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Preliminary list of Chinese woodblock prints in the SOAS Library
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Xinke Sanhaijing quantu
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Newly engraved complete illustrations of the Classic of mountains and seas
Tongxing ( contributor )
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Paper, Water color inks ( medium )
47 x 41.5 cm in


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Classic of mountains and seas (Chinese classic)
Shan hai jing (Chinese classic) ( lcsh )
Animals, Mythical ( lcsh )
Lei Gong
Woodblock Print
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Asia -- China -- Shanghai -- Shanghai
亚洲 -- 中国 -- 上海 -- 上海市
亞洲 -- 中國 -- 上海 -- 上海市
31.2 x 121.5


General Note:
The Classic of mountains and seas is a mythogeography on the wonders of the world. It is traditionally considered to have been written by the legendary emperor Yu of the Xia dynasty (c. 21-16th century BC), however, parts of it were written during the Warring States period (475-221 BC) and part in the Han (202 BC-220 AD) and Jin (265-420 AD) dynasties. Its fantastic content was popular with both scholars, who studied its geographical and cultural features, and masses, who marvelled at its stories filled with fantasy. In the words of Ann Birrell the Classic of mountains and seas 'Constitutes a fabulous bestiary, a botanical thesaurus, a dictionary of natural science, a catalogue of geological substances and rare jewels, a guide to portents and omens, a register of medical ailments, an apothecary's handbook, and a medley of folkloric and ethnological material.” This print,which only shows nineteen mythical creatures, is probably one of series forming the complete illustrations. Suffice it to mention here three of them. The xingyao is a being who is said to have fought against the Supreme, who cut off his head, making eyes in his breasts and a mouth in his navel. It dances while grasping a shield and battleaxe. The lei is a creature from the Cui mountain, like the magpie, red and black, with two heads and four feet. It can be used to stop fires. The bifang is a creature from the Zhangyi mountain, like the crane, but it has only one leg, red markings, green feathers, and white beak. When it is appears there will be a supernatural fire.
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Published reference in: Preliminary list of Chinese woodblock prints in the SOAS Library
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[late 19th - early 20th century]
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Inked in eight colours (pink, red, green, blue, grey, purple, yellow and black)

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