[Chapter 46 (partial) on ancient Burmese history]

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[Chapter 46 (partial) on ancient Burmese history]
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Correspondence of Dr Charles Otto Blagden (MS 360895)
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Blagden, Charles Otto (1864-1949), orientalist
Blagden, Charles Otto, 1864-1949 ( lcna )
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Asia -- Myanmar -- Mandalay Region -- Mandalay District -- Mandalay
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Transferred from the South East Asian Department, School of Oriental and African Studies, 1977
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Dr Charles Otto Blagden was born the 30th September 1864, the eldest son of William George Blagden. He was educated at Dulwich College and at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He was appointed to the Straits Settlements Civil Service in 1888 and held various administrative and judicial posts in Malacca and Singapore. He retired for health reasons in 1897. Returning to England he studied at Gray?s Inn and was called to the Bar in 1900. From 1910 he developed an academic career becoming Examiner in Malay at the University of London in that year. In 1917 he joined the newly-opened School of Oriental and African Studies as Lecturer in Malay Studies. He remained in the service of the School until 1935 when he retired as Reader in Malay Studies. At various dates he was a Vice-President of the Royal Anthropological Society and of the Royal Asiatic Society. His most important published work was (with W.W.Skeat) the comparative vocabulary of aboriginal races in Pagan races of the Malay Peninsula which appeared in 1906. Blagden also interested himself in Burmese studies especially Mon inscriptions. He died 25th August 1949.
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MS 360895. Box 1. Folder 3. Item 29
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This item is believed to be in the public domain under UK Crown Copyright
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46. "lt rrenarallY been acceptad for some years thkt, thv of t1Jo ColR .. I, -' ' Kr;t dR.rarn no i ; Bu:mo. n.l t:lo c orr0sr>ond ed -to ( c::i) or Old Promt3 .) l 13urma;-V.,in tho 3rd edition of his Histo:y of Indl.&t I! ,pap:c 455, 2:oes so far as to w>::i te j "bis fl-eet (Raj endrf .. -Colf.t.-devtt.tls) tb Bay of :RenGii!,l, . .... . ;.;_tt:itcked (Kidaram} ,tbe Rncient . of the l1gc. l r n d ..

qnitd sho wsl, i.t. would bavo be0n. difficult, eR .-t le'ist in 1069-?0,for t.:b0 Co1 ... :.s to r.onquGr t.h ... t );JO\Ut3r l t t:rat time W "'tS V81"Y strorq:r., The si le nee of hoth Burmese and i n rrs o n tbdse i3VGnts i It Wfil3 consequently felt tr: .is tton was no doul;t f \ulty, oL-lt difficulty lay j_n pl'Ovinr it to be so, owinu: to the a bs .::;nee of nG v m;ir t to .'Jrorl< upon .. escaped the notice of It consists of two ( f Feni ns v' J l 0 a p$-d3SRfT.0 in of the Song identifj _c-;-ition of is ba-sed;w:hich we tni\re to M \ (}Gorges CoGdGs,tbs lej:trned T :ibr:1fl.rimn of the Lihr;;:.ry 0 llc t B anrkl'-k, in :his most int er,?.st. ins paper "J, e Rozne de Tha key to tJ1e new j.dentification ri.p:t.t localiz;1t ion of t;:i vij ,mentioned i n th 8 two ' ..j ,. . 1nscr1pt 1ons sr)oken of bove and ir1 th\:; chart er of the r.o11.1: vine-"P;_jar;j;t I (1('105 }.T'.) ; 'this l1.tter document mentions by TlJe d to tb.e correct id;::;ntificH.tion of th'ese -in th,:; f&ct tbitt hert:;'tofore .. C:Y.iviJ'P..y., 1:,-d })een t to the name kinr. Tha merit of P.G. roed0s is to first tna t it W"ls in the d\jnnminH-tion of :it ltingdom .. As t'llvo R ing13 were kine:s of' j r i .. nd ri-c:ht of thJ first would of tb(:; BDcoAd. This is. whJ.t M Co0des with --------------------------.. l tbid,l917,paee 25. 2 Publtsbed by P K ::p"n., J-3{drR!.Gil (DGl 67 393 by r2nch,R.A.S.,l913. 3 A precis of it given hy Y. Louis in 3ulletin l a de,J9lO, page 153. -4 c;d from t!J. e r.hinGse i l1. t s tJ:J e Jfl' a lnv Arcbi l.: elBul"o-. 5 In de 1 Prrinc.: .. ise d ,lS)lS rJ 0 t-;


