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Preliminary list of Chinese woodblock prints in the SOAS Library
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Tiegongji zou madeng quan ben xiju
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Scene from the play Tie Gonsii walkins with a lantern
Jiuhezhai Print Shop ( contributor )
久手口齋 ( contributor )
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Jiuhezhai Print Shop
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Paper, Water color inks ( medium )
52 x 28.5 cm in


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Taiping Rebellion, 1850-1864 ( lcsh )
Woodblock Print
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Asia -- China -- Shanghai -- Shanghai
亚洲 -- 中国 -- 上海 -- 上海市
亞洲 -- 中國 -- 上海 -- 上海市
31.2 x 121.5


General Note:
The story alluded to in this print is based on the events that occurred during the last days of the Taiping rebellion, but the real facts have been distorted to fit in with the drama. (See print number 12) The main character is the imperial military hero Xiang Rong, whose name also appears in one of the titles of the play, namely Xiang Rong in the blaze. The title of this print refers to the plot of the assassination of a courageous Taiping general named Tie Gongji by general Zhang Jiaxiang. The following summary gives an idea of how the whole story develops. The Manchu imperial court orders Xiang Rong to lead the troops and resist the enemy. Once Hong Xiuquan's troops are defeated he commands Zhang Jiaxiang and Wu Zhan'ao feign to surrender to Xiang Rong. The latter sees through their pretence and using a general disguised as Zhang he takes advantage of the night to counterattack the Heavenly Kingdom. At daybreak he again commands Zhang to send a punitive battle. The Heavenly Kingdom falls into the trap and they kill Zhang's wife. Zhang thinks this is absolutely nomial and returns to his palace. Wu Zhan'ao then persuades the Zhang look-alike to assassinate Xiang Rong, whereupon Zhang Jiaxiang in return kills Wu and surrenders to Xiang Rong. Xiang Rong then changes his name to Guo Liang and demands the general's eldest daughter to be married off to him. She refuses and commits suicide. Xiang then makes another claim for his second daughter, whereupon Zhang out of his own will yields to Xiang. The Manchu military official Tie Jinchi does not get along well with Xiang Rong. He hands over funds to the Heavenly Kingdom. He then organises a banquet and invites Xiang Rong while he secretly has his troops ready in ambush. Zhang Jiaxiang, who is disguised as groom, follows Xiang Rong to the banquet. While they are drinking they the room is set on fire and they are surrounded by a blaze. Zhang Jiaxiang dashes forward into the fire and does everything he can to save Xiang Rong. But Tie Jinchi's troops make it difficult for him. Chen Guorui arrives, rescues Xiang Rong and seizes Tie Jinchi. Xiang Rong maintains his guard over the Taiping city. A brave general from the Heavenly Kingdom named Lin Fengxiang disguises himself as a woodcutter and tries to spy on the military movements. Then Xiang Rong leads his troops to attack the city. Xiang Rongfs subordinates Zhang Jiaxiang and Zhang Yuliang both ride out and the city is damaged under the attack. The two Zhangs are rewarded for their services. Later they again, this time joined by Xiang Rong? lead their troops to counterattack and they recapture the Taiping city.
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Published reference in: Preliminary list of Chinese woodblock prints in the SOAS Library
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Suzhou style
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Inked in six colours (pink, red, green, grey, yellow and black)

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