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Preliminary list of Chinese woodblock prints in the SOAS Library
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Zhonghua Minguo guangfu Menggu shuilu jiaozhan tu
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Chinese Republic recaptures Mongolia in a sea and land war
Jiuhezhai Print Shop ( contributor )
久手口齋 ( contributor )
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Jiuhezhai Print Shop
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Paper, Water color inks ( medium )
48.2 x 28 cm in


Subjects / Keywords:
Gunboats ( lcsh )
Armies ( lcsh )
Sino-Russian Accord (5 November 1913)
Treaty of Khiakta of 1915
Mongolia ( lcsh )
Mongolia. Treaties, etc. 1915 June 7 ( lcsh )
中俄蒙协约 (1915)
Кяхтинское соглашение (1915)
Хиагтын гэрээ (1915)
中俄蒙協約 (1915)
Кяхтинский договор (1915)
Khan, Bogd, 1869–1924
хаан, Богд, 1869–1924
Богд Живзундамба Агваанлувсанчойжинямданзанванчүг, 1869–1924
Bogd Jivzundamba Agvaanluvsanchoijinyamdanzanvanchüg, 1869–1924
Jebtsundamba Khutuktu (8th : 1911-1924)
Khagan of Mongolia (8th : 1911-1924)
Woodblock Print
Spatial Coverage:
Asia -- China -- Shanghai -- Shanghai
亚洲 -- 中国 -- 上海 -- 上海市
亞洲 -- 中國 -- 上海 -- 上海市
31.2 x 121.5


General Note:
This scene depicts the powerful Chinese arniy subduing the hapless Mongolian forces. In the background Russian gunboats are looming. In 1911 Mongolia had proclaimed her independence from China and established a monarchy with King Jebtsundamba Khutuktu here referred to as a royal prince. Since these Mongolian leaders were quite inexperienced in governing their newly established country, it easily became a pawn in the diplomatic game played by her two neighbours, Russia and China. The Sino- Russian accord of 1913 had weakened the Mongolian independence and by the time of the Treaty of Khiakta of 1915 Mongolia had become just another territory under Chinese suzerainty. Due to the Russian revolution of 1917, and under the pretext of protecting Mongolia from the Russians, China assumed her control over Mongolia by a military intervention, of which a scene is shown in this print.
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Published reference in: Preliminary list of Chinese woodblock prints in the SOAS Library
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Inked in five colours (red, green, purple, yellow and black)

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SOAS, University of London
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