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Preliminary list of Chinese woodblock prints in the SOAS Library
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Tianjin Dagu kou
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At the mouth of the Dagu forts in Tianjin
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Suzhou (Taohuawu district)
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Paper, Water color inks ( medium )
59.3 x 33 cm in


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Battleships ( lcsh )
Naval battles ( lcsh )
Navies ( lcsh )
Boxer Rebellion, China, 1899-1901 ( lcsh )
Tianjin (China) ( lcsh )
Taku Forts (China) ( lcsh )
Dagu Forts (China)
Woodblock Print
Spatial Coverage:
Asia -- China -- Tianjin -- Tanggu District -- Tianjin -- Taku Forts
亚洲 -- 中国 -- 天津 -- 塘沽区 -- 天津市 -- 大沽炮台
亞洲 -- 中國 -- 天津 -- 塘沽區 -- 天津市 -- 大沽砲台
38.974861 x 117.712167


General Note:
This battle scene shows the outdated ships of the Chinese navy attacking the heavily armoured Japanese ships. Cannons are fired from the Dagu forts where Qing military officials view the ongoing battle. The inscription reads: "The 20th of the fifth lunar month. News has been received. Our navy is protecting the seas. There was a sudden appearance of ten boats belonging to the Allies. It was fortunate that China could defend herself with a tight blockade and to immediately open fire. The Japanese suffered great losses and retreated." This particular print recounts an incident from the Boxer Rebellion. Tianjin and Peking were the strongholds of the Boxers. During the early part of 1900 the Boxers inflicted heavy losses on the Allied troops. In retaliation the Allies attacked the Dagu forts. The successful defending by the Chinese Imperial navy was short-lived and by mid-June the fort had fallen into Allied hands. This event marked a turning point in the Boxer Rebellion and brought the Qing dynasty yet another step closer to its downfall.
General Note:
Published reference in: Preliminary list of Chinese woodblock prints in the SOAS Library
General Note:
The Taku Forts of China were also known as Dagu Forts and as Peiho Forts.
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Inked in five colours (red, blue, yellow, green and black).

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SOAS, University of London
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