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SOAS Library Guide
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SOAS Library Guide
UnJvenfty oi London

Welcome to the Library otthe School ot Driental and Atrican
Studies. We hold one of the largest collections of material relating
to the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle Last. I his guide IS
intended to help you find your wayaround the Library, and make
the most of your time here, whether you are visiting US for only a
day, or intend to spend many years studying and researching in the
Our Library houses over 1.2 million books, 4,500 current periodical
titles and large collections of archives, manuscripts, rare books,
and audio-visual materials. You will find that the majority of our
stock is arranged either by geographic region or by subJect.Thls
guide will help you to find each collection quickly. You will also
find Information on 0Ù§r services and facilities( with reference to
more detailed leaflets and information on our website where
Should you require any further Information on the Library, do not
hesitate to contact our Enquiry Desk or the appropriate regional or
subject llbrarlan.Thelr contact details are shown at the end ofthis
More information on all Library services and collections IS available
on the Library website
Wehopethatyou wlllenjoythetlmeyou spendln
ذا/نة Library, and we will do what we can ٠؛ make

Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 11.30pm
(issue desk closes at 8pm, membership at 6.55pm)
Friday 9.00am- 11.30pm
(issue and membership desks close at 6.55pm)
Saturday 10.30am -6.00pm
(issue and membership desk closes at 5.45pm)
Sunday 10.30-6.00pm
(reference and self-service only)
Summer vacation
Monday to Friday 9.00am - 9.00pm
Saturday 10.30am-6.00pm
(issue and membership desk closes at 5.45pm)
Sunday 10.30-6.00pm
(reference and self-service only)
For current information please see
Archives and Special Collections
Monday and Tuesday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Thursday and Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Enquiry desk, IT helpdesk and
photocopying technician services
close at 5pm on weekdays and are not
available on Sundays.
/Ù¡ programme of major building
works will commence in the Library in
2009/10 academic year. The Library
layout and services will change but
all changes will be clearly signposted.
Please consult the Project display
boards for the latest changes.

A Fourth floor Standard size periodicals and newspapers Photocopying/printing
B ٦ . < ٠ - ٠ ٠٠■ - ٠ ■ Third floor South Asia Large size periodicals Japanese and Korean language periodicals Photocopying/printing
c Second floor â– ' ....... . .Ù  China Japan South East Asia
D First floor Africa Art and Archaeology Audiovisual materials Korea Law Photocopying/printing
E Ground floor . - . ٠ ٠. . . ■- - ...٠..٠. 1 ٠ ؛ . .٠٠ . - - . ٠٠٠ . ■ . . . ٠ . . ■ ٠ 1 ؛ .٠٠٠ 1 ٠ 1 . 1 1 1 ٩ 1 ٠,٠ 1 1 .II, ٦ 1 1 Entrance Issue desk Enquiry desk Photocopying/printing Inter-library loans Ancient Near East semantics and Judaica Islamic Near and Middle East General and non-reglonal section
F Basement Pacific Archives, manuscripts and special collections Discontinued periodicals Mobile shelving

â–¡ â–¡
Mobile Shelving, including Discontinued
Periodicals & Pacific Collection
Special Collections Reading
Room & Archive Office
I g| OPACs
|t\Ù¦^| Re-shelving area
|^^Ù | Emergency exit
|^>| Re-shelving area

On this floor you will find the following facilities ^nd collections:
. Archive offices
Ù  Special Collections Heading Koom (SCKK)
Ù  Discontinued periodicals (mobile shelving)
Ù  Pacific Islands
(dassmarks HM to HZ; IO to IH; LHM to LHZ; LU to K)
Ù  Miscellaneous less-used materials (mobile shelving)
The Special Collections Reading Room (SCRR) is open to readers
of archives, manuscripts, rare books, SOAS theses, maps and other
special collection material. It Is open during the following times:
Monday-Tuesday 9.00am-5Ù QQpm
ØŸhursday-Priday 9.00am-5.00prn
For more Information visit

Print & Photocopying
Recharge Stations/
Card Machine
Room Ell
® Photocopier Room E15 NME Reading Room 1

