Appeal issued by the Vietnam Fatherland Front, Central Committee

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Appeal issued by the Vietnam Fatherland Front, Central Committee
Ṃăt trận tỏ̂ quóÌ‚c Vịêt-Nam
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Vietnam War, 1961-1975 ( lcsh )
Vietnam -- History ( lcsh )
Chiến tranh Việt Nam, 1961-1975
Việt Nam - Lịch sử
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1961 - 1965
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Asia -- Vietnam
Châu Á -- Việt Nam
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Hanoi, April 6, 1965



Dear compatriots,

The people throughout our country are facing an
extremely serious situation.

The U.S. imperialists, the sworn enemy of our
nation, are frenziedly stepping up their aggressive
war in South Vietnam and recklessly attacking the
North. They have brought to South Vietnam thousands
more of U.S. combat troops and mercenary troops of
their satellites. They have even resorted to most savage
means of war such as poison gases to massacre our
South Vietnamese kith-and-kin. They have conducted
reapeated air and naval attacks against the northern
part of our country and are daily expanding war to
the whole of Vietnam.

Running headlong on this dangerous path of mili-
tary adventures the U.S. imperialists attempt to save
themselves from their defeat and impasse in the
southern part of our country. They are hoping that
this would stay the march of our southern compa-
triots on the path of liberation. They are hoping that


they cpujd ^intimidate us and win a “position of
strength”\m\ an attempt to force our people to sell
out to them? the sacred national rights which are
'independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial
integrity Already recognized by the 1954 Geneva

But the U.S. imperialists have miscalculated.

Their reckless and frenzied acts are only the symp-
toms of agony of a ferocious beast.

Their “special war” in South Vietnam is meeting
with heavier failures day by day. The props on which
they have been relying to carry out the aggressive war
are being shaken to their foundations. The puppet
administrative machine is beset with endless crisis.
The forces of the puppet army are disintegrating
by fragments. The system of “strategic hamlets” is
falling apiece. They are facing a hopeless situation.
How many more weapons and war materials and how
many more troops of the U.S.A. and its satellites they
may bring in, they cannot triumph over the 14 million
South Vietnamese who are united and fighting under
the glorious patriotic banner of the South Vietnam
National Front for Liberation.

The more they fight the more they lose and the more
they expand the fighting the bigger their failures. Our
heroic South Vietnamese compatriots have won
greater and greater victories as they fight and will
surely win complete victory.

A united people is invincible. Our people’s revolu-
tionary war is surely victorious. In the southern part
of our country these truths are shining brighter and


brighter like sun-light. Stepping up and expanding
the war in such a position of defeat, the U.S. impe-
rialists not only cannot threaten anybody but are
going farther and farther on the path of death. The
more reckless they are, the more bitter their defeats
and the more powerfully and accurately the South
Vietnam liberation forces and people will strike
directly at their dens, scaring them out of their with.
The armed forces and people in many provinces of
North Vietnam have repeatedly dealt thunder blows
at the heads of the U.S. pirates. Being defeated by the
14 million South Vietnamese people, the U.S. impe-
rialists will certainly fail still more bitterly in face
of the bloc of solidarity, as steady as the Long Range,
of the more than 30 million people in the whole of our
country who are resolved to fight against U.S. impe-
rialism for national salvation.

Yet, blindly pursuing their dirty interest the U.S.
imperialists have not given up their sinister designs
of aggression and war provocation. Their clamours
about “peace” and “negotiation” are mere fraudulent
and deceitful tricks. They have openly launched war
against our Vietnam as a whole. Scrapping the 1954
Geneva Agreements, they have crudely encroached
upon our people’s independence and sovereignty,
seriously jeopardizing peace in Indo-China, South-
East Asia and the world.

Dear compatriots,

The Vietnamese revolution is coming to a new
turning point: the whole country is in a state of direct


fighting against the U.S. aggressors. The Fatherland
is appealing to our entire people: “Let us unite to
struggle against U.S. imperialism for national
salvation !”

Facing such a situation, the South Vietnam Libera-
tion National Front Central Committee on March 22,
1965 issued a statement voicing the determination of
our 14 million compatriots in the South to “wipe out
the U.S. imperialists, liberate South Vietnam, defend
North Vietnam and advance toward the reunification
of the Fatherland.” Warmly responding to this historic
statement, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central
Committee on March 27, 1965 issued a statement in
which it pointed out that to defend the independence,
sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the
Fatherland is the sacred duty and an inviolable right
of the more than 30 million of our people.