complex out of llis point,it will to tlJ. e kin2:dom of P a ler.o.1nj_n [.,.; is K(1dR:h,in ;rest J.C$i..l -,. Pani n s ul:?v V. 8 m i t h s i dent. if ica t ion, ngc.rn 1::: a n (I 11nc:s:. m 1 s .T.l Jtit 1 n thi;; It i;:; tru13 t hat, in the I 1 -!,1 ..,.._-is 'ts 1)einc; iJ? the country ,., "' of R:,\mc:.nnf1 'but }If Co e des l:ua. s r e & t sons o thi it WP.s on the v vester n COt.lSt o f tbe Isthmus of Kr:tt; if it is mention{;d 4 beinr: p n t0rr-itory,it is becr:.use se.:m1s to ,.,o.,_n 1 o,,+ l'i" R,,-,..,n'='-'"' .:. dom1J1r. \..- 'J A.c ,j ... A l t:;: 0 t:;: ... ,l.._ ) ... .J ' Bu::m.g1_, N r Co edes i 2 inc lin tJd to I'l Pc e or; t:b J I str:1nus of. Kra ( Ch., s D ) M. Coedas has madetha followinG f!r1' -vJ i .. rr Identification of c Gs in 'Rur:n:i\ bv H.. Co ed u .. .. ... Jr .. r' Ka?rtram: -r:cf.3dath in West Urt l J .. y P13ninsulR; d T . :.. 1n tbG Peni.n-SlJ.lR; (mt.3ntion0d i.n the s in on the western CO" st. Isthrl'lus. of Kra.. Two of Cri-vijay and are referred to. Tbf3SG two kingdo ms to ad.join each othar' Were and which C::."i-v:tj .. Y : u1.d KxL d ,_: t J"rl tee11 if eo, I a o tn. e y p s s s s his t or i e e or l o c (J 1 t r it i. o n s o r tb e i r o '-',m ") I n the loc.a.l of-"9u:ya.ct, is mention,:;d as ___________ ... ------! 1 2 de I .. som ye::trs a.?o found in Mergui a Fali in the of the lithl2tJ' l!y kinz o f' Ari.maddRn2,tb,...o..t is,Par,Ln TJor:w,ine du p;,:ge 53.


-. id :.rJ.t j_ fie at io .n. of P;;;})pa.l'\:m or PP 111' Ji.d.J'.K se"::m;:i to he .. Coedes cpwtes 5" r1 d 'in clmo r f.._+ + w o 'lO(J"i t q rJt lof' w}' i ch ,;.l:,:) ;:; . i f: qd W'l..-. .. +.}V .._I ..J ...... 1._f .., ...:_ J lto...,.r ) -1 t .. I .J . ..., \,.; -in Xus,.JJni L'lHY be 1{osmin by t:be earl y Ft;uropea.n w:citers on J3urriJ.E:_. If l f3assein, Papph?.. l a bG the nctr:l:;l1ourinrr ser:l .. port nf Dapon or Bainr in st.ips must :-:-tncbor at r::tr1jacent. ports. It is scarcel:y posslbl e soutb as tb.c Isttmus of Kra ... It is not l{no1;v11 'Nhy M left T(u sum i out o f }:; is s cl; om o o f id. c n t. if i cat ion as s u cl 1 q :t considerably vitiates tho value of his laarned -= researc he Kusumi and Pappbal a are t .vo p lac0-nam+;s ,vvhic:b must be considered toge+.ber: nt::ither be rern.pYea out on. the o f I s tlJG:re a xnod(::;rn at t a c hu d to i t t? I s the r any hi s t o ry o r l o c e. 1 t re:. d i t ion a-ttach e d t o i t Ar e there any h istoric a l ruins on thti site