Head of
Reader Services
Services Staff
Head of Ø›
Technical Services ¡
NME Librarian
Issue Desk
@ ١ ٦٢ Entrance 1
٦٠eac؛٠٦ng Collection ©

â–¡ Islamic Near & Middle East - Librarian, Ø› | Reading Room & Collection (l)lÙ . | Emergency exit
□ | General and Non-regional Section 1 ١٢ 1 Male toilet | ٠ | Female toilet
â–¡ | Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica |fi| OPACs Photocopiers/
1 1 Self-issue machine Re-shelving area
(fØ›) Microform readers Audio-visual

Un this floor you will hnd the following facilities and collections:
Ù  Issues & Returns
Ù  Enquiry desk
Ù  Photocoplers/prlnters and recharge stations
Ù  Library Training Room (EÙ¦l)
Ù  OPACs (on-line catalogue)
Ù  Technical Services Office
Ù  Reader Services Office
Ù  Electronic Services Office
Ù  Microfilm, microfiche readers and printers
Ù  Audio-visual equipment
Ù  Inter-library loans
Ù  Toilets
Ù  Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica (classmark Q)
Ù  Islamic Near and Middle Last (classmarks U, P, N)
Ù  General and Non-Regional sections (classmark A)
Ù  Short-Loan Collection

□ Africa - Librarian, Reading | Room & Collection ft□(؟) ادا Emergency exit
â–¡ | Law 5Ù„ Male toilet Female toilet
□ 1 Art, Archaeology & Music - Librarian, Gulbenkian Art Room & Collection ^OPACs Re-shelving area اجأ!
â–¡ | Korea . Student computers (g) Audio-visual
لآك Photocopier/

Ù†n this floor you will find the following facilities and collections:
Ù  Laptop access (wired/wireless access tor SUAS staff and students)
Ù  CPACs (online catalogue)
Ù  Study carrels
Ù  -Toilets
Ù  Computers for student use
Ù  Study room for students with disabilities (DI 5)
Ù Law(akAAf49)
-Africa aak$Ù§,v,wÙ Y)
Ù  ArtandArchaeologycassmarksFJPc.F)
Ù  Korea(classmarkDICDINlK)

I So^ni I 11
Wired Laptop Access
Reading Room
Japan & Korea - Librarian, Reading
Room & Japan Collection
South East Asia - Librarian, Reading
Room & Collection
China - Librarian, Reading
Room & Collection
(ØŸ) Lift
Male toilet

Emergency exit
| Ù  | Female toilet
Re-shelving area

On this floor you will find the following facilities and collections:
Ù  Study carrels
Ù  Toilets
Ù  Laptop access (wlred/wlreless access for SOAS staff and students)
Ù  China and East Asia (dassmarks c., C)
Ù  Japan (classmarks D, DB)
Ù  South East Asia (classmarks G, H, I)

تاً South Asia ®lift ابرا Emergency exit
1 1 Large-sized Periodicals, Japanese |fi| OPACs . Re-shelving area
0 Photocopier/

On this floor you will find the following facilities and collections:
Ù  OPACs (on-line catalogue)
Ù  Photocopier/prlnter
Ù  South Asia (classmarks J, K, III, IV, XII)
Ù  Large Size Periodicals (dassmark Per L)
Ù  Japanese and Korean Language Periodicals (classmarks DY, KOR/Y)

Current Week New Periodicals
| j Standard-sized Periodicals (J) Lift |Ù ^"| Emergency exit
|a| OPACs (à؛) Photocopier
Re-shelving area

Ù  Photocopier
Ù  OPAC (on-line catalogue)

Joining the Library
All members of staff and students at SOAS automatically become
members of the Library. Staff and students of other universities
around the world, SOAS alumni, private researchers, corporate
bodies and members of the public are welcome to join the Library.
Full details of access and membership for external users are
available on the website
Entry to the Library
Access to the Library is controlled by an electronic gate system.
Your SOAS staff or student ID / Library card will give you access.
It is important that all Library members bring their cards with
them when visiting the Library.
Your borrower record
We keep contact details of all Library members, including home
and email addresses. Please let us know as soon as possible if any
of these change. We will only use your email address to inform you
about overdue books, books which have been recalled or books
which are ready for you to collect. Details of these services are
given elsewhere in this guide.


