opamore. Machiele odwaro bedo makwar, i
| kendo kite chalo gi thuol. |
1. Nicha makwar. :
llago ma mon bedo.mabor mcoromo kaka inches (2. i
Githoro bedo kuom nyithindo, kendo gidak e jambich matin. Kamorc i
gi idho malo e chino, kata Gi térach moloye, ginyalo powo kor
jambich, kendo kel tho. i
Kaka gikelo donjo e dhano. "
Ka ng'ato mangi njohani edhi eko but '
Pi, tong' njoha bende cwuok. Tongegi tindo tindo ahinya, motamo
Wang’ neno, to inyalo neogi gi "Microscope". Koro ka koth |
Ochwe otero tongego e pi. Kate ka puodho moro nitie but aora, i
ka acra opong’ di po koweyo tong’ kuom chiemo mantie kanyc. 4
Ska ka ng’ato omodhc pi mar aocrano, kata cham chiemono manunu ,
tong' odonjo e iye. ka tong! ochako lLokore njoha- {
Nikech wechegi ji duto onego dhi oko gi kwer, ka gikunyc
fatut moromo kata foot achiel. Kik ji dhi oko machiegini gi {
pige. Kendo nikech nitie. jomoku ma ok mako wachni, ber wated
Pi modho dute, kendé ted chiemo auto nyaka ochiek maber. |
é- WNioha marachar. : ,
Wi njohani otin, kendo omoko e kor jambich
61 Choge moka ang'wen manie wiye- Borne duto othoro bedo feet 7 ;
Kata 8, to ndalo mcko onyalo loyo kanyo bende. Qtimo fuonde
fatindo mang'eny ahinya. ‘lago Manyien chakore mana e ng'ute,
ka giritwore chutho, kendo gitindo:tindo. Ka manyien medore
Rago machon medore dongo ka gisudo mwalo yo ka iwe, kendo ok
Striwore mabers ka gigik mwalo chutho koro gipogore, ma mago
Pec noee a kuom ng'ato. Fuonigi achiel achiel ting'o tong'

‘@ oe i
| 32. |
i To njohani ok ohango dongo e dhano. Tonge kodonjo ei dhano
Me ok onyalo dongo mogik chutho. © ‘Ténge one go okwongo donjo ei
fi dhiang' kata gimoro ma kamano, ka dhiang omwonyogo. Ka ng'ato
| mangi njohani odhi oko nono koro tong njoha cdong' kata e lun,
| kendo ka dhiang’ ochamo lum tong njoha odonjo e iye kod lum. 1
it tong! ok,olokore njoha chutho e i dhiang'. Ka tong’ osedenjo
| 3 ahianes, koro olokore ka kudini moko matindo. Gigo ok ogiko
i e yor chiemo, to gipowo wang'yor chiemo mondo gidonji e ring dhiang
i Ka koro ng'ato ochuto ring'ono, kata tede manumu, gigo koro
i) donjo ei dhano, kendo chako ldko kitgi, ka gichako bedo njoha.
| Wi njohani omoko e kor jambich, kendo ochake dongo. 5
Ka ng'ato ong'eyo ka en gi njohani ber odhi od thieth mondo
omadh yadhe. To kik ng'ato opar njoha orumo mak ogeneno ka wi
y & os :
| njoha osewuok. Nikech ka wiye> pod nitie njoha pod omedore donce
| : y UNRAMEOM OSG Lue ease h phe teenas tes sla selawalpccsriel Ceiiss vices : )
Hil Kendo nitie njoha moro matin mobedo e jambicn guoge; to
Hi ka tong' mar njohani odonjo e dhano okelo tuo marach ahinya.
i To onyalc kelo donjo e dhano nade ? Guok moro mangi njohani
Hil odhi oko kamero, eka onang'o piere, kaka kit guoge obedo. Tong'
i} mar n joha odong e lewe. Bnag' mano odhiyo od ng'ato kendo 2
i onang 0 agwata moyude piny koweyo tong njgha kanyo. To wuon ~ )
Hi agwata okawo agwata kendo omadhogo nyuka mak okwongo luoke gi pi
hl moyienyo. Koro ng'ato momadho nyukano oyudo tong njohani.
: ilos tong njohani odonjo ¢ Jjambich ng'atno, kendo kanyo ochako
1 i donjo e ligewini mcko motero femo ni chuny. Kamano gidonjo e
i chuny ka gitero tuo kanyo. Kanyo omedore ameda ka gimoro mo-
Ml pong gi tutu, kendo onyalo miyo chuny bedo maduong' ahinya. Ka
Ht laktar ok othiedhe ng atno onyalo tho, to laktar ong'eyo golo
ii tutu oko. Ndalo moko oyudo moromo nus debi e ng'ato matuo tuo
| kamano. RL, |
ih Bende ka guok odhi oko but pi, ma tonge moko donjo e pi,
HH ka ng'ato omodho Pigno tong’ odonjo e tye, kendo onyalo yudo tuo.
iii Kata ka guok odhi oko e puodho kuom alote moko ma ji chamo manumu,
it tong' odong' kuom chiemo. Koro ka ng'ato ochamo chiemono mak
Hi close @Maler chutho, onyalo yudo tuo.
HI To gigo ok donjo e dhano kende. Ka guok odhi oko e lun,
I) tong njohani odeng' e lun. Dhiarig' kata diel kata apuoyo koro
mil ochame lum no, kendo omwcnyc tong’ mantie e lum. Kero ka guck
it ochamo jambich mar dhiang'’ gini mak otede, tongego chako donjo e
Hii guck, kendo gilokore njoha e iye. ~ Kamano e kaka gilandore.
il Njohani cnyalo chamo kibwe gi sudhe bende.
i Legon moko monego wamaki. c
i 1. Kik wami guogi Jambich Bik moko mak otede. Kamano
a wamcno guogi yudo tuc, kendo koro ok ginyalo mi ji tuo.
Hh Qe Ring'o duto mwachamo mondo tede mochiek chutho. ~
| 3. Pi modho mondo bedi maler. Ka ok en pi maler chutho
Hl cwinjore tede nyaka oyienyo. Bka ume maber.
il : zi
i 4, Monds wales maler chiemo moko moa e puotho, machalo gi
i alote gi nyanya, to moloyo kwachamo manumu.
i 5. Kik wayic mondo guogi nang’ luetewa, kendo kik wawe ;
i agwetini gi bakunde gini piny, ma ka guok oyudo onang o-
1 Sa sastiicesteste cs gustan eames see ep erase
Hl ih : ? 4 ;
I) |
A Ny a

