[Official letter from Chas. Duroiselle of the Office of Supdt. Archaeological Survey, Burma, Mandalay, to C.O. Blagdgen, 14th August, 1915]

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[Official letter from Chas. Duroiselle of the Office of Supdt. Archaeological Survey, Burma, Mandalay, to C.O. Blagdgen, 14th August, 1915]
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Correspondence of Dr Charles Otto Blagden (MS 360895)
Duroiselle, Charles, 1871-1951 ( Author, Primary )
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The Office
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Blagden, Charles Otto (1864-1949), orientalist
Blagden, Charles Otto, 1864-1949 ( lcna )
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Asia -- Myanmar -- Mandalay Region -- Mandalay District -- Mandalay
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Transferred from the South East Asian Department, School of Oriental and African Studies, 1977
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Dr Charles Otto Blagden was born the 30th September 1864, the eldest son of William George Blagden. He was educated at Dulwich College and at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He was appointed to the Straits Settlements Civil Service in 1888 and held various administrative and judicial posts in Malacca and Singapore. He retired for health reasons in 1897. Returning to England he studied at Gray?s Inn and was called to the Bar in 1900. From 1910 he developed an academic career becoming Examiner in Malay at the University of London in that year. In 1917 he joined the newly-opened School of Oriental and African Studies as Lecturer in Malay Studies. He remained in the service of the School until 1935 when he retired as Reader in Malay Studies. At various dates he was a Vice-President of the Royal Anthropological Society and of the Royal Asiatic Society. His most important published work was (with W.W.Skeat) the comparative vocabulary of aboriginal races in Pagan races of the Malay Peninsula which appeared in 1906. Blagden also interested himself in Burmese studies especially Mon inscriptions. He died 25th August 1949.
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MS 360895. Box 1. Folder 2. Item 34
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VIAF (name authority) : Blagden, Charles Otto, 1864-1949 : URI
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VIAF (name authority) : Duroiselle, Charles, 1871-1951 :URI

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65/E.T. ( Letter number )
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No. 65/E.T.

Office of the

Assistant Archaeological Supdt. for Epigraphy

Mandalay, the...........14th. August 1915.

Dear Mr. Blagden,

I am sending you herewith,under separate cover, a
list of different readings of the "Slapat Rajavan. Some will not
help you much, but many, I think,will. It has been drawn very careful
-ly by a Talaing whom I have known now for 8 or 10 years, and who
is very careful. Still T am under the impression some readings have

"been left out. I prefer, together with'the list,to send you also the


Manuscript; I do not need it now; you may send it hack when done

I have "been somewhat long to answer your letters


about the Ananda plaques,because the photographer who took,under
my direction,some t4mo years ago,photos of these plaques,has not
been in Mandalay for sometime. He is still in Amarapura making
plans for Mr, Taw Sein Ko, He alone can give me the correct 3tes;
number of those Ananda plaques photographed up to the present. He
is expected only in a few1 days. Meanwhile I am sending,herein
enclosed, a list of estampages now with me, with the jfcfcjbs photos
already taken, and those to be taken; of the latter,however,there
may be less than actually shewn,missing. I shall be able to let
you know exactly only when the photographer corae's back.

Will you be good enough to compare this list with
what you have and let me know how many photos are lacking in your
collection; if it happens that more photos than, are shewn in my
list do exist in this Office, 1 will send them to you immediately*


The photos taken while I was in Pagan,are smaller than those
previously taken. This is unavoidable. The higher the terraces
around which the plaques are found,are, the narrower the roofs

become;in places a yard, barely,The photographer had to display some


originallity in trying to take them, vdth no little risk to his
neck; b ft/he could not possible take them bigger.

The estampages of all these inscriptions were taken years
ago;one copy only,unfortunately; it is the .collection now with me.
They were taken, fortunately, long before the photos, when the plaques
which are stupidly spoiled now and then^whitewashing the temple,
were not, in many cases, so bad as they appear in the photographs.
Still not a few are extremely difficult to read.

I must thank you very much for the list of- transliterations
and translations you have sent me; most confirm my own readings and
a few have helped me to correct mine.

I am sending you by next mail, a list of a. few readings of
which you were not sure. In most cases,the estampages are far
clearer. The words you could hot read at all are as a rule not
much better,if at all, in the estampages; I myself had reserved
these difficulties for the very end of my work, tais would e;i-.u-i.e
me to examine the plaques themselves when on a, u.)ui at igan, 1
have however, 1 think, been able to read a few, v-hich 1 shall also
send you,

I quite sympathise with you in the matter of the transcrip-
tions of thosejshdrt inscriptions sent to you. They were made by a
Burman not knowing a word of Talaing, I shall send you a transcrip-
tion, if you let me know those you particularly want.

You will receive,probably by next mail,some estampages and



and photos of Talking inscriptions of the XV th century. You will

find the list and explanations in the letter sent along with them*

C/o India Office Library,

L o n d o n.

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ffitt n tgt .Sntittt. far BURMA Mandalay, the ... ..... .l4 t h ... . ............................. ..D91 5. I 3.ln sending you herewi tb. under separate cover, a list of different of the nslapat Some will not help yo much9 but m ?,ny I think, will. I t has been drawn very -ly by whom I known now for 8 or 10,-q ,nd who is very c?.reful. Stlll I rm1 under the impres_sion some reB.dinc;s hg,ve been left out. I prefer,together with.the list,to send you nlso the Manuscript; I do not need it now ; you send it back.when done with. I been somewhR..t long to'.rer your letters the Ananda.. plB.ql.ies bec.q,use the :photoer8.pher who took, undcl" .my direction,some yea:r.s qgo; photos of these not been in Mq,,y for He .:ts still in .making pl!1 .. ns for Mr Te"..v Se in Ko He give me the correct number of hose Anande. photogrA,phed up to the present. He is expected only in q few dqys., I am sending,herein enclosed, e. list of est8.mpq.ges now vvith me $ with the 1:i.:.X:JI photos 'already t8.ken1 and tHose to be t!:J.ken; of the latterihowever}there be less actuall y shewn,missing. I shall be Qble to let ybu know only when photogrBpher Will you 1?e good enough to this with whg,t you and let me know how photos l8,cking in y,our collection; if 1 t happens thB.t more photos th!ln. t3,re shewn in my list do exist in this Office, I will send them to you irmnediR.telyo


l'he photos tB.ken while I WB.s in PagB-nt smA.ller those previously tq_ken. This is .. The higher the _terrq,ces 8.round which the plaques q,rc nA.rrovv-er the roofs become;in had to originallity iri trying to tAke them with no little risk to his neck; bwftte .could not possible t9l<:e them bigger. of all these inscriptions were tAl

3 '3,Ud photos o=f 1IA.laing inscri}1tions of the XVt11. century. You w i l l find the list 0 .nd ex:p18,n::J,tions in the letter sent 8-long Yours Sintere_y .. C B l .g,gden iGsqu.i r e a C/o Ind.ig, Office Li.brB..ry11 L. o,. n _Q. .O_.JJ.