SUAS Library holds over Ù I,4UU,UUU items relatinq to the study
of Asia، Africa، and the Middle East، and the Schoo! has been
collecting materials since it was established in 1 y'l Ù¨
You will find that the books are arranged into geographic sections,
such as Africa or South Asia, or by subject, such as Law or Art.
Materials which are not specific to a region or which cover more
than one region can be found within the General and Non-Hegional
section. SOAS staff and students are able to borrow long loan
books, one week loans (green stripe) or overnight loans from the
Short Loan Collection (yellow stripe). Other Library borrowers can
unly buuuw lung luán buuks.

Serials، which are also known as journals or periodicals, can
be found in severe I locations within the Library. Serials for each
geographic area are not shelved within each section like the
books, but are found within the Serials collection. Most large
size periodicals (Per L) are kept on Level B (Third Floor). Standard
size periodicals (Per) can be found on Level A (Fourth Floor).
Discontinued and some current and large periodicals can be found
in mobile shelves in the basement (Level F). Some rare serials
(h Per) are restricted. I his will be indicated on the Library
catalogue. You can get help with locating serials from the
lechnical Services Utfice (Koom tÙ¥) or alternatively visit


Electronic resources
The Library provides access to a variety of resources in electronic
format including books, journals, journal indexes, bibliographic
databases, news information and legal databases. All electronic
journals and databases are available to SOAS students and staff
from computers in SOAS and most can also be accessed off-
campus. Access to electronic resources is usually controlled by
your SOAS login and password (see page 29).
From the Library website you will be able to connect to all the
Library's databases and journals and to other useful websites
(see}. In addition, Regional and
Subject librarians have created guides to online information to
help you find useful academic resources by subject or region

Help and training
More information on electronic resources is available from the
Enquiry Desk and the Library website Training sessions for
staff and students will be available throughout the year.
Study spaces and reading rooms
Study spaces are available on all levels of the Library. There are
also regional and subject reference areas/rooms on Levels E to B,
and a Main Reading Room on Level D. Reference areas/rooms
house specific reference materials (dassmarks Ref, LRef) relating
to geographic areas and subjects. An invigilated reading room on
Level F is provided for consulting Archives and Special Collections.
Study spaces may be limited at busy times, so please be
considerate to other Library users. Please do not leave books
you are still using on study desks overnight, as these are
cleared each morning and items are reshelved.

Areas of the Library are allocated different noise-level zones to
provide a more comfortable study environment for all our users.
Silent (Red) zones - Library reading rooms
Quiet (Orange) zones - Terraces seating areas,
student computer areas, bookstacks
Talk (Green) zones - Group study area
entrance area by Issue and Enquiry Desks, self-service machines.
All Library users are expected to respect the use of the different
zoned areas
Audio-visual materials
The Library holds a collection of sound recordings relevant to
the study of Asia and Africa on Level D. It includes music, poetry,
prose, drama, folk-tales and vernacular languages on CDs, vinyl
discs, cassette and reel tapes. The Library also holds a collection of
films and documentaries on DVDs and video cassettes. A separate
leaflet is available to the sound and video recordings collection.
Audio-visual equipment including record, DVD, CD players and
microform readers are available on Level E.
Archives, manuscripts and special collections
The Library holds an internationally renowned collection of
Archives relating to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the South
Pacific including the papers of many British missionary societies,
charities and non-governmental organisations, business papers,
and the papers of individuals living and working overseas. We
also hold a large collection of manuscripts, many of which are in
vernacular languages. Archives, manuscripts, rare books (those
prefixed with E) and the SOAS thesis collection are accessed via the
Special Collections Reading Room and are consulted under

supervised conditions. Access to archives and manuscripts is for
Library members only and not day ticket holders. Rare books
and theses can be consulted by all Library users including day
ticket holders. As this material is held on closed access, items are
collected for readers by staff at set times of the day. The Special
Collections Reading Room Is open Mon-Tues 9.00am-Ù¥.0upm,
Thurs-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm. Further information can be obtained at
SOAS PhD theses are awarded by the University of London. SOAS
theses are available to all Library users, and are ordered via the
Special Collections Reading Room. SOAS is participating in the
EThOS Project which aims to digitise all UK theses. 100s of SOAS
theses will be freely available online. Other theses may be ordered
for digitisation through the EThOS web-site,

