Draft Melanesian Liturgy

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Draft Melanesian Liturgy
[Church of England. Diocese of Melanesia.] ( Author, Primary )
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[British Solomon Islands]
[Diocese of Melanesia]
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Church of England -- Liturgy -- Texts ( lcsh )
Church of England ( lcsh )
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Anglican Church of Melanesia
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Pacific Ocean -- Solomon Islands -- Central Province -- Siota -- Nggela Pile Island
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Private Preparation.
Jesus Christ comes to me in Holy
Communion. He gives me his Body
broken for me and his Blood shed for
me. He. gives me his life to feed my
soul and strengthen my body.
To prepare for receiving Jesus in
Holy Communion I need Repentance,
Faith and Love.
Holy Spirit of God, help ne. to see my sins, and make me truly sorry for
(Think about your life to find out
your sins. If you are worried about
so no sins, ask the priest to hear
your confession).
0 ny God, I have, sinned very much
against you. I an very sorry that I
have, hurt you by my sins. I know
that Jesus died for me to set me free
from sin. I trust in Jesus for my forgiveness, and with your help I
want to obey you and put away all sin.
Father, I believe that you sent your
Son Jesus to be my Saviour.
I believe that I shall receive him
in Holy Communion.
I put my trust in Jesus, not myself.

O Father, I love you because while
we were still sinners you sent Jesus
to die for us.
Jesus, I want to love yon truly be-
cause you first loved me.
Jesus, come to me and give me life,
and may I never leave you.
We do not trust in our own right-
eousness, O Lord, when we come to
your holy table, but in your great
mercy. We are not worthy even to
gather the crumbs from under your
table. But you are always merciful. Grant us therefore, gracious Lord,
so to eat the body of your dear Son
Jesus Christ, and to drink his. blood,
that we may evermore live. in him
and he in us. Amen.
Almighty God, to whom all hearts
are open, all desires known, and
from whom no secrets are hidden;
cleanse our thoughts by the breath,
of your Holy Spirit, so that we may
truly love you. and worthily praise
your holy name; through Christ our
Lord. Amen.

?he Introduction.
Lord have, mercy. Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy. Christ have mercy. Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy. Lord. have, mercy. Lord have mercy. or
Kyrie. eleison. Christe eleiscn. Kyrie eleisoa.
Glory be to God on high, and on
earth peace to men of good will. We
praise you:,, we bless you, we worship
you, we glorify you, we thank you
for your great glory, O Lord God,
heavenly King, God the Father Al-
O Lord, God's only true Son
Jesus Christ, O Lord God, Son of the
Father, you take, away the sin of the
world- have mercy on us. O Lord, you
take away the sin of the. world-
receive. our' prayer. O Lord, you sit

at the right hand of God the Father-
have nercy on us.
You only are the holy one, you
alone are Lord, you alone, Genua
Christ, with the. Eoly Spirit, are
raoai high in the Glory of God the
Father Amen.
Let ua pray.
The Collects(?agea IG4j)s
The Miniatry of the V/ord.
The Epistles (Sit)#
The Gospels (Stand)
Before the Gospel-
Glory be to you, O Lords
After the Gospel-
Priase be to. you, O Christ#
I in one God, the. Father
- Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth,
and of all. things seen' and unseens
And. in one Lord Jesus Christ,
the only Son of Godj born iron the
Father before all worlds; God from

God; Liglit from Light; true God
from true God; who for us. Hen and
for our salvation cane down from
heaven, and was nade flesh by the
Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary, and
was nade nan; and was crucified
also for us under Pontius Pilate;
he suffered and was buried; and
the. third day he rose again accord-
ing to the. Scriptures; and ascended
into heaven, and sits at the right
hand of the Father; and he. shall
cone again with glory to judge both
the living and the dead; whose
kingdom shall have no end.
And X believe in the. Holy Spirit,
the Lord, the giver of life, who
cones, from the Father and the. Son;
who with the Father and the Son to-
gether is worshipped and glorified;
who spoke by the Prophets. And X
believe One Holy Catholic and Apost-
olic Church; X believe in one
baptism for the forgiveness of sins;
and I look for the resurrection of
the dead, and the life of the world
to cone Anen#
(notices about the life and worship
of the Church nay be given here.)

QFFertory Sentence.
Your light oust shine before people,
so that they will see the good
things you do, and give praise to
your Father in heaven. (Matt.S.lS)
Offer to God your thanks; and do
what you promised the Most High.
(Psalm. 50.14).
Bo to others, what you want then to
do for you; this is the meaning of
the Law and the teaching of the
Prophets. (Matt.?.12).
Take a good lock at the gardens; the
crops are now ripe and ready to be
dug. (john.4.35}
The Lord is glorious in his saints;
O come let us adore, him.
The Intercession.
^ Let us pray for the whole Church of.
Christ and for all men according to
their needs.
(Special Intercessions).

