Imam Ibrahim Qur’an


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Imam Ibrahim Qur’an
Series Title:
MS380808D-3ImI / 00001
Added title page title:
Coran de l'Imam Ibrahim
Koran von Imam Ibrahim
القرآن الإمام إبراهيم
Physical Description:
Mixed Material
Borno scribes unknown
Scribes Borno inconnue ( contributor )
Borno Schriftgelehrten unbekannt ( contributor )
الكتبة بورنو غير معروف ( contributor )
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Paper ( medium )
18 x 26 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
القرآن الكريم
Spatial Coverage:
Africa -- Nigeria -- Borno -- Maiduguri
11.84644 x 13.16027


General Note:
The “Imam Ibrahim Qur’an” is the only dated manuscript in the collection. This Qur’an was shown to David Bivar by Imam Ibrahim, Imam Juma Maiduguri (the head of the Muslim community of Maiduguri) in November 1959. Apart from the glosses in Old Kanembu, four different Arabic commentaries (tafs?r) are identifiable in the manuscript. One of them, an abridged Arabic commentary the jam?‘ a?k?m al-qur’?n of al-Qur?ub?, ends with a colophon where the date of the tafs?r’s completion is written as 1st Jumadi II, 1080 AH, equivalent to 26th October, AH 1669. Initially, this manuscript consisted of photographic copies of only four pages, three of which were published by Bivar (1960: 199-205). Bivar’s original prints represent s?ra al-f?tiha, the two initial pages of s?ra al-baqara and the last page of the manuscript with the colophon carrying the date. 23 more microfilm pages of the manuscript were found in the Jos Museum, Nigeria, in December 2006 by Dmitry Bondarev. It is a composite copy of the Qur’an. The Qur’an text of the first two folios (digital pages 1–3) is written by a hand different from that of the rest of the surviving folios. The penultimate page caries a quotation from the book al-ta?b?r f? ‘ilm al-tafs?r by al-Suy??? which justifies the use of the manuscript for educational purposes. The original manuscript is believed to have been lost.
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