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สารบรรณจากถลาง : จำนวน ๑๘
Phya Thukkharat ( Author, Primary )
Marsden, William, 1754-1836
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Light, Francis, 1745-1794 ( LCNAF )
Military weapons ( LCSH )
Thonburi Kingdom
Asia -- Thonburi Kingdom
Asia -- Malaysia -- Penang
เอเชีย -- ไทย -- จังหวัดภูเก็ต -- อำเภอถลาง
เอเชีย -- มาเลเซีย -- ปีนัง
เอเชีย -- อาณาจักรธนบุรี
Asia -- Thailand -- Wilayah Phuket -- Daerah Thalang
Asia -- Malaysia -- Pulau Pinang
Asia -- Kerajaan Thonburi
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Asia -- Thailand -- Phuket Province -- Thalang District
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One of a set of 59 manuscript letters, referred to generally as the Thalang Letters, written in Thai, most from the Governors of Thalang (ถลาง), Phatthalung (พัทลุง), Phuket (ภูเก็ต), and Trang (ตรัง) to the Governor of Penang (ปีนัง, Palau Pinang), most probably Captain Francis Light (เซอร์ ฟรานซิส ไลต์, Kapten Francis Light), asking for supplies of arms and ammunition for their war against the Burmese; for cloth, often on the orders of the King of Thonburi (Siam, ธนบุรี), as well as for rice and opium, the latter in exchange for tin. One letter is from the Minister of War, stating that Tavoy (Dawei, ထားဝယ်, ทวาย) had surrendered, and asking for arms and rice to supply the Siamese army as it prepared to moved against Mergui (မြိတ်ကျွန်းစု, Kepulauan Mergui), Maulmein (Mawlamyine, Mawlamyaing, မတ်မလီု, မော်လမြိုင်မြို့) Rangoon (Yangon, ရန်ကုန်မြို့, ย่างกุ้ง), and Ava Kingdom (အင်းဝခေတ်, อาณาจักรอังวะ, Kerajaan Ava). ( en )
General Note:
Extract translation by E.H.S. Simmonds in his The Thalang Letters: "Letter from me, the Phya Thukkharat of Phuket [a district of the island] to the Phra Ratchakapitan. I cannot properly express our gratitude to you for sending Captain Lin [Lindsay] with some rice for Chao Khun Manda [the widow]. I have been to Songkhla [Singora] to the royal authority but at the time I had little to offer [as gifts?]. I had only one case of Arab gunpowder and eight sutan guns. I sent up to the royal authority the government funds held by the late Governor together with, as usual, the taxes 4 due from trading in tin. The royal authority has first of all appointed me Phya Thukkharat, and has said that later there would be an order making me Phya Thalang [governor]. The Nai Luang Wang Na [‘ Second King ’] has been very kind to me. / In the waning of the 3rd moon [mid-February 1787] Chao Khun Manda and I will go to have audience in Bangkok. We shall go by way of Talipong island. Can you please send a ship to take Chao Khun Manda. I shall come to see you at Penang [about this]. Out of your goodness please get ready some guns and merchandise as gifts for His Majesty. / Hereafter I shall be a person of importance. At present the Chao Phya Thalang [governor of Thalang] and I are not on good terms. I am sending Nai Phet, Nai Th<?ng Kaeo, and Nai Thit Phrom to let you know the details. Please send a small gun of good make for my own use. / If, on going to Bangkok this time, the King grants my wish, should you have need of tin I will provide you with as much as you require." / Dispatched ะ Monday in the year of the horse, eighth of the decade."
General Note:
VIAF (name authority) : Light, Francis, 1745-1794 : URI
General Note:
VIAF (name authority) : Marsden, William, 1754-1836 : URI

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