SR. 33. oe
Nitie dhoot machielo bende maz njjoha. En kudini moro matin
ahinya, Gachalo gi usi. %thoro bedo e lula, kendo ihinyo yudo
kuom nyithindo. Dend nyathi odwaro bedo maliet, lula ked olul
oilc, kendo nyathi ohero rudhe ume, kaka otimo ka njohini mamoko Yi
ni kucme. Kudini ni otin moloyo kuom njohini duto madonjo e
jambich mar dhano. Mano ma dichuo orcmo simun mar inch kende, |
to mano ma dhako oloye matin gi duong’. Otoko tong' mathoth
moloyo,mawuok kuom dhano. Ka gisewuok eka gilokore kudini. !
Ka kudinigi wuok e oll gimiyo kanyo ilo; ka kero ng'ato
ogwaro kanyo ting o tong moko ea lithe luete, kata e tie koke; :
eka komulo dhoge, kata xochiemo, tongego donjo e dhoge nyaka gi-
donjo e@ jambich, kendo kamano tuo omedore.
Kendo ka ng'ato odhi oko nono: tong kudini ni wuok, mi ginyalo
pedo kuom alote gini, kata ginyalo donjo e pi. Koro ka ng'ato ee
cchamo chiemogo mak oluckogi, kata modho pigno mcting'o tong', koro
ep bende oyudo tuo. Ka ng ato oneno kuom en owuon, kata
kuom nyathine, mondo odhi kar thieth.
: Ndira. Fa |
: f
Ndira obiro kuom gik mokg matinde mahero dak e pi moling'. Ka |
gigo donjo e Jambich mar ng ato, koro ng'atno oyuds tuo. Ndira !
obiro nikech m ng ato omodho pi ma gik matindogo nie iye. To
pigno okethore nikech. oko mar nea matuo osedonjoe.- EZ momiyo
ka ng ato matuo ndira odhi oko owinjore iko. duto maber chutho;
kata ber moloyo mondo wang'ogo,,
Ndira ni tuo mar jambich maduong'. Okwonge chakore ka diep;
ng'ato owinjo ka dende liet, kendo okirini; kendo tucni othoro t
chakore gotiano. Neg'ato ovinjo ka iye lit; kendo kesedhi sko |
| dichiel odwaro dhi kendo gi kanyono; kendo kocholore mano Mo- }
wuok achien ochalo ka tutu mokikore gi remc.. Ng ato ox3edo
kamano mar ndalo auchiel kata aboro, eka ochako bedone maber y
| matin. To jumbe nyalo rumo kata adek kata moloy? kanyo ka
pok obedo maber chutho. To ka ng'ato ok oritore maber di po
konege chutho-
Owinjore mi ng’ matuo ndira chiemo mayot, molos gi chak, f
kata tcng gweno, gi kat ring'o. To wach maduong' ni yuweyo, i
ni kik nga matuo otim loso tich. Mi ng'a matuo kijiko | H
‘matin mar "Salts" bang’ saa 2 pile nyaka kit chiethne lokore, -
kendo nyaka dende ochako kwe, kendo ka tye ochako weyo bedo 4
malit. 4
FE kuonde kama udira nitie onego ji modh pi mosetedi. Rabuon ;
gini mondo ji lucki maler chutho bende. -
eto pee eh ees, tect fete et 4 cee h Ws peed CNCEEN ES 8k Le Sts eee Aa pmiec et sapfuane tigeiipcs, © 68
Sura_10. Midhusi, "Plague", Tho Nindo. i
Midhusi - sepa ‘ :
~~ Midhusi coirc nikech gik matindo tindo mantie e remo,
madonjo e ringruok ka sma okayo ng ato. Ka, guna okayo Ng ato
otucho dend ng ato gi dnoge mabor kendo omadho rembe. Kayudo
ka midusi omako ng'atno koro gik nanie rembe makelo midusi,
gigo dcnjo 2i suna- a suna obedo mar dhoot miluongo ni ANO -
FELES koro gigo.medcore e iye, kendo kochako kayo ng a machielo
mangima, ‘orc suna cng'ogo gige mwalouongo ni Germs e remb
| ng atnc; kendo gimedere e rembe ahinya, nyaka bang ndalo 9
kata 10 ng atno ochake tuo midhusi hende. Iny 210 NERY? Suna
mar ANOFZLZS maber, nikech ka gipiyo kKamoro ringregi porore
kod kama gipiyoe. Giherc kecho ka chieng' osgepcdho, kendc
ka pok piny oyawore-

1 34. |
‘Kaka wanyalo tamo midhusi biro.
i Tich mokwongo ni nego, suna,
it kendo tamogi medore kod kecho. Wanyalo tamogi medore ka wi-
rie ketho kuonde ma gihero bedie; kwagolo yugi kod gik maricho
| ni kik gibedi but udi; kar’ ot duto mondo obedi maler maber.
i | :
iI Suna toko tongegi e wi pi moling'; kata dhonem, kata
Mi | bur moro, kata yawo, kata tago morc ma pi nie iye. Juma
| okadho achiel kata ariyn ka pok suna owuok gi buombegi. EF
i momiyo ok owinjore gimoro bedi machiegini gi pacho ma suna
in| ngalo dakie. Kiolo mafuta taa ¢ wi pi kama tongegi nitie |
ie mano nynlo neggi duto. Wanyalo tamogi kayowa kwageng'o xk |
| dirisini kod kuonde ma suna donjogo kod rachungi mar singa,
HI | kendo,kwanindo gi nanga suno.
| Ka ng ato oyudo midhusi.
i S ~ Ng'a matuo owinjore nindo gi nanga
| suna, kendo onego omadh yath mar Quinine. Quinine onego
Hii | Germs mag tuono. Ka koyo omako ng'a matuo, mokirini, med-
ne marangeti kendo miye chupa mar pi maliet.. Ka kuok omake
| ma dende tedore, luok dande duto gi pi mobedo mamormor matin,
i ok mang ich chutho- Kendo miye pi mangSich omodhi. Ka yath
Wa mar amadha ok okonye ber oyud sandan.
| "Plague".
tH riiiiti? Oyieyo e makelo ni ji tuo mar "Plague" monego ji.
) Da wanyalo nego cyieyo duto e udi eka "Plague" ok dak obi. |
Hi | To mondc waneg duto wanyalo. Kik wawe chiemo kama oyisyo
An | nyalo chamo, nikech mano omiyo gimedore.
Mi "Plague" obiro gi "Germ" moro. modonjo e kuonde malit, kata |
‘ih kuom kach kikunde kata chwarne moyudo "Germs" kuom cyieyo
Wl mituo. Tuo ochakore gi wichbar, dedd ng'a matuo otedore, »
ill kendo onyosore moloyo. Dende otwo, kit wang e olckore, kendo
Hf tongwang'’e otwo. Orung' rung' mag yueth, chiek, gi ng'ut |
i nyalo kuot. Bn tuo mothoroe nego ji. To ndalogi laktar
Hil otucho ji gi yath, kendo ndalo moko yadhno okonyo ji.
| Kaka ng'ato onyalo rihore. 3s |
Hi Kik luoro omako ng'ato moloyo; to
i bende kik ng'ato erre kodhiyo kama tuo nitie achach nono.
ill Mondo wageng' gi yath kuonde malit, kata ka gi tindo. Kik
1 | wiwa wil gi luoke luetewa ka pck wachiemo. Kendo mondo wa-
HT tam oyieyo, chwarni gini, ni kik gibedi e utewa. To moloyo
il mondo water mos kuom gik motho, oyieyo moloyo, nikech ka
Ht vyleyo otho nikech tuc, kodwaro tho kata kosetho, koro kikun
ii man kuome weye, kendo ka gikayo ng'ato "Germs" mar tuo donjo
Hit ka mokayono, kendo ng'ato oyudo fuo mar Plague. Kiy udo
HH oyieyo moro motho kik mule gi lueti nono, to ting'e gi gimoro
Hi kendo wang e chutho. i
hi - The Nindo.
Aah Maugo ec mokelo tho nindo. .Gimadho remb ji bende,
Hh to gikegho godiechieng , ok gotieno ka suna. Ka maugc omadho ;
Wi remb ng ato kata li moro mangi tho nindo, kcro omwonyo "Germs
| mar tuono.- Gimedore e iye, kendo kokayo ng'& machielo oketo
Ni "Germs" e rembe. Mos ka n@alo mang eny oserumo, ng'atno
oyude tuc bende. |
il Tao nindo ni tuo mar dend obwongo kod tond lihun-
i blu, mopiyo ng ato nyosore. akkoxwchakore ka midhusi, kendo |
‘it dend ng ato othoro ruodho, kendo orung rung mar ng ut kuct.
yi Ka pod tuo ochakore kama ka ng'ato oyudco tuch onyalo mono tuo |
th nege. To ka tuo osetegno ndalo ‘a0ko tuch okonyo, to ndalo |
Wi moko ok onyalo mono tuo nego ng ato.
ii Due moko nyalo kadho ka pok tuo mar tho nindo
1 oyangore chutho kuom ng'ato. #ka ool piyo, paro vuchako keth-
it ore, ka bk oparo gik moko maber. Olokore kuom bedo ng ato
mamor, kochako bedo ng a moling', ma ok odwaro wuoyo @1 ji;
\ |

