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Citron SAHEL

Gender & Pastoralism Vol. 1: Rangeland & Resource Management in Ethiopia [Andrew
Ridgewell, Getachew Mamo & Fiona Flintan, 2007, SOS Sahel Ethiopia] is a book about how
natural resources in Ethiopia’s pastoral and agro-pastoral areas are managed by women and
men. It describes how local people often in cooperation with development organisations

attempt to pursue their livelinoods from the rangelands while at the same time conserving
their environments. (95 pp) ISBN No 978-99944-814-0-8, free to download


Gender & Pastoralism Vol. 2: Livelihoods & Income Development in Ethiopia [Andrew
Ridgewell & Fiona Flintan, 2007, SOS Sahel Ethiopia] is a book about how increasingly

pastoral women and men are diversifying their livelinoods away from a reliance on livestock
towards other income generation activities that raise much needed cash and help to spread
risks. It describes the challenges that women and men face in establishing and developing

their activities and businesses, including both internal and external influences often beyond
their control. (105 pp) ISBN 978-99944-814-1-5, free to download

Traditional institutions, multiple stakeholders and modern perspectives in common
property. Accompanying change within Borana pastoral systems. (Boku Tachem and Ben
Irwin, 2003, SOS Sahel International UK, IIED)

Towards a local peace: SOS Sahel UK’s experience of conflict transformation between
pastoralists and farmers at El Ain, North Kordofan State, Sudan. (Egeimi, O; Mahmoud, MAM:
Abdella, A. 2003, SOS Sahel International UK, IIED)

Local Networks as a tool for influencing policy: Experiences of the GDRN5 Network in
Mali. (Konate, AB. 2003, SOS Sahel International UK, IIED)

Social Inclusion: a pre-requisite for equitable and sustainable natural resource
management: two experiences in Mali (Bocoum, A; Cochrane, K; Diakite, M; Kane, O. 2003,
SOS Sahel International UK, IIED)

These pamphlets are a series produced by the Shared Management of Common Property
Resources Project. The project's aim is to research and inform ways in which common
property resources can be managed in an equitable, peaceful and sustainable way. This
working paper series provides practitioners with up to date examples of experiences from the
field. The series describes work in progress and is intended to promote lesson sharing and
exchange between people interested in practice and policy influencing common property
resource management.

Local Forest Management in the Sahel: Towards a new social contract. (P. Kerkhof,
2000, SOS Sahel International UK) The result of three years of research with SOS Sahel and
other projects in several Sahelian countries, this book assesses the current trend towards
management shared between state and local users, drawing lessons for policy and an
inventory of appropriate methods. Also available in French; La Gestion Locale des Forets
au Sahel : Vers un Nouveau Contrat Social.

Who's Managing the Commons? Inclusive management for a sustainable future. (C. Hesse
& P. Trench, 2000, SOS Sahel International UK, IIED (International Institute for Environment
and Development)

Hannu Biyu Ke Tchuda Juna - Strength in Unity. Shared Management of common
Property Resources. A Case Study From Takieta, Niger. (G. & K. Vogt, 2000, SOS Sahel
International UK, tied.)

From Conflict To Consensus. Towards joint management of natural resources by
pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in the zone of Kishi Beiga, Burkina Faso. (M. Banzhaf, B.
Drabo, H. Grell, 2000, SOS Sahel International UK, iied)

A Social and Technical Guide to Irrigated Shelterbelt Establishment: Including
Traditional Water Extraction from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer, [Stephen Bristow 1996,
SOS Sahel International (UK)] (Also available in Arabic). The need for shelterbelts in the
semi arid areas of Northern Sudan is now firmly established. The destruction of natural
vegetation coupled with the increase in population and the decrease in rainfall has ensured
that the effects of desertification have been felt over large areas of Northern Sudan. In these
areas the livelinoods of much of the population are being threatened. This manual sets out to
explain how trees and people can work together to combat the many problems caused by
desertification. (42 pp) ISBN No 1 901459 16 0 Price: £5.00

Women’s Extension Forestry Manual: A Methodology from Northern Sudan, [Stephen
Bristow 1996, SOS Sahel International (UK)] (Also available in Arabic). This manual has
been written for those involved in planning and implementing social forestry programmes for
women in dryland areas. It will be particularly relevant to those working in Northern and
Western Sudan and provides practical guidance and training material to enable women to
become involved in the effort to increase tree cover in arid and semi arid areas. The manual

also covers the social and cultural aspects of women’s involvement in Sudan. (24 pp) ISBN
No 1 901459 17 9 Price: £5.00

Cash for Work and Food Insecurity in Koisha, Southern Ethiopia [P. Jenden, 1996, ODI
Relief and Rehabilitation Network Paper 11, ODI] is a description of the Food Security Project
implemented by SOS Sahel in Wellaita in the southern region of Ethiopia. The ultimate
objective of the project was to provide a sound basis for informing future responses to
addressing the problem of seasonal food insecurity and a more effective integration of relief
and development initiatives. This paper provides a summary of the research carried out by
the project. The full report with annexes is entitled Cash for Work and Food Insecurity, Koisha
Woreda - Wellaita, Ethiopia - see below. (A5, 45 pp). Price: £5.00

Changing Places? Women, Resource Management and Migration in the Sahel,
[principal researcher: R. David 1995, SOS Sahel/ESRC/IFAD/IIED] considers the relationship
between male out-migration and women's management of natural resources in Senegal,
Burkina Faso, Mali, and Sudan. The research discovered a variety of conditions, responses
and perceptions throughout the Sahel. (169 pp) ISBN No 1 901459 14 4 Price: £7.99

A Field Worker’s Guide to the Identification, Propagation and Uses of Common Trees
and Shrubs of Dryland Sudan, [Kees Vogt 1995, SOS Sahel International (UK)] (Also
available in Arabic). This manual compiled for the use of project extensionists in the SOS
Sahel El Ain Natural Forest Management Project, El Obeid, Sudan. It has been used


extensively and updated continuously through knowledge garnered from local people, project
staff and text books. The original manual has been completely revised for distribution outside
the project and will be useful for field officers and extensionists as well as researchers of
natural resources in Sudan and many other semi arid regions. (167 pp) ISBN No 1 901459 15

2 Price: £15.00

At the Deserts Edge, Oral Histories from the Sahel [N. Cross, R. Barker & SOS Sahel,
1992, Panos Institute] explores the culture, history and environment of the Sahel through the
memoirs and recollections of its people. The book draws on interviews conducted by SOS
Sahel with over 500 men and women from eight Sahelian countries, and is a unique collection
of knowledge about changing ecological conditions, conservation and agricultural practices,
traditional medicines and social relationships. A valuable source of reference for development
workers, teachers and journalists, with a fascinating blend of stories, anecdotes, opinions and
information. (241 pp) ISBN No 1 870670 26 4 Price: £12.95

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