بيان واقع

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بيان واقع
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Bayān-i vāqiʻ
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Tārikh-i Nādirī
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تارخ نادري
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نادرنامه يا بيان واقع
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Nādir'nāmah yā Bayān-i vāqi
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Nadir'namah ya Bayan-i vaqi
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Tarikh-i Nadiri
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Bayan-i vaqiÊ»
عبد الکریم بن عاقبت محمود بن محمد بولاقی بن محمد رضا کشمیری
ʿAbd-al-Karīm Ibn-ʿAqībat al-Kašmīrī ( author )
Ê¿Abd-al-Karim Ibn-Ê¿Aqibat al-Kasmiri
Ê¿Abd-al-Karim Ibn-Ê¿Aqibat al-Kashmiri
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149 f.


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India -- History -- 1526-1765 ( lcsh )
Afsharid dynasty ( lcsh )
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Asia -- India


An account of the author's travels and of contemporary history to 1785. ( en )
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Nasta'liq script
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VIAF (name authority) : ʿAbd-al-Karīm Ibn-ʿAqībat al-Kašmīrī : record number 235421630
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ʿAbd-al-Karīm Ibn-ʿAqībat al-Kašmīrī : also known as, ʻAbd al-Karīm ibn ʻĀqibat Maḥmūd ibn Muḥammad Būlāqī ibn Muḥammad Riḍā Kashmīrī
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Funded by the JISC Transatlantic Digitisation Collaboration programme, in partnership with Yale University funded by the USA's National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

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