| 35»
| Kendo kowgoyo, owuoyo mos ka avathi ma nindo dwaro tero, ka
| lewe bende okirini. Bende okirini;.owuotho kotagore, kendo
| ok onyalo.chiko ringre tir, kata’ kobedo piny. Nindo otere
| kochiemo kata kotimo tich. \
| : Mos onjyesore chucho, kendo cné#rore. Tuo moko omederene,
| kata diep, tuc mar obcye, nyaka tuo onege. ©
Maugo ohere kar tipo man but ‘aore gi dhonam, kama nitie
yien mathoth si m lum moyugno, kata puoth rabolo. Ok otecko
tong , to onyucloe kudini madonjo e kuoyo kata lowo mayom mantie
e tie yien: kata ginyalo geng'ore e kuonde mcgolore e luendini,
to ok gia kuom aora moloyo kata feet 30 kata ft.45. Bang | ndalc
manok kudinigo lokore maugo chutho. Kata maugo owuon ok othoro
weyo aora molcyo kata feet 60, to inyalo yudogh mabor gi sora
morome yards 60. To ok giloyo mano mak mana ka g¢iluwo bang!
dhane. _Gihero rliyo kuom nengini modwaro chalo ka nanga nara
teng moioyo gik maruchere. .
Rene inyalo tem konyort kik tuono maki. Kik ji nindo godiechieng'
cama Sintie, to geng dendi maber kikadho e eWengego. Kik ji -
De eee ne Kone go idhi umbo kanyo, dhi mana
gokiny mang ich, kata ka chieng odwaro podho, saa ma maugo ok ]
otiyo ahinya. Kendo kiparo ka maugo osekayi miparo tuo dwaro
maki, ihi ka laktar piyo mondo iyud gsandan. To ka tuo osetegno |
| koro yath ok nyale, nyaka mos onegzi chutho. 2
| eS EE NLR I ee Meret Me A tS State ee Ee ot tee 3 ;
Sura it. Nundu, Dhehc, Magoko, Machwende. uF
Nundu. Kaka ochakore. ;
Mar juma achiel kata gi nus ng'ato oyudo i
tuc ; dende kirini, oguche chamo, wiye bare, ong ok, kendo dende i
| liet. Fang mano dende chako: ruodho, machalo ka nitie gik i
| matek ka lisasi matindo e two del. Gichakore e wang’, nyaka i
| gibdedo kuom ringruok duto. Bende ochako kwe matin. Bang
| - ndalo Kata, adek gik moruvdho lokore ka Eabondobondo mechwer
tutu. Bka wigi shake bedo matek, del ma butgi orewini. ila
.. obedo nyaka ochopo ndalo kata 17 nyaka ne tuo ochakore. Ring- :
ruok ochake kwe kendo, gik moruodhe chako two, ma gilwar e
ndalo mar 44. :
Neg'ato matuo onego oyudi nindo, gi muya galer mathoth, 4
kod chiemo moko mayot. Ringre,kcd nenge,kod gir nindo duto 4
onego ted maler- Kamoro: dende oilo moloyo;: iayalo konye ki- "
wire gi yath mar we (Vaseline). Dhoge gi lewe onego luoki ;
mondo obedi maler, kendo mondo miye kwe. Inyalo nego dung i
marach moa e dend ng'a matuo kikiro e ot pi motimo Jays, kata i
yath moro ma kamano. '
Thohe. {
“"-. Dhoho ochakore ka tuo mar del, to cbedc dhoudi ariyc. |
(1) Mokwonge dend ng'ate otedore ka ng'a ma midhuel omako;
kuonde moko makwar moket gi nyinyo nyipore e wang 61 :
bede gi tiende,; ka gikuot matin. Ka dend ng ate odoke kare f
mokwe maber, eka kucndego bende odok, ka, gibedo makwar matin
kende, to giweyo del kotek matin. Bang dueye moko eka ochake
timore kamano.kendo, koloko del e kucende mamoko. Tuo oduogo
ni ng'ato pile, nyaka kuonde del mceselokore makwar chaxo kuct.
Bend wang'e okuot ojowore; kuonds moselokcre e bede ginl chako f
| kuot, kendo acs gidholore.- . Tuc ni omako tongwang bende, ma
ndalo moko cmiyo ng'ate mucfu- Tuc ni onyoso ng'ato ahinya.
Nyaka tuc ochakcore nyaka onego ng'ato onyalo bedo higini ariyo i
- nyaka higini aborc. : |

| epee 5

y 36.

| (2) Dhoot mar ariyo mar dhoho. ;
i) Kuonde motuotore maYrachere, m

| flo, chako neno e dier ns'ech, bede gi tiende, kendo naeie ones

il gineno e wang + Kendo "Nervos" mobedo kuondego winjo malit

qt} ahinya- Ma, onyalo bedo mar higini ariyo kata adek- Mocs kuonde-
a go kuot matin, del ma oko ong'wony, "Nerves" ck nyal winjo gi-

Hh! kendo koro kuok ok owuck e kuondego- Choke bende chako

it ethore ka gitowo- Lithe luete uich, ma fuonde moko lwar;

iH adhonde mogolore ¢hamc tiende, ma lithe tielo lwar; kendo onyalo

Hi ketho ite. Bang higini auchiel kata abcro ponde bende yudo

i tuo, ma athany omako ng ato; kendo oketho "Nerves" modhiyo ni

Hy wang’ gi tongwang'. Bede gi tiende chako bowo, ka gia matin

Hl een tis as otandore tos e ringruok, kendo higini 20-30 nyalo

| onego ng ato.

notes ter Bo ng Kendo dhoho ni tuo miyudo kuom chuo


| Sande thieth mar dhoho ne onge, to koro Wasungu m

i jothieth oseyudo yath monyalo konyo jodhoho. To Ee ats

Hh odwar) thieth onego otim kinda, nikech odwarce higa achiel kata

mi ariyo mondo ochange chutho- Ka dhoho cchako mako ng'ato onego

at} odhi kar thieth piyo, nikech ka dhcho osetegno koro thiedhe tek,

iH kendo di pe kotamo thieth- To ok mano kende-. Dhoho ni tuo

Wt ma jalandore, kendo nikech mano jadhoho odwaro thieth piyo ni

iq kik jomoko nwang tuo kuome « Bende jadhchc onego odak e ote

Hf, pacho kar kende, mak oriwore gi ji.

| |

i Magoko.
l Magoke ni tuo momako libembini mag joratenge moloyo
Hi libembir.i mamcko. En tuo ma jalandore, to ok onyalc mako
an ng'ato ka dende ok okethore amoro: Ne’ ato ma dende lit. ka- . (4
A | moro, kata ka ma kudho ochwowo, kata Kamoro ma gimoro ogwaro, a
AR onyalo yudo tuo ni nikech kucndego, |
il Onyalo yudo tuo e yore ariyo. (1) Keruako kata mule

il nanga mar ja magoko, "corms" mar tuono modong' e nanga nyalo

i donjo e ka malit mad ng'atno, xendo oyudo ka magoko omake.