Today, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Com-
mittee once again voices the inflexible determination
of the 17 million people in North Vietnam to unite
closely with the 14 million compatriots in the South
to fight and defeat the U.S. aggressors.

The task of our people in North Vietnam in the
present period is: to boost production to build
socialism while struggling against U.S. imperialism
to defend North Vietnam and support with all our
might and main the patriotic struggle to liberate
South Vietnam.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee
warmly hails the glorious and inspiring feats of the


armed forces and people in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha
Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Ninh provinces, Vinh
Linh area and Bach Long Vi island who have closely
united and valiantly fought over 20 battles and shot
down 164 U.S. aircraft. The Vietnam Fatherland Front
Central Committee warmly hails the repeated, glorious
and big victories of the heroic South Vietnamese
Liberation Army and people who are driving the U.S.
aggressors into an increasing defensive position and
greater impasse, into “a tunnel with no end in sight”.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee
warmly hails the splendid achievements recorded in
the “everyone redoubles his offerts”, patriotic emula-
tion movement and hails the stirring and widespread
movements, namely the “three high peaks” move-
ment among the working class, the “three determina-
tions” movement among the armed forces, the “three
readies” movement among the youth and the “three
responsibilities” movement among the women.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee
earnestly calls on :

— The officers and men of the armed forces — the
ground, air and naval forces, the People’s Security
Armed Forces, the militia and self-defence corps —
to endeavour to build‘their forces, carry further the
heroic tradition of our nation and army, fight still
more vigourously, record still more resounding
victories to defend the Fatherland and the people.

— The workers to carry further forward their class
revolutionary tradition, to hold a hammer in one hand


and a gun in the other, to improve management and
technique, constantly raise labour productivity, boost
industrial production, strengthen the economic and
national defence forces of the North while standing
ready to fight and fight heroically to defend their
factories, mines and construction sites.

— All co-operative farmers to carry further their
glorious tradition of fighting the enemy for national
salvation, to hold a plough in one hand and a gun in
the other, step up production, consolidate their
co-operatives, improve management and technique,
constantly increase labour productivity in order to
ensure an all-sided, vigourous and steady development
of agriculture, push forward the movement of lowland
people taking part in developing economy and culture
in mountain regions, raise the people’s living stan-
dards, strengthen the national defence forces while
standing ready to fight and fight courageously to
defend their villages and native land.

— The intellectuals and public servants to heighten
further their patriotism and revolutionary ardour,
devote all their might and main to the cause of
building socialism and defeating U.S. imperialism and
its quislings.

— People of all walks of life to sharpen their
vigilance constantly, enhance their fighting spirit,
calmness, and courage, not to indulge in subjectivity
and underestimate the enemy, be prepared at all times
to cope with all eventualities, develop the spirit of
self-reliance, engage in active production and econo-


mization, endeavour to defend and build the North and
support with all their might and main the liberation
fight of their Southern compatriots.

— All overseas Vietnamese to turn their thoughts
toward their beloved Fatherland, actively support the
just struggle of our people against U.S. imperialist
aggression and mobilize world public opinion to do
the same.

— The entire Vietnamese people, irrespective of age,
sex, nationality and religious creed, to give full play
to their patriotism, heroic and revolutionary tradition,
close further their ranks for national salvation, unite
millions as one man under the ever-victorious banner
of the Vietnam Workers’ Party and President Ho Chi
Minh, the great leader of our people.

On this occasion, the Vietnam Fatherland Front
Central Committee also earnestly calls on all those
who have the national spirit in the puppet army and
administration in South Vietnam quickly to realize
the towering crimes and inevitable failure of the U.S.
imperialists and the utter rottenness of the U.S.
lackeys so as to return to the Fatherland and people
and find for themselves a bright future among the
people’s ranks.