Many items on reading lists are kept in the Short Loan Collection,
located on Level E (Ground Floor). This collection is available for
SOAS staff and students only, and items may be borrowed for 24
hours. Special arrangements for access for other Library members
are in place during vacations. Short Loan Collection materials are
marked with a yellow stripe and should be returned by the date
and time on the receipt either to the Library Issue Desk or using the
self issue/returns machine. Fines are charged on all overdue items.
Further copies of reading list materials are kept in the main
collections on Levels B-E. These are marked with a green stripe
and may be borrowed by SOAS staff and students for one week.
In the Short Loan Collection you will also find photocopiers and
a self issue/returns machine, which students and staff may use to
issue and return their own books.

On-line catalogue
All materials acquired by the Library since 1989 and the majority
of our older materials are recorded in the on-line catalogue.
The catalogue may be searched at terminals in the Library and
is freely available on the web.The on-line catalogue will tell you
whether or not the Library owns a particular book, where it can be
found, and whether it is on loan. You may search for specific items
using an author's name or a book or journal title. If you are looking
for items on a particular subject, you will find the keyword search
useful. Further help on using the on-line catalogue is available
from the 'Searching the Online Catalogue' A4 Helpsheet.The on-
line catalogue can also be used to reserve items on loan to other
readers, to check your borrower record and to renew items on loan,
The catalogue may be accessed at

Other catalogues
Some older Library materials have not yet been recorded on the
online catalogue. These are listed in the Library's card and printed
catalogues. If you require help in using them, please contact the
Library Enquiry Desk. There is a separate online database of archive
collections available from
NB: the archives online catalogue is not complete. Please contact
the Special Collections Reading Room for more information.
Locations and classmarks
Most books in SOAS Library are arranged within regional or subject
collections and then by language and subject. The classmark for
each book in our catalogue is made up of a combination of letters
and numbers which will help you find the item on the shelves.
A typical classmark might look like WK305.4/725308 or
The letters represent a country or region, language or subject
collection and indicate which collection the item is kept in.
The numbers following the letters represent the subject
classification of the book. The final digits represent each book's
accession number within the Library. A list of collections and
their locations may be found on the location list at uk/library/loca tion

Category Number of items Ù  ' Long loan borrowing period One week loans? Overnight loans?
SOAS staff 50* 3 months Yes 2 items
SOAS research postgraduates 50* 3 months Yes 2 items
SOAS taught postgraduates 20 2 weeks Yes 2 items
SOAS undergraduates 15 2 weeks Yes 2 items
Intercollegiate undergraduates 8 2 weeks Yes 2 items
Intercollegiate postgraduates 10 2 weeks Yes 2 items
External members (borrowing) 3 or 6 depending on type of membership r i â–  i 1 4 weeks No No
*These loan amounts will be available for the 2009/10 academic session and are subject to review

Most books and CDs can be borrowed, although journals, reference
materials, theses, rare books and archives are for use in the Library
only. If you would like to borrow any items, take them to the Issue
Desk or use the self-issue machine - both on Level E (Ground Floor).
Items from the Short Loan Collection may be borrowed by SOAS
staff and students by using the self-issue terminal located at the
entrance to the collection.
AH returns can be made directly to Issue Desk staff or to the self-
returns machines on level E.The book bin located directly outside
the Library can be used when the Library is closed.

You may renew any item you have on loan (other than overnight
loans and CDs) unless it is required by another reader or unless you
have any outstanding loans or fines on your record. You can renew
buuks in several ways.
Ù  through your Library Record on the Library catalogue
• at the Issue Desk on Level E (Ground Floor)
Ù  by telephoning 020 7898 4197 (answering machine)
Books may be renewed ten times before you have to bring them to
the Library. When this happens, provided they are not required by
other readers, they can be reissued to you.