ik (2) Kata ka luang'ini mosepiyo e ka modholore mar ja magoke |
Hil oting'o "germs" mar tuo e tiende, kendo odhiyo opiyo e dend |
| ng' ato ka malit oweyo tuo kanyo- EH momiyo onego Water mos

it kuom kuonadx ruako neng ji- Kendo ka dendwa kamoro Lit, kata

itt en ka mavin nono, ber wagong'e, kik luang ini yudo Kinde mar

i} miyowa tuo e yornos

| Kaka magoko onyisore.+ :

Hi) - Bang ka “serms" osedonjo e ringruok

il ndalo nyalo kadho moromo jumbe, ariyo kata adek nyaita dueye ariye

i ka pok tuo onyisore., Eka mar jumbe kata ariyo ug'ato enyo-

wie sores ahinya, kendo dende otedore ka ng a ma midhusi omako-

a Koro eka kuonde malit otuch e dende. Mckwongo gichakore ka

Hh mabirwa ma ilo; gimedore dongo piyo, nyaka gitucho del ma oko, -
il kendo gichver tutu. Ka tutu otwo otimo mbelini matek e wi |

ah kuonde malit. Di po ma moko dholore, to bang jumise moko manok
i wigi olwar, kendo gichango- Nyaka a chakruokgi kuonde motuch
i e del ck gibedo malit ka gimiyo ng'ato rem ahinya.- Ife aoe


wit Ka mago mokwongo tuch osechango due kata ndalo moko ~

i okadho, eka moko chao tuch kendo. Ginyalo ducgo kamanco nyaka

iy dueye mang'eny kata higini moko- .

Tha |

ik Ndalo moko magoko onyalo tuch ka adhola moro motamore
A |: chango, ma wuon ok dak ong'e ka 2n magoko mochame. | Tuc odok

Pant | fye, kochamo chogo, ma chogo osiko kochwer tutu; kendo ng‘atno

hi onego odhi ka laktar monio ogo} oko chogo mosukethore «

1 } i 3 *

Hi | :

i Pile magoko oweyo nyamuoda gi tuo ma Luo luongo nt

| ieamieuns Kuom Nonele higini moko nyalo kadho pang! magoko

esechango ka pok ochako winjo nyamuoda e dende. Kendo ndalo |
moko magoko vk otucho del, to ochamc fuonde ng'ato ka nyamuoda. :

a i]
Ng! ato ma magoko ochamo onego cdhi kar thieth piyo monds |
onwang' tuch. Kata ng'a mangi adhola motamore chango, kata
| mana ja nyamuoda ber oyud tuch, di po ka magoko @ rmochamogo
kamaiio. Jomok chango gi tich 1 kata 2, to ng ato onegnr eyudi :
tuch moromo change chutho. Da ji duto dhi kar thieth mondo

yud tuch ka tuo omakogh, Ma gichango, eka magoko ok dak obedi

e piny; nikech onge ng ato manyalo yudo magoko mak oyudo kuom

ng ato machielo ma ja. magoko.

| j :

: Machwende . " N . |
Tee Machwende ni tuo mobiro gi ‘germs"” ma ji yudo kuom |
ng'ato mangi machwende. Ka "germs} odonjo e remo koro remo

| otero tuo ni ringruok duto. Tuo ni obiro e yore ariyo: (1) ma
nyathi oyudo kuom jonyuohne; (2) ma ng'ato oyudo kuom ng'ato
mangi,tuo, kata komulo dhoge kata modho gi agwatane gini, esaa
ma ng a matuo oa madho. "Germs" mag machwehde githo piyo, |

| bang “dakika moko manok bang' ka gise a kuom ng'ato.

Mcnyuolgo nyathi. ; ae

Dhako mangi tuo mar machwende iye jagore piny.

To .konyuolo nyathi mangima tuo ok ofwneyore nyaka jumbe 2 -'6

osekadho, Eka nyathi ochako dhero, dende ombekini, athung'a |

omake, kendo dende chako dholore kuoude moko; to ka ok othiedhe
mader nyathi nyalo tho. :

To ka nyathi osedongo tuo onyisore kuom

| nyosruok, kendo othtfino, kendo di po ka lekene ok ti maber.
To kosebedo dhano chutho wang'e hero chame, kendo ite dinor>. |

| Omiyo jomoko neko, kenuo jomoko athany omako. (

| Miyudo kuom ng'ato. ,

| Bang! ka "germs! osedonjo e ringruok eka | |

jumbe 3 - 6 nyalo kadho ka pok ng ato owinjo gimoro. @chak-
ore ka adhola moro matin momedere-mos, to ok obedo maduong’ |
ahinya. Bang’ ndalo moko manok orung'rung' mag chieke chako
kuot, to ok gilit. Ma onyalo bedo dueye 2 kata 3, eka’ kit ae
tuo olokore. pee 2
! Koro ng ato ochako nyosore, kKenjo oyudo wich- a

bar mathoth. Ringre kuonde moko chako ruodho; ok othoro ilo,
to bang ndalo moko otimo Magakla, kendo olokore makwar. Dhok
gi um gin! yudo tuo bende. EB dhok gi duok adhonde moko ma- 4
tindo chuko bedo. Bende e dend dhok gi olul kit del olokore
ka kuonde marachere moting' ore. Wang’ bende ohero bedo ma-
lit; ndalo moko it nyalo dinore bende, to kothiedhe maber mano
nyalo rumo. Kidoni onyalo bedo mar dunye 6 - 4g. Eka tuo
ochako loko kite kendo. ; |
Koro ng'ato ochako dhero ahinya. Kuonde moko i
timo adhonde mogolore matut. Kuonde moko mag ringruok doko j
Matek. Magi nyalo bedo kuom choke, ponde, obwongo, chuny, um
adundo, gi duol, kod kuonde mamcko be. Ka gibedo e del gi- .
dholore kendo gichwer.
| Thiethne.: :
Ng'ato matuo onego odhi kar thieth mondo oyud sandan
Moromo nyaka ochango chutho. Kendo ng'ato onego oOlos ringre
maber, ka timne duto ler, kochamo chiemo mowinjore, ka nenge :

bedo maler kaka owinjore. Kendo onego ng'ato we madho ndawa 4

- Si kong'o, nikech giduoko tich thieth chien. To bende, kata
ka ng ato oseyudu yuth Moromo, ma en owuon ochango, "Germs pod
Onyalco bedo kuome, tia pod onyalo miyo ng'ate machiclo tuo,
nyaka higa achiel kata gi nus osekadho.
000000000000 000