On behalf of the 17 million people in North Vietnam,
the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee
warmly welcomes and sincerely thanks the Soviet
Union, the People’s Republic of China and other
fraternal socialist countries, the governments of many
nationalist countries, international organisations and


progressive people in the world, including women,
youth, students, personalities, intellectuals and clergy-
men in the United States for their energetic condem-
nation of the bellicose and aggressive U.S. imperialists
and their active support for the just struggle of the
Vietnamese people against U.S. imperialism. The Viet-
nam Fatherland Front Central Committee earnestly
calls on all peace and justice-loving forces in the
world and the American people to promote further the
mass movements to demand that the U.S. government
correctly implement the 1954 Geneva Agreements on
Vietnam, end its war of aggression in South Vietnam
and all its acts of war against the Democratic Republic
of Vietnam, withdraw all troops, weapons and war
materials of the United-States and its satellites from
South Vietnam and let the South Vietnamese people
settle themselves their internal affairs.

Dear compatriots,

Over the past 20 years or more, the South Viet-
namese people have struggled valiantly and unremit-
tingly, making great contributions to the liberation
and defence of North Vietnam. They have undergone
so many sacrifices and hardships for the independence
and freedom of the whole country, and for peace in
the North. We shall never forget these great services
rendered by our South Vietnamese compatriots to the
Fatherland and the nation.

At present, in face of the frenzied aggression car-
ried out by the U.S. aggressors against the South
and their attacks against the North, more than ever


before, we must pool our efforts with the South Viet-
namese people in order to annihilate the U.S. impe-
rialist aggressors and the traitors.

In response to the appeal of the Central Committee
of the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation,
our 17 million people in the North pledge their close
solidarity with their compatriots in the South in the
fight against the common enemy and support with all
their might and main the revolutionary liberation
movement of our Southern compatriots. If to defend
North Vietnam is the sacred duty of the South Viet-
namese people, to support the South is the sacred duty
of the North Vietnamese people. Vietnam is one. The
Vietnamese people is one. The U.S. imperialists are
committing aggression against our Fatherland. It is
the, duty of all Vietnamese to fight the enemy for
national salvation. That is self-evident. That is an
inviolable right of all nations subjected to aggression
by imperialism.

Dear compatriots,

Our people is a heroic people. No force on earth can
subjugate us. Through several thousand years of
history, our people have always proved an undaunted,
indomitable and heroic people and have on many
occasions fought resolutely and victoriously against
enemies several times stronger.

Today, hsitory has entrusted us with an extremely
heavy but extremely glorious task : to defeat the U.S.
imperialist aggressors, the ringleader and most fero-
cious of the imperialists, the most dangerous colonia-
list, the enemy number one of the people throughout


the world, in order to liberate the country completely
and defend our Fatherland — an outpost of the socia-
list camp —, win a great success for the national
liberation movement in Asia, Africa and Latin Ameri-
ca, contributing to the defence of peace in South-East
Asia and the world.

For the independence of the Fatherland, the glory
of the nation, for our own existence, our sacred inter-
nationalist duty and the bright future of our succeeding
generations, we are resolved to make all sacrifices to
fulfil this heavy but glorious task.

We have the strength of the nation-wide solidarity
and enjoy the solidarity and support of the socialist
countries, the peoples of Laos, Cambodia and other
countries in South-East Asia and the world people,
including the American people. We have a glorious
tradition of history, we have experiences on how to
fight and to win. With an iron-like confidence, we are
sure to defeat the U.S. aggressors.

The U.S. imperialists are pursuing an unjust cause.
Justice is on the side of our people. Justice will defini-
tely triumph over injustice. Our people will certainly
defeat the U.S. aggressors. The U.S. imperialists have
only one way out, that is to stop their war.of aggres-
sion, withdraw all troops of the U.S.A. and its satellites,
respect the independence, sovereignty, unity and
territorial integrity of our country as clearly defined
in .the 1954 Geneva Agreements. If the U.S. aggressors
stubbornly intensify their aggressive war in the South
and attack the North, the Vietnamese people are
resolved to fight and strike hard and accurately till
final victory.


North Vietnam must certainly be defended!

South Vietnam will certainly be liberated !

Our Fatherland will certainly win complete inde-
pendence and freedom !

Our entire people will certainly achieve a peaceful,
unified, independent, democratic, prosperous and
strong Vietnam !

Compatriots throughout the country, let us close our
ranks and courageously march forward !

Hanoi, April 6, 1965


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