If you would like to borrow a book which Is currently on loan to
another reader, you may reserve the Item through our on-line
catalogue. We will ask the borrower to return the Item and let you
know that it Is ready for collection.To reserve an item through the
catalogue, you should biing up the book's record on the screen and
select the'Reserve'option. You will be asked to enter your borrower
number/barcode from your ID / Librar y card. You may have up
to five Items reserved for you at any time. We will contact you by
email only when your reserved items are ready for collection. You
can also check reservations through your Library record on the
on-line catalogue. Reserved books will be kept for four working
days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) and all reservations can be
collected from the Issue Desk on Level E (Ground Floor) only during
staffed hours.
If another reader reserves a book currently on loan to you we will
notify you by email. We will ask you to bring back the book earlier
than the original due date. We ask you to help us by returning the
book no later than the new date, and will charge fines on overdue

Enquiry desk

The Enquiry Desk on Level E (Ground Floor) Is staffed from 9am to
5pm, Monday to Friday. Enquiry Desk staff will be able to help you
locate materials and resources for your research, and in particular
will be able to advise you on electronic sources of information.
Outside these hours, staff at the Issue Desk will endeavour to
help you, but please be aware that they will be unable to answer
specialised enquiries. As an alternative you should consider leaving
an email enquiry (see below).

If you have an enquiry about the collections and have already
checked the catalogue on-line, you can get further help from our
enquiry service by sending an email to
Regional and Subject Librarians
Professionally qualified Librarians and Archivists are in charge of
each of the Regional and Subject sections within the Library and
there is a Head of Teaching and Research Support. All of these
Librarians will be able to help you with research-based enquiries.
Contact details can be found at the end of this guide or on the
website at
Archives and Special Collections enquiries
For enquiries relating to archives, manuscripts and special
collections, or to order material to be kept on reserve for you
in the Special Collections Reading Room, please contact or telephone 020 7898 4180

Inler-llbrdry loans (ILL)
The Library cannot hold all the books and journals you may
need for projects and research. If you need a book or journal or
conference proceedings which we do not have we can usually get
it from another library. Sometimes a photocopy or a microfilm is
sent instead of a large original volume. There is a charge of £3 for
each reguested item. Before reguesting an inter-library loan, please
check to see if the item is available in other University of London
libraries where you should be able to consult or even borrow it.
If you wish to consult a thesis from another UK university please
order a digital copy via EThOS
Access to other libraries
SOAS is a member of the SCONUL Access scheme, which allows
SOAS staff and students reference access or borrowing from over
170 university libraries in the UK and Ireland. For more information
on the scheme see: for this scheme
can be reguested from the SOAS Library Membership Desk.
Access and borrowing is also available to other libraries within the
University of London. For more details see the leaflet 'Access to
Other Libraries for SOAS Students'or ask at the Enguiry Desk.
Links to other Libraries can be found at

Student computers are available in the Library on Level D and are
also available in the SOAS Main Building (rooms RB01, L53 and L62),
the Research Building (for research students) and at Vernon Square.
Network points are available in the Main Reading Room and on
Levels C and D for use with laptops. A wireless network is available
throughout the Library. The student IT helpdesk is in room 130 in
the School, and can also be contacted by email helpdesk@soas. and phone 020 7898 4950.
Your Computer Account
!â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– I
\ /
Your student number (the 6-digit no. on your student ID card) is
also your computer account number. The temporary password for
your account is your date of birth (format: dd/Mmm-yy e.g. 09-Aug-
76; the first letter of the month is in uppercase). You should change
your password as soon as possible. (There is a change password link
Photocopies can be made of most material held in the Library
for research and study, as long as you abide by copyright law.
Cupyrlyl it statements die displayed In the Llbraiy, and fuithei
information is available from
Photocopying facilities can be found on Level E (Ground Floor),
with photocopiers located in room E15. There are further copiers
in the Short loan Collection and on Levels A, B and D. Photocopiers
are self-service.
SOAS students and staff use their SOAS username and password to
login to the photocopiers. Credit may be added to your network