—l_zzzszzzzz SE SEE CEN ea aa ,
I Sura}. Gik Mowinjore ni Nyathi.
1 Gik ma nyathi_ odwaro.
/ aes Yaw dirisa saa duto godiechieng' gotieno mondo oyuda
if muya maler. a ; = e
i ae Odwaro ler mar chieng', monego germs + EH momiyo udi
i cnego bedi maler ma chieng orienyie.
3. Chiemo mowinjore nyathi Nyasaye oseketo e thund min. To
Hi ka min onge chak inyalo mi nyathi cha dhiang' moru gi pi.
il Nyathi mondo ochiem gi saa, kendo dhi oko maber; eka ok
Mi noyudi tuo mang'eny.
|| 4. Gik moke duto mag nyathi onego bedi maler. Nyathi ocnge
| gi teko mar xedo gi "Germs} ka gidonjo e iye. EE momiyo
AW min onego rite maber.
ni 5 Mondo okwongo ted pi duto_moBobBogo chiemb nyathi.
Luckruck mar nyathi.
tH Ka nyathi cnyuol onego luoke gi pi ma-
ih mormor, to moloyo mondo luok wang e gi dhoge. Kik kete nindo
Hi nono e cboke, to boye @ warangeti more mondo kik Koyo make.
Hy Owinjore luok nyathi- d@utc dichiel e chieng' echiel,
ih to luoke piyo ni kik koyo chame. Pi mondo cbedi mamormor ta-
Hi ber, ok maliet ahinya. Luck “um nyathi gi nanga moro matin
| Mimine. Kilucko wi nyuthi yuwe wiye maber chutho ka pok ichako
Hf luoko dende duto- Ter mos bende ni kik pi donjo e ite, to
tH kodonjo mondo imin pamba kata nanga moro maler mayom, kende
th kete e it nyathi mondo omodhm pi mosedonjo. Kik luok wang!
rel | nyathi matin gi sabun, to mana gi pi kende. Kisetieke uuto,
i miyuweye nyaka.otwco, koro por yauh apora mar "Boracic" e kuonde |
i kama del obanore, kaka pende, yuothe, gi e kind embene. Mano
Hi okonye ni kik dande ridhore.e To kiseluoko nyathi we kinde
Hh moromo ka pok imiye chiemo.
ih Nanga nyathi-
Wi Onego ruak nanga kuom nyathi mondo geng' oboye.
Hit Mondo obed nanga Maliet moromo ni kik koyo make. Ber mondo
ii nanga oruak ng’ute maber, kendo um iye bende, nikech ka koyo
ii omako iye mano nyalo mono nyathi dhi oko maber, komiye ich
i muor, Kata onyalo miye diep. Nanga mar flannel ober mcloyo
Hi ni nyithindo. Kik ter nyathi matin e koyo kata e chieng’ ma-
| kech mak iumc wiye; nikech del kende e ma umo obwongo, kendo
i onyalo yudo tuo mar wWiye. 1
i Nindo mar nyithindo. Sura 2. |
Mh Nyathi owinjore gi kitandane owuon; ok ber
ih konindo gi min. Inyalo lose kata gi sanduk moro, molosne tiande,
HH ni kik pier kitanda bedo e lowo. Kendo kik obedi but kor ot, |
at to mana e dier ot, kama muya onyalo lworogo duto. Ka pod otin
Ht kik we nyathi nindo gi bathe kuchiel kende. Kotieko chiemo
alk kete nindo koracham, eka bang' saa moro loke korachich. Go-
i diechieng!' owinjore chiew nyathi ka saa chiemo ogik, to gotieno
Hi owinjore onindo saa duto nyaka okinyi. To kiting'o nyathi
| konindo, ting'e mos, ni kik obwok.
We Kiseketc nyathi e kitanda miye bedo kanyo. Koyuak
ai mondo ing'e maber gi momiye yuak, kata ka neng kitanda jowore
il kodiye kamoro, kata koseketho nangane, mobedo mang'ich, kata ka
HH gimoro ochame. To koyuak ma onge tiende, tim cher, kendo weye
| mak ikawe. Kihoye pile kodhiyo nindo | cbiro n@'iyo, kendo
I ikelo ni in iwuon chandruok mar ndalo mabiro- To ka nyathi
bi ong'iyo gi kitanda, eka kosedoko maduong ok nochand min ngang :
AY \t : NE ‘

39 . |
Saa_ car nindo. ye
Mar jumbe ariyo bang nyuolne nyathi owin-jore 4
: nindo saa duto mak mana kiluoke kata dhodhe. Bang' mano nyaka |
orcmo dueye ariyo ber onen saa moro gotineo ka pok min odhi
nindo, eka nyathi nowe min nindo saa duto gotieno. Bang' ko-
setieko dueye ariyo nyathi odwaro neno saa moro gcdiechieng'
bende. Ka en nyathi ma min osepuonjo maber koro nyathi no-
yie bedo e kitanda koneno, mak ochando min mondo ting'e saa 4
auto koneno. ,
Koserome dueye suuchiel onego nyathi dhi nindo ka
chieng' cpodhe. Kogik saa kata ang'wen mar otieno kama Aa
dwaro nindo, korc mondo min chiewe, kendo dhodhe, eka onyalo - !
nindo nyaka gokinyi. Godiechieng oyinjore enindi moromo saa |
ang'wen kata moloyo. ° To saa mar nindo godiechieng' nong'adre
| hyaka ka nyathi oromo higa achiel koro cnindo godiechieng'
| Morcmo saa ariyo kata adek kende. To nyathi cwinjore gi
nindo gudiechieng' ndalo duto nyaka oromo higini kata abich.
Bende owinjore odhi nindo ka chieng' csepodho. Kik orit
nyaka jo madonso dhiyo nindo.
Suta_i+ Wach mar Phodho Nyathi. |
Min onego oket nyathi e thunc saa manok bang’ nyuol. |
To ka nyathi ok oyudo gimoro e thuno e ndalo mokwongo mar nyuol-
ne, mondo kage gi pi mamormor mosetedi chutho mokwongo nyaka
oyienyo. Kik miye chiemo, kata chak, kata yedhe moko. Gi ma
nyathi oyudo e thund min ka pok chak obiro ni yath max Nyasaye
Kik mon bedi gi nengini molil, ma chak osetwo kuomg 1,
nikech mano ochido dho thuno, kendo onyalo miye bedo malit; :
kendo omiyo chilo dorjo e dho nyathi, momiyo gik moko ruodho
dho nyathi. Thako mondo oluok dho thunde pile gi sabun, kendo
ruak nanga maler pile. Ka pok odhodho nyathi mondo nin oluok !
dho thunde, kendo kosetieko dhodho. *
Ka _chak obiro maber.

Ka nyathi oyuwayo diriyo kata didek, eka
omwonyo, ing'eyo ka chakw obiro moromo. To koyuwayo dibich
kata di auchiel ka pok omwonyo, Mano onyiso ka chak obiro mos,
ma ox oromo nyathi. Kobedo kamano onego ikik chiemb nyathi,
ka saa moro imiye cha dhiang’, to saa moro idhodhe.

Ka chak obiro piyo modwaru thung'o nyathi,
inyalo monogo kidiyo dho thuno gi lith luedo ma thuon, kendo |
mako nyathi mondo dhoge cbed malo ni daho thuno. Ka koro ,
oyuwayo chak gi malo chak ok nobi piyo ahinya moloyo. |
Kaka nyathi owinjore Qhoth.

se Nyathi owinjore dhoth nyaka oromo
dueye saboro kata ochiko. To ok onego owe dhoth dichiel. Onego
ikwongo kiko chiembe, ka saa moro imiye thuno, saa moro imiye
chak, nyaka mos imiye chak duto. |
Nyaka oromo dueye 5 nyathi onego odhoth gi sae kama :-
Ka chieng owuok, saa 3-, sea 6., saa G., gaa 12.,
kendo saa 4 mar otienc. 5
Bang' dueye 6. Ka ebteng: owuck, saa 4., saa 8., saa 12., |
kod caa mar otieno.
Owinjore mi nyathi chiemo e saa machalore pile; ok ber ka Kamoro |
odhedho bang’ saa 2¢ kenae, to kamoro saa onyalo kadhone 3% ka
pok min odwaro dhodhe. ano vochando liye, kendc nyalo miye tuo. j

