Man dressed as Kālī riding a tiger savārī in the procession

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Man dressed as Kālī riding a tiger savārī in the procession
Series Title:
ब्रज में उत्सव: माता पूजा और देवी पूजा
Alternate Title:
काली के वेश में एक आदमी यात्रा में बाघ सवारी पर सवात है
Place of Publication:
वृंदावन, भारत
Vrindavan, India
वृन्दावन शोध संस्थान
International Association of the Vrindaban Research Institute
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Subjects / Keywords:
एशिया -- भारत -- उत्तर प्रदेश -- हाथरस ज़िला -- हाथरस
ایشیا -- بھارت -- اتر پردیش -- ہاتھ رس ضلع -- ہاتھ رس
Rites and ceremonies--Hinduism ( LCSH )
व्रत रखती है और दावतें
Durgā-pūjā (Hindu festival) ( LCSH )
दुर्गा पूजा
Kālī (Hindu deity)--Prayers and devotions ( LCSH )
Costume ( LCSH )
Spatial Coverage:
Asia -- India -- Uttar Pradesh -- Hathras District -- Hathras
27.6 x 78.05


General Note:
The IAVRI catalogue places this image in Hathras
General Note:
IAVRI series: Festivals in Braj : Mātā Pūjā and Devī Pūjā
General Note:
IAVRI series: ब्रज में उत्सव: माता पूजा और देवी पूजा
General Note:
1 colour slide
General Note:
Mātā Pūjā (or Sītalā Āṭhai) is held on Caitra kṛṣṇapakṣa 8 : On this day offerings are made to appease the goddess believed to control outbreaks of smallpox and similar diseases Donkeys and piles of stones placed at crossroads are given offerings of food (pūṛī, rice, turmeric etc.). Shortly afterwards, during the Caitra Navarātrī (śuklapakṣa 1-9), there follow nine days of pūjā for Devī. At this time processions are held and some Devī temples become sites for fairs and festivity
General Note:
"Between January 1976 and March 1978 over 4,500 photographs were taken and subsequently classified at the Vrindaban Research Institute using a card-index system."

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SOAS, University of London
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