account by usinq the recharge stations on Level t and on the
ground floor outside the Library.This is the same account used for
printing credit (see below). Other library users use a rechargeable
flexicard to operate the photocopiers. A flexicard, which includes an
initial 9 units, can be purchased from a machine on Level E There is
a recharging machine for adding additional units to the flexicard.
Please remember tliat pLrotocopying can damage books, so treat
them carefully wirile copying. Charges for photocopying are
currently displayed besides the photocopies and recharge stations.
Tliere is rro plrotocopying service available in Special Collections.
However, other copying services are available orr request.
SOAS staff and students can print from their network-based
accounts. SOAS students are given an initial number offree print
credits, depending on status. Once initial credit has been used,
more credits can be added to network accounts using the recharge
stations on Level E and on the ground floor outside the Library.
This credit may also be used for photocopying. Print/Photocopying
technicians are available in room 130 in the School if you encounter
any problems from 9am to 5pm or you may phone the Helpdesk on
020 7898 4950.
Other services
The Library offers other reprographics services. These include
colour copying and scanning (currently for SOAS staff and students
only) and use of a microform reader-printer.

The Library is committed to providing a full service to readers with
disabilities. The Deputy Reader Services Librarian, (Yvette Dickerson
yd1(Ù a$, tel 020 7898 4192) will be happy to meet new
readers to discuss your requirements and explain how the Library
can best suppor t your personal needs. Assistance can be provided
in fetching materials, flexible loan periods and liaison with other
members of Library staff. A range of special facilities is already
available in a designated study room (Room D15) including a large
text display machine and voice synthesiser. Fur ther provision is
planned, including improved signs and increased availability of
specialist equipment.
SOAS staff and students, and visitors may only bring children into
the Library if they have authorised permission to do so. Permission
forms allowing entry of children into the School are available from
SOAS main reception, and must be completed before access is

Fire alarms
When the fire alarm sounds you must immediately evacuate the
building by the nearest fire exit. Please use the exits on each floor
rather than the main stairs which can become congested. Do not
use the lift. Even if the alarm stops, you must still leave the building.
You can return to the Library only after it has been cleared by the
Fire Brigade.
Disabled users who are unable to navigate stairs will be directed to
a safe refuge by Library staff.
First Aid
In the event of an injury or accident contact Library staff. A list of
qualified first aiders are available on the Library noticeboards.
If you have any secur ity concerns, please contact a member of
Library staff who will contact School security staff as necessary.

Comments & Suggestions
We would like all our users to experience a dean, quiet and
pleasant working environment. Library rules and our customer
charter are on display and copies are available on request.
Ù  To treat Library staff and fellow users with respect and courtesy.
Library staff will treat you in a fair and consistent way.
Ù  To carry your SOAS ID / Library card with you at all times and
to show it to staff on request.
Ù  Not to eat or drink, or to smoke, in any part of the Library.
Ù  To look after your personal property at all times and not to leave
possessions unattended.
Ù  Not to disturb others through the use of mobile phones or loud
Ù  To treat all materials with due respect and care.
The Library's complete Customer Charter is available on the
web at
he Library is very happy to hear your suggestions on how services
and facilities can be improved. We welcome your feedback and
your comments. You may email us at or
complete the feedback form at


Callers within SUAS should dial the extension shown. From outside
SOAS, prefix the extension with 020 7898. Callers from overseas
should prefix the extension with +44 20 7898.
Acquisitions & Serials 4165
Archives & Special Collections 4180
Book Renewals (answerphone) 4197
Disability co-ordinator 4192
Electronic resources 4146
Enquiry Desk '. Ûµ ...... ... . Ù¦ - . . - " . - â–  â–  1 4163
Inter Library Loans 4794
Membership 4190
Queries about your library record 4796


Head of Teaching and Research Support
Barbara Spina 4157
Subject & Regional sections
Africa Art, Archaeology & Music China & Inner Asia Japan & Korea Law Middle East General and non-regional Ù  South Asia South East Asia 4158 4172 4175/4176 4174 4155 4152 4157/4147 4153 4173
Head of Reader Services
Jane Phillipson 4192
Head of Technical Services
Peter McCormack 4166
Head of Archives and Special Collections
Susannah Rayner 4178
Library Management Director of Information Services and Learning Support
John Robinson 4160
PA to Librarian
Gloria Hinds 4160