Extract of a despatch from Governor Hamilton to the right honorable Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, Bart., M. P. — dated 3d July 1853. Antigua, No. 75

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Extract of a despatch from Governor Hamilton to the right honorable Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, Bart., M. P. — dated 3d July 1853. Antigua, No. 75
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Buxton-Grove [Kingston, Jamaica]
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Black people -- Education -- West Indies, British ( LCSH )
Slaves -- Education -- West Indies, British -- Periodicals ( LCSH )
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North America -- Antigua and Barbuda -- Antigua -- Saint John Parish -- St. John's
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Source document on deposit at SOAS University of London by the Methodist Church
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Issued by "Mico Institution, Buxton-Grove, 30th June 1858." The Mico Institution was based in Hanover Street, Kingston, Jamaica. In 1894, it changed its name to the Mico Trainings College. The earthquake of 1907 destroyed the original building. The rebuilt structure was again destroyed by file in 1910. The present building was erected in 1911. The Institution is currently known as the Mico University College
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Training schools of Moravian Establishment and Mico Institution
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Custodial history: Given to the MMS by Rev W Easton, 20 September 1956
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This title is believed to be in the public domain.

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SOAS University of London
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Extract of a Despatch from CrOvehnor Hamilton to The Right Ho*
norable Sir E. Bulwer Lytton. Bart M. P.—Dated 3d July 1853.
Antigua, No. 75.


M rpHE Training Schools of the Morayiu« Establishment and Mico Institution, from the principles
I on which they are conducted, are valuable auxiliaries to education, and diffuse among these
Colonies a class of Teachers, who, by their religious character and acquirements, will work a great bene-
fit among the native population. Having lately visited the Mico Institution, I was much pleased with
the efficient mode of instruction, the state of the proficiency of the Students, and the entire Establish-
ment- I enclose a letter from the respectable Superintendent, Mr- Sidney Stead, with an Account of the
Normal School, and Abstract of Returns of Teachers trained in the Institution .during the las
* It would be of advantage te the West Ind^s-if more publicity ^ere'given to thejja^^^
this Institution-’


Governor-in-Chief, &c,₃ &c., &c.


I have the honor to enclose for your'Excellency’s information, an Abstract of the last Quarterly
Return of the Normal Department of this Institution, from which you will perceive, that it has been in
â– operation for the last 20 years, and that during that period, out of 274 persons entering the Institution,
217 have completed their course of training, and have received appointments to schools in the Islands of
these West Indies-

Your Excellency it doubtless aware thatlthe Institution offers its advantages equally to all classes of
Xhe native population of these Islands, withAiureferenee to denominate religious profession, state or
condition ; the simple requirement, from candidate^ 4or„admissi^, to the
” Rules apd printed circular, a copy of
The Student provides his clothes, and booky: The “ Charity —The
average cost of each Student for Buard, Washing and Medical att^ffrancewul be aooiit
and the gross charge upon the funds of the ,c Chanty” for Salaries of Teaehers, Board of Students, and
other ordinaries, will be about.£1000 per annum-

The original cost of the property, and the interest of that cost as an annual rental, I do not notice.
There have been other large expenses from time to time, for rebuilding, repairing, and enlarging. During
the past ten years that I have been Agent for the Trustees, and superintendent of the Institution, I have
expended in ordinary and extraordinary repairs, and alterations, about £1800-

The Charity provides on the before-mentioned terms for fifteen Students in regular attendance ; and
we have them from the three Governments of Antigua, Barbadoes and Demerara. Five years ago it was
submitted to the Trustees to admit a larger number of students on the payment of 100 dollars per head
per annum and they consented to receive a number from Demerara on these terms, the Government vot-
ing the cost as above stated.

The Institution is now open for the admission of persons generally on Such conditions; and I may-
take the liberty to suggest to your Excellency whether a portion of the grant made by the Legislature of
this Island for educational purposes might not be legitimately and advantageously applied in preparing
persons for the duties of Teacher for the Schools of the Island.

Should your Excellency deem the Institution deserving your favorable notice, or should you be dis-
posed to notice favourably our recent examination, I feel confident such notice woul^be very acceptable
Jo the Trustees of the Charity^who. living^ ^qh a distance, must, rely on the obsevva-ion of visitor -neb
as honored us with their presence on Wednesday last.

I have taken the liberty to leave the “ Visitors Remiirk Book” at Government Office that your Ex-
cellency may have the opportunity of expressing your opinion, a copy of which I shall have great plea-
kure in transmitting to the Trustees,

I have the honor to be,
Your Excellency’s,
obedient Servant,


Mico Institution, Buxton-Grove,
30th June 1858.