ie ee Se CN ne pes
1 40» ;
HS _ Nyaka oromo dueye auchiel nyathi onyalo chamo gik maliu kende,
He nikech iye ok nyal loso chiemo mapek. Kimiyo nyathi chiemo
i mapek iketho iye kimiye tuo; iye kuot momone dhi oko maber,
i kendo di po Konege. I nyathi otin kendo onyalo yie chiemo
it matin kende dichiel- Inyalo nego nyathi gi chiemo mohewo
Hl iye, kaka inyalo nego mach kibumbo yien e wiye.
HH Kendo pang’ dueye kata 3 nyathi owinjore gi pi olemo moro,
ih kata pi nyanya moru gi pi, dichiel e chieng achiel- Kendo
iW gaa moko onego mi nyathi pi modho, nikech chak ni chiembe,
| kendo ok onegone riyo. lye bende owinjore yudo pi-
HH r s :
| Kaka iloso nyathi kich, kata nyathi_ma min oonge chak.
i Imiye chiemo e saa kaka oketi mar dhodh, to imiye cha
| chievo moru gi pi kama :-
HM . j
i Due mar 1 .-.++. Chak kijiko 1 maduong': Pi kijiko a.
Hi q MRE teen aes ue at a Q s 3
i dt. Oeste " 1 re} tt 1 t A
Hi " " n " "1 " "
Hi W bt ee a ! ! 9 5 2 3:
dl 6 ss seeee 4%. (Chak lilo)
), Wach gwe.
i Ka nyathi odiodho, kendo kosetiexo, ting'e. malo
i kendo pam ng eye matin mondo konye gclo muya manie iye. Ki-
He keto nyathi nindo ka pek ogolo;muya,obiro chiewe piyo koguak
| ahinya nikech iye muore.
I Wach ne'ok.
Mh Ka nyathi ong'ok matin mana dichiel saa matin
ti pang,’ chiemo mano ok ni gimoro, Ogolo mano ma iye ok odwaro
H kende- o kong'ogo chnak mong’inore kata saa achiel bang’
h dhoth, koro ok ber.
hy Gik mamiye ng'ok.
i (1) Ochiemo kasuksuk e saa ma ok owinjore.
4 (2) Cdahodho piyo moloyo. , (3) Kitugo nyathi bang! kosedhoth
| Maaco opucyo iye, momiye ng ok. ;
| I‘:
Hh Sura +. Wach Dui Oko-
| Kit nyathi mar dhi oko onyiso gik mathoth. Nyathi onego
| dhi oko dichiel e chieng achiel, to onyalo dhi oko kata di-
i bich. To kite, ok thothne, e monyiso gimcro.
Hi Mar ndalu pokwongo pang nyuolne nyathi kodhi oko kite
Hi obedo marateng , machalo gi dwogo, kendo ok cdung’. Mano
ih kite, kendo ok-owinjore mi nyathi yath moro mondo miye rum. “!
Hh piyo. Cnyalo dhi kamano didek kata mcloyo e chieng' achiel.
HM To ka mano oserumo duto, koro nyathi ochako dhi oko marabuor,
ah mayom. Kobedo kamano ing'eyo ka onge gi tochamo nyathi.
HI ,
HP Gik minyalo ne'eyo kuom kit chieth nyathi.
| Gik minyalo ng eyo kKuom Kit chieth nyatht
Hil é
i) Ka kite tang'tane’, kendo otek machalo gi kuon, ing'eyo ka
i nyathi oyudo chiemo mathoth moloyo iye- |
i : ? = : |
i Kotimo tumb chak mano onyiso ka chak ok olokore e© lye. Di po |
Ht ka nyathi ok oyieng' bende, nikech mo mar chak cwuok mak
Hi olokore, mak okonyo ringruok.
Hi |
i) : : |
i . : |

44. d
- Ka nyathi odhi eko gik mong'ihore mano onyiso ka ok imiyo d
nyathi pi: medho moromec. |
Kobedo maratiglo onyiso ka nyathi. oyudo gi ma ok owinjore kode,
kata motimo sukari mathoth. Kaka Kata ka koyo omako iye, kata
kochiemo kasuksuk, kata kochamo chiemo mathoth dichiel, ano
onyalo miyo chiethne bedo kamano.
Chieth mapothpoth, machalo gi tutu, onyiso tuo mar lula. Ma ;
onyalo bedo Ka nyathi ocholore kodhi okc.
Puon jo nyathi dhi oko.
Onego ichak kode kotin, moromo kata
Jumbe ariyo. Inyalo konyo nyathi kuom wachni, kimiye pi mese-
tedi kijiko ariyo kata adek mag kijiko mag chai saa moko. Wiro
ich nyathi bende nyalo konye. Kata ka nyathi otugo kende e
kitanda, mano nyalo konye. Nyathi ma pok orome dueye ochiko .
ck owinfore gi chiemo machalo gi rabuon keta kuon, “ita chiemo
ma kamago, nikech gigo nyalo koro iye, kotame dhi oko maber.
Sura 5. Kaka Nyathi Odongo. |
Kaka leke nyathi biro. | )
Tue 6 -. §G Leke ma mon madiere mwalo, arivo. ,
"8 - 12 Leke ma mon ma malo ang'wen.
" 42:18. Leke ma mon ma mwalo koni gi koni, ariyo. Bende
' mnyiponge ang wen mobedo achiel koni. gi koni, malo
gl mwalo.
" 418 - 24 Nyiluoke duto.
"24 - 30 Nyipcnge ang'wen, achiel koni gi koni, malo gi
Kaka onego irit nyathi kuom weche moko.
Nyaka a chakruok onego los dho nyathi maber. Ka dho nyathi
liet miye pi aang'ich matin ousie Miye baw moro maler mondo
onyan, mondo kony lekene.» ‘
Ka nyathi ok odwaro chiemo, kik thung'ego. Bende ter mos ni
kik koyo make. Kogolo olawo mathoth, lok nenge pile, kik
obedi mang'ich.
Puonj nyathi nyamo chiemo maber, kik amwony chiemo ka pok onyamo |
moromc, ma chiemo olokore mayom chutho.
Kik yie nyathi wcdho kochiemo, mondo konye mwonyo chiemo siyo
ka pok onyame moromo. oA : |
Mi nyathi chiemo gai saa, ok nikech oyuak. Kendo puonje mondo
odhi oko maber pile. ; |
Kik yie nyathi yuweyo 81 dhok, to mana gi um, nikech yuweyo gi
dhok onyalo kelo tuo moko. Ka yuweyo gi um otame tere ka laktan
[Sure 2O. Tuo Moko Mag Nyithindo.
| Diep. Obiro nikech chiemo mak owinjcre, chiemo ma, ok ber, kata
| nikech koyo omako iye, kata nikech luang ini mopiyo kuom chiemo.
| Rit chiemo maber ni kik gimoro okethe. :
Mi nyathi "Castor 011". Min bende onego oluok luete kose |
| logo nyathi. Ka min oloso nyathi kodhi oko, eka vchako mul
- shiemc ka pok cluoko luete, olando tuo, nikech "Germs" mar tuc
| manie chieth nyathi mosemulo. ,
1 : * é


i Ndira, it Galit, mbaha. Ka nyathi ni gi tuo ma kKamagi, mondo

| tere kar thieth.

li Wang'. Kik we wang. makwar, kata mochwer, to lucokgi ndalo.duto

i) Si po moru gi yadh apora mar “Boracic" kiluoke gi pamba mcluti.

j e: pignc. To kiseluto dichiel,. kik ichak éducko pamba e pi
kendo, to wang'e e mach. Mano nyalo konyo tuo kik olandore.

HI Ka wang nyathi omoko kca e nindo, luokgi rnyaka giyawore.

i Nyirnyo. Kalanga. E ringruok inyalo thiedhe kiwirc gi "Iodine".

Ht To ka en e wich mondo iliel wi nyathi, kendo luoke gi pi maliet

gi sabun kata dide e Juma, kendo wire gi yath moa ka laktar.

