In the matter of the grant of a certificate

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In the matter of the grant of a certificate translation
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[Copy of title deed of Foreshore lot]
[Superintendent of Customs] ( Author, Primary )
Hopkins, Lionel Charles, 1854-1952 ( contributor )
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亞洲 -- 中國 -- 山東省 -- 煙台市
亚洲 -- 中国 -- 山东省 -- 烟台市
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Asia -- China -- Shandong -- Yantai
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Typescript manuscript
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Translated by L.C. Hopkins, Consul
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VIAF (name authority) : Hopkins, Lionel Charles, 1854-1952 : URI
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Dated: Kuang Hsu 23rd year, 12th moon, 23rd day = January 15th 1898
General Note:
Yantai, previously known as Chefoo, is located in present day (2020) Shandong province
General Note:
Chefoo was designated a treaty port by Treaty of Tientsin 1859
General Note:
Thomas Tierney Fergusson founded the trading firm of Fergusson & Co in 1861 following the establishment of a treaty port at Chefoo [Yantai]. Until 1889 he traded alone but then went into partnership with John Pender Wake. According to Frances Wood, author of No dogs and not many Chinese: Treaty port life in China 1843-1943 , "Chefoo was never much of a trading port, with only four foreign trading firms (three of them British) active in 1891, shipping beancake, vermicelli, peanuts, silks, hairnets, lace and fruits." During his time in Chefoo Fergusson was a staunch supporter of the Catholic St Mary's Church and of the Catholic Mission there. Fergusson went on leave to England in 1889, dying there unexpectedly, on 22nd November 1890. The firm Fergusson & Co continued under new ownership for a number of years but Fergusson's property was managed through agents in China, first by his widow, Anna Fergusson and, after her death, in 1908 by his daughter Anne Marie Madeleine, wife of Admiral Sir Charles Henry Coke. During Lady Coke's life the property was sold off in various lots, the last being sold in 1940.

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(Copy) Title deed of Foreshore lots
In the matter of the Grant of a Certificate.
Translation : --
Whereas instructions have boon received from the^sungli
Yamen stating that the Yamen was in receipt of a Despatch
from the British Minister, Sir Claude MacDonald, on the
subject of the proposed construction of a Public Bund and
jetties at Chefoo: that the Minister’s despatch stated,
that the Consul at the Port in question had reported that
the British Firm, Fergusson & Co, had represented to him
that there was a certain piece of accreted foreshore in
front of the property of the Firm, which foreshore they
proposed should be assessed for taxation and retained by
thorn, and either filled in by themselves, or by the
Imperial Maritime Customs at their expense, they agreeing
to leave space for a Public Bund; which request the
British Minister earnestly hoped might be acceded to. The
Yamen’s instructions further stated that the proposal hav-
ing been remitted to the Inspector General of Customs, he
had sent in a lieport thereon, accompanied by a detailed
Plan; and that the Yemen now had to direct that a satis-
factory arrangement should be come to.
And whereas after repeated conferences with Mr.
Hopkins, H. 3. Il* Consul at Chefoo, and Mr. Carrail,
Commissioner of Customs, and after measurement and inspect-
ion, the following site has been agreed upon, namely a
piece of land situated in the north Tai ling Fan, and
marked X 2. fon^^HF”aJipehd8ft "TTan) , end extending on the _
F/st to the property of the said Firm, Fergusson & Co. on
the â– . est to the Public Jetty, on the South to the former
Jetty of Messrs. Fergusson & Co. on the North to the
imperial Maritime Customs Hoad; measuring at the Fastern
extremity from North to South, 151 English feet, at the
Western extremity, from North to South, 140 English feet,

on the Southern face; from East to West, 139 Englishfeet, on
the Northern face, from East to West, 122 English foot; and
containing, according bo Chinese reckoning, an area of two
gow eight fun eight li one hao, the cost of which at the rate
of £200 per mow amounts to „5&0; to which add, cost of filling
in, £1882: cost of supervision of the above, C180: half total
cost of the following three items, namely, (1) construction of
sea wall built ox dressed granite and cement concrete, £4019,
(2) coping for wall, v.210, (3) supervision of construction of
sea wall, £570. - equivalent to £2,400; amounting in all to
< 5,012. .'.nd choreas this sum having been paid over in full by
the Firm in question, and telegraphic instructions having been
received from the Tsungli Yamen that a certificate should be
issued similar to that of Messrs. Cornabe & Co. And Whereas,
therefore, the precedent afforded by the principle stated in
the Despatch of the British Minister, Sir Claude MacDonald,
quoted in Messrs* Cornabe & Co’s certificate of Lease, should
bo followed. Accordingly with regard to the space to the
West of Fergusson g Co. and beyond the Public Bund, should there
be hereafter further accretions, unless these are taken over
bythe Chinese Government in the Public interest for some genuine
Government purpose, Fergusson a Co. shall not lose their right
of preemption, and shall bo allowed to acquire such accretions
by purchase, but they shall leave a space to serve for the con-
struction of a Public Bund.
Low Therefore the present certificate of Title is
feg~Trrr~ ""iiiif in ~ --————:—■——' —;y. —? -X”””
issued and made over to the Firm of Fergusson & Co. and a Plan
appended for the guidance of the said Firm.
Title and Zeal of Superintendent of Customs.
Dated Huang Hsu 23rd year,12th moon, 23rd day,
« January loth 1898.
Translated by L. C* Hopkins, Consul.