Address from Queen of Madagascar

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Address from Queen of Madagascar
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Address from Queen of Madagascar to the Directors of the London Missionary Society … 19th day of July in the year of our Lord, 1874
Ranavalona II, Queen of Madagascar, 1829-1883
Deposited on indefinite loan by the Council for World Mission in 1973 (Acc. No. 7). Further deposits were made in 2005 (Acc. No. 2005/011), 2007 (Acc. No. 2007/026), 2008 (Acc. No. 2008/003 and 2008/012), 2009 (Acc. No. 2009/021), 2011 (Acc. No. 2011/077) and 2012 (Acc. No. 2012/076).
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Afrika -- Madagasikara -- Itasy -- Antananarivo -- Rova
Afrique -- Madagascar -- Itasy -- Antananarivo -- Rova
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Africa -- Madagascar -- Itasy -- Antananarivo -- Rova
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A deputation led by Dr Mullens, Foreign Secretary of the London Missionary Society, and the Rev J. Pillans was appointed to visit Madagascar in 1873. This followed the baptism a few years earlier of Queen Ranavalomanjaka and her prime minister on 21 February 1869. The deputation reached Antananarivo on 30 August 1873, but the queen was absent on a royal progress. A visit was made to the Betsileo province, and arrangements made for the extension of the mission there. On the return of the queen the deputation had an interview with her and presented her with an address from the Directors. Visits were then paid to all the mission stations in the country regions of Imerina. In January 1874, an important conference was held, attended by representatives of the London Missionary Society, Norwegian and Friends' missions. The deputation had a farewell interview with the queen and received from her a reply to the Directors' address. They returned to London on 23 September 1874. [Source: 'The History of the London Missionary Society, 1795-1895', by Richard Lovett] ( en )
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3 p.
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Date of Creation: 1874
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Original address to the Directors of the London Missionary Society given at the Court of Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar [Ranavalomanjaka] at Antananarivo, 19 July 1874, and signed by her Prime Minister. Given in reply to an address received by the Queen from the Directors of the London Missionary Society dated 30 June 1873, at an audience held with Rev Dr Mullens, Foreign Secretary to the LMS, and Rev J. Pillans, Director, at the Royal Palace in the capital. The document acknowledges the Queen's conversion to Christianity and states her adherance to Christian beliefs and practices. Parchment, decorative lettering, 45cm x 75cm.
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Sent via Joseph Mullens (LMS Deputation). Address held as part of the LMS Museum (inventory item 183) before being transferred to SOAS Library in January 2008.
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Condition of the original: Fragile. Item previously backed onto carboard, which has badly disintegrated. Original parchment carrying the address in relatively good condition.
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VIAF (name authority) : Ranavalona II, Queen of Madagascar, 1829-1883 : URI

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