} Tu duto mitiyo gudo, kata nanga miluokgego, kata miyuweyego,
ogudu mar wiye, nanga marangeti, duto mondo bedi mare kende;.
kik ng atu moro otigo. Mondo iwang manga miketogo yath, kendo

i win nyathi mondo luok luete maler kcseloso nyathi.

Pel mowuok. Kaw baw moro matin, ume gi nanga mayom maler, kendo

| tweye kuom pend nyathi gi nanga mabor Minalogo iye.

| 3

iW bhok meruodho. Ka nyathi osedhoth-lucok dho nyathi gi pi moketie

i yath mar "Boracic" matin. Ruak.nanga mayom maler e lith lueti,

| lute € pigno, kendo yuwe dho nyathi mos. Luok lewe gi dhoge

i G1 uiere gi dande. To kiseluoko dhoge @i nanga achiel, kik

| lute e pi kendo, to kete e mach, kendo kaw nanga machielo maler.

i Pigno nondo los manyien gokiny pile ai pi mosetedi.

ii (Kaka iloso nrathi kotuo tuo moke, machalo gi ang'iewo, gini,

| inyalo somo wachne kuom weche mar logo jo matuo-)


i ge re a Se tt ae ee ee

(| Sura [- Chiemb Nyithindo.

| Nyithindo matindo ma pok oromo dueye auchiel ok owinjore

i gi chiemo moro, nikxech pige mag loko chiemo e igi pod onge.

i) Kendo nyathi ok owinjore gi ring'o nyaka oseyudo lekene duto.

l) Nyaka nyathi osechopo due auchiel ok owinjore mi nyathi chiemo

! more mak mana chak gi pi kende.

i Chiemo moko maber mar nyathi moromo due 6 - 8. (Modhodho. )

|| Ted michele maber ahinya, thiw pige, we okwe, mi nyathi madho.

| Rabolo matin mcechiek maber, monywasi mayom.


1 Nyathi moromo due 6 - 9 moweyo dhoth. .

| Gokiny- Cha chiewo, kata nyuka kal matin moregi mayom chutho,

i} motedi gi chak mamvol, kata cha chiewo; to mondo

i tede mochiek ahinya, ma wang mogo ok nen.

| Godiechieng'. Tongweno motedi mayom, moru gi rabuon English

i Kat gweno, kat ring'o, kata kat rech manumu monywasi

gi rabuon matin.

| Rabolo monwasi mayom.

| "Custard" molosi gi cha chiewo gi tongweno. (Ne kur

a chiemb ju matuo mar losne.)


Wi Ted michele matin gi chak, to mondu otede mayom ma

i ok opote. Kata inyalo rego michele mitede gi chak

ih ka nyuka.

i To kik mi nyathi chiemo mokikore dichiel. Saa

| moro imiye chiemo morvu, kendo sa@ moro imiye machielo.


Gotieno. Mi nyathi nyuka kaka gokiny.






Chiemo mowinjvre gi nyathi morome due 18 nyaka higini 3. i
Tongwen>) motedi mayom. Pazpaw kata rabolo monywasi.
Nyuka molosi gi chak. Rabolo gi "Custard" (ne kar jc matuo)
Rech manumu motedi e kind gan ariyo e wi sufuria mopong' gi pi
moyienyo. . “ :
Kat rech momedi gi rabuon, rar English kata mar Luo. *
Kat ring'o gi gweno, motedi gi michele matin.
"soup" matin molosi gi ng'or moregi. mayom.
Ring 32 mayom ahinya, kata gweno mong’adi matiude tindo, gi kado
kod rabuon monywasi mayom.
Tongweno motedt mayom momede gi rabuon.
Michele motedi gi cha chiewo. Budho mcnywasi, kuta gi mo...
Alote moko mamuol notedi mayom, onyalo chamo kata gi kat ring'o.
Mi nyathi ‘pi mang ich mosetedi, mondo omodhi ka saa chiemo podi.
Kik mi nyathi chiemco, kata chak mar amadha, ka saa nar chiem>
podi. Ka chiemo »ss2rumo e chino, kore chino odwaro kinde mar
yuweye ka pok ochako miye tich kendo. Ka piny lie., kaka e cro,
ma nyathi ok odwaro chiemc mathoth, kik tiele, nikech iye ok
Sura 86. Kaka Eloso Chiem. Moko Mag Nyithindo.
Kat ring dhiang'. Kaw ring'o matin, ng'ade matindo tindo,
kikawo bor gi duolo dutc oko; kate e dufuria gi pi mang'ich gi
kado, weye ».budore kanyo morom) saa achiel. Koro bi rirg'o
kendo rude. Koro kete e mach matin mondo cchisk mos muromo
nus saa, to kik oyieny matek. Koro thiwe mondo ring'o odong'.
Rech manumu. Tede gi chak matin gi kado.
Pudding mar "Custard", kod "Uustard" mar rabcolo. Mar losgi som
kar chistib jo matuo. i
Pi molosi gi pi tongweno. Ma ober mar nyathi matin modiewo.
Moudo miye ma, to we chiemo mamoke, nyaka diep ong'adore.
Losne. Ted pi moro ny aka. oyienys, eka ume nyaka osekwe. Kesekwe
koro ket. pi tongweno acniel e kikombe king'ade gi pala mabith
kata makas, to kik puoye ; eka med kuome pi kikombe matin opong'.
Mi nyathi pigno kijiko achiel maduong' bang’ saa 1% pile mar
chieng achiel, kata nyaka diep ong'adore. Eka medno pli moa
kuom chak mopoto (cha chiewo) kata kat ring'o matin mobudi.
- piles 4 ; Z 3 zi :
. Kat ring’o mobudi. Kaw ring'v maler matin, hg'ade matindo
tindo ahinya, kigolo bor duto oko. Med pi kijiko 2 madongo, gi
kado matin. Weye budore kanyo morome saa achiel mangima. Eka
thiwe gi suka moro maler, kibiyo ring o nyaka rate duto owuok.
4 Ma inyalo mi hyathi moromo dueye 4 - 6. Chake mokwongo
gi nus kijiko matin, kimiye mano didek e chierng’ achiel. Eka
mede nyaka imiye kijiko matindo adek « chieng! achiel
Mogo motedi. Ma ober ni ich nyathi modiewo.
a Kaw bakul moro matin, kendo tiele openg’ gi mok nerano.
Twe hanga maler e wiye, kendo kete e gufuria ma pige oyienyu, tu
kik oum Wi bakul. Tede kanyo mar saa 4. Kaw oko mondo okwe.
Koro gol oko mogo man wiye motimo pi, to mcedong mendo toye
Mayom, kendo kete e okopo mangi maum mate.
; Kaw kijiko achiel mar chai matin, kendo rude mayom gi
pl Mang ich matin, kete e sufuvia matin kitede mar saa matin, eka
med kuom chak mar amadha.
Rabuon gi chak. Kaw rabuon English, kata mar Luo, chwcewe kucnde
moko, kendo bule mos nyaka ochiek. Poke, kendo nwase gi chak
gi kado matin tin.

ao : — — — a

F Mioholo metedi. Kav kijiko 2 mar michels, tode o kikombe 2

F. war chak, ked sgukari matin. Tedo mes aninya. Kesochiek |

i weyo okwe- Onyalo cham ma kcd "Gustard".

, Tongven: motedi mayom. Ma ber ahinya mar nyathi.

, Ted pi nyaka oylenyc, eka ketio tongwenc, kaw sufuria e :

i wang Mach, kikete tenge ka ma pi nogiki mallet mak oyisenyo.

Weye kanyo moromo dakika 10, oka gel tongwene ekc, ini

nyathi. Inyale nywase kanyakla gi rabuon mcndo cchan.

] "Soup" mar gwenc. Ne'ad ring gweno matindo tindo, kete

i kanyakla gi choke gi kadco matin e pi. Tede moremo saa

| adek, eka weye okwe. Koro ma war no duto. Koro mure

i kendo, imi nyathi.

| "Soup! war rech. Kaw rech manumu, ng'ade matindo tindo,

i tede mos. Thiw pige ikan. Ket mo matin e sufuria, med

Ii mogo Matin, eka med kado gi pi mar rech, tede mar saa. tin.


i "Soup" mar ring rombo. Kaw ring'o moro maler, gol bor

it duto oko, ng'ad ring o matindo tindo, med pi gi Kado no-

i winjore, tede mos mar saa 1%, thiw, we ckwe, war mo duto.

| Ska mure kendo, mi nyathi omadhi.

| "Soup" mar ring dhiang' mayom. Ng'ad bing'o matindo

iH tindo; med pi gi kado mowinjore, tede mos mar saa adek,

Hl thiwe, we okwe. War mo duto, kendo mur mendo omadhi.

i) Tongweno gi chak. Kaw kikombe 1 mar chak mamormor gi

i sukari watin. Rud pi tongweno 1 nyaka otimo buoyo, kendo

[ el chak kucme mos kirudo. KATA Inyalo kaw tongweno

i mangiwa kirudo duto kanyakla, eka med ni chak.

"Soup" mar ne'or- Ted ng'or moko nyaka giyienyo, med

kitungu gi karrot ka nitie, king'adogi matindo tindo, tede

i morome gaa 2 nyaka dutc cchiek maber, thiwe, mur kendo,

| med kado gi chak.

; michele. :

H "Scup” mar _.. Luok michele moromo kijiko

| ariyo madongo, ted okopo & mag pi, med michele, tede nyaka

i oyienyo, med karrot gi kitungu mong'adi matindo tindo,

i tede nyaka obedo maycm; nywWase, med kado, mur kendo, Li-

I medo chak matin.

"Soup" war nyanya. Ted nyanya gi kitungu gi rabuon matin,

tedgi moromo saa achiel gi nus; nywWasgi kanyakla, kata

Ii migi kadho e rachungi, rudie mok mariwa matin, kKete nondo

| oyieny kendo, med chak matin gi kado. ,

i Inyalo loso "Soup" kata gi budho hadmia bende kimedo chak

i gi kitungu matin.


"Soup" mar rabuon English. Yiedh rabuon, ng'adgi, ketgi
| e pi moytenyo mar saa matin; ng ad kitungu, medgi: kuom :
\ rabuon, ted duto kanyakla nyaka nus saa, kata nyaka gi-

i chiek mayon. Mi duto kadho e rachungi mondo obedi mayon,

| med kado gi chak.

} te ete ee te ee ee ee ete et ete te ew ee ee
| ;
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eS see Soran ee Eh ee eee PEE ecg Suen eee, Be ee Rieter oe Pena a ates ee is
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panies Pate rata cer ee ee See ies ee i So eee page ye Ee See ee es
Potenor ne: sere eee Eaeee tate aa Stine ie erm at earns gies eerie ee SS Aley st Seen Siar eas : ee
oes gone ees oc ee 3 ee ee ee Se Spence ee ae og ee
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Ree Bn Spee ements: ices bees Seer te eres Sea bet Leeman: (ee: RDC he ae ieee eae ae Gea oy: pee, ee ae a
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Ri eae Sirens Sa ae ee pice ee re eee ee ene a ee EERE: ee eae? See eS a
eS enaene bares pete tances a ease eae Sout BCA cat eae Besa Smears ee ae ae ees ee oS 3
Bae aS eset eee Sees, Beene ee ea Sore Ca re tar Eo ee ee ACE ME ee ee peed ees be 1
oo eee eee Se ee a Se oes :
Bases eo pene Sas ae Bg re ai oo - ce
Re eat ee Gere ae pe eres seeks pres Ser Geis sie en re aes US. Siete Oa Be Serene en Ses aes: eras haa ss. SSeer me a ac Nese eee ee Ze
Bist me econ pee are Spee pase one rig: ee ea eee Spe aet wee org Be der % SESE sg rr eo Se 8
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= Sa ee iS heir aa Pieper ies ee ee Be. Pa pears eh pes ee cpa; es zm pst homer,
eta eeS Sa pee Seeereae Spats oe Saas ane eey Se ee nese ere cock ee oe a se s ee
Siem cease Soom epee RE Se eRe Sra ee ROR ota cee ee SS 4
eee = ee ee Bieta Shee see ate: Be es eee eRe ee ee a oe S
Rea peace tent Ee eee Roseneien oo Sena yee eee ee Pa IS ae ee oe
fo eee eee ape ees Eee Sie cane agers (SO Sine AC Bs eee ae . os
Beier ey: tesa Sg ra Siren ser, ee ticeae cree apenas oe ee ee as oe lage Spe ae ye
po ses Se ee ee ee es ee oe
Be Scag cet Roe Se ee Saat tae Ge ee a Ba alas gg Bt é ee ees pie gee ;
x = ene Oe eS ae ee gas ape ee oe ie Pree sea ds Nae NE SA Sree oroanel Se ae 3
ee a oo Bee Sere eee ee ee oo ae eee aie :
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Been eer isan i ceetomasene tes Serie oe Bien ae eee ee eae BS airtel ses eS eee oe Se .
Pe ER ep ee ae (ee ee pene eee a ons = Z |
eats eee sg a cee ae age Reeves Fe aie ele eae Woncirs OS Re ee ge peace eames Be tes 9 ae ea eee
Peart gees aes Sion Bae eset ea rey ane arse Eee aage eis pel ses aia. SOE sei ee eens y
; E eae Gua eens = a as pees Se ee age ae 2
oo Meee ee a ee Ee reer nu eae ee es ee
os ee See as See ge aoe vu emer a7
ees Saag a Sa Sneath re ee Pag aera ees
Se Sisese ee Seer ee :
ee Sat See theen +s pee eee eet a poses Ran enaee — eee
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Beene oo eta es

. s a ST pe ae : :
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ar z = : ; : : Rican a
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cr ae
: Saas:
os Gt He
ca a
| i a Ha
3 : REAM
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| , ne
: anata
Nittetiiti ti eae
| : 3
Etat tT at eR
| oe
= ata ead
: an ia
aa ih
sitgetit 13th Hi Wad
| a | eG
| Peaaiaily
, Bae
Sa ui
oe :
= Ee
: ea iene
ae le
Pei siiaia
: os Se LE
: aan ee
Pees aS
: oe
| | RT
Ruan T es i
| : asa ti at ate
| : a
| eras
isa RE
| aaa Ua anceantalis etc ye
| ccethneatiataaaitin On
x eaualettin teat lta
; < atest aneatias
| eS a
Rentini astra
2 Beene woes SHETTY,
2 x a Sein tiie
3 ana ais
; fe ee
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: = Sa ana tig
5 o nein i ie
3 CMA Uti
eteatt tie
Daa cs
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Bi ian Me
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a at aay
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Sit Matec
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latitttibe HRY i a
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FERURS cere austere an enamel Picci Pa inne slate ee Seed Neate a ees fees a a | ee
A : : : crane ee Z ny :
: Bree 2
| fF | | |
2 eS ae
Seen HR
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ZS : 4 2 } si Hit i
3 —— ee
__A SCHOOL HYGIENE Keapienqudo a: | o
Compiled by Miss G.A. Clarke
; November 1928
; ea ac gee
i : ne A a
ici clade paises ee ——E eee re ae [ae