Almighty God, as we have been
taught by your holy Word to pray for
all. men, so now we ask yon to accept
these gifts, and to receive our
prayers, for the whole Church, of .
Christ, that, it nay be filled with
the spirit of goodness and peace,
and that all. who believe in your
holy Ilame nay agree in the truth of
your holy Word, and live as a family
in unity and love.
We pray for the rulers of the
nations, and especially for your
servant Elisabeth, our Queen., and all
who have authority and rule, that
they nay wisely and justly govern,
and give peace and care to all
Fill with grace all ministers of
your Word and Sacraments, especially
your servants..........our Bishops,
and all the other Clergy of this
Diocese, that by their life and teach-
ing they nay show- your glory and draw"
all men to you.
Guide and help we pray, those who
are working for the spread of your
gospel in every place,' and bring the
light of your Spirit to all places of
work, learning and healing.

go all your people in their nany
callings give your heavenly grace,
and especially to us. your servants.,
that all nay hear your holy Word
-with good and billing hearts, and
serve you truly all the days of
their life
We ask you, Father, that your
great love and kindness nay couxort
and help, all. who are in trouble,
sorrow, need or sickness .
And we pray for all your ser-
vants, departed this life, in your
faith and fear; for whose goodness
we give you thanks, and whose ways
we pray that, we nay follow, and
enter with then into your endless
Grant this O holy Father, for
Jesus Christ. s sake. Aneru
The Invitation
How let us cone with sorrow, and
in true faith, and. noke our con-
fession to our heavenly Father

Almighty Father, Judge of all men,
we have, sinned against you in what
we have- thought, said,and done. We
have not loved our neighbours as
ourselves Forgive us. fox yotir Son
our Saviour Jesus Christ. s a also, and
help us to serve you in the new life
to the. glory of your none. Amen..
The Absolution.
Almighty God,our merciful Father,
who has promised forgiveness of sins
to all who are truly sorry, turn to
him in faith, and are ready to for-
give others; have mercy on you, par-
don and save, you from all your sins;
make you strong in all goodness, and
keep you in life eternal; through
Jesus. Christ our Lord. Amen.
Sursum Corda.
v. The Lord be with yoxi.
R. And with you.
V. Lift up your hearts.
E.. We lift then up to the. Lord.

V. Let us give, thanks to our Lord
R. It is good and right to do. so.
It is very good and right that we
should at all tines and in all
places give thanks, to You, O Lord,
Holy Father, Almighty everlasting
(Here shall follow the Proper
Preface) c
And so with angels and archangels
and all the glorious company of
heaven, joyfully we praise you and.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord. God of Hosts,
heaven and earth, are full of your
glory. Glory to you, O Lord most
Blessed is he who comes in the
name of the Lord. Hoaarma in the

The Prayer of Consecration,
All glory be. to jrou, heavenly Father
who In your loving mercy gave your
only Son Jesus Christ that all who believe in him night have eternal
Hear us, merciful Father, and
grant that taking this bread and
this wine in remembrance of the
death and passion of your Son our
Saviour Jesus Christ, we na|r receive
his most blessed body and blood;
who the night before he suffered
on the cross, took bread, and when
he had given thanks he brake it and
gave'it to .his disciples, and said,
Take, eat, this is my body which is
given, for you; do this in remembrance
of ne#
In the same way after supper he
took the cup, and when he. had given
thanks he. gave it to then, and said,
Drink this, all of you, for this is
my blood of the new covenant' which
is shed for yon and for many, for
the forgiveness of sins; do this, as L
often as you drink it, in remembrance
of me

And so Father, we do this as your
Son commanded, and we offer to you
our praise and thanksgiving for his
one perfect sacrifice, made on the
cross for the sin of the world, for
his nighty resurrection and glorious
ascension, which we bring before
1 you in this sacranent of the bread
of life and the cup of salvation.
Accept us, in him, we pray, with
this our sacrifice of praise and.
thanksgiving, and grant that all we
who receive this holy connunion,
nay be filled with, the Holy Spirit
and be raade one in your holy Church,
the body of your Son Jesus Christ
our Lord, through whom and in whom,
in the unity of the Eoly Spirit,
all honour and glory be to you,
almighty Father, for ever_ and ever
As our Lord has taught us, we say-
Our Father in heaven, holy be your
name, your role come, your will be
done, in the world as it is in
heaven. Give us this day our food
for today. Forgive us what we do
wrong as we forgive those who do
wrong to us. Bring us not into zl
trouble to try us, but save us from
evil. For yours is the rule and the

power and the glory for ever and
ever. Anen.
V. The peace of the Lord be always. with jrou.
R. And with you.
Filiua Dei. .
O Soil of God, you take away the sin
of the world- have aercy on us.
O San of God, you take away the sin
of the world- have nercy on us.
O Son of God, you take away the sin
of the world- give us yaur peace.
The Communion.
(in giving the Eoly Food the priest
The Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. and
The Blood of our Lord Jeaus Christ. ...........

ffhe Thanl^s^iyiii^.
Almighty and ever living God, we
thank you with all our hearts for
feeding us with the holy food of
the. most wonderful body and "blood
of your Son, our Saviour Jesus
Christ. We also thank you for your
love and care for us in making us
members of his living, body which is
the family of all God.s people, and.
for giving us a share in eternal
And so Father, keep us with your
grace, so that we nay do the good
work that you have made ready for
us..'And here we give ourselves to
you, soul and body, to be a. holy
and living sacrifice, through Jesus
Christ our Lord, to whom with yau
and the Holy Spirit be. all honour
and glory, in every tine. Amen.
Go out into the world in peace,
love, and serve the Lord, be full
of joy in the power of the Eoly
Spirit, and the blessing of God
Almightyj the Father, the Sou and
the Holy Spirit he with you and
stay with you for ever. Amen.

(Note- The Creed is to be said at
every celebration of the Holy Com-
munion. The Gloria is always used,
except in Advent, Lent, and at a
Requiem. Ablutions will be taken
after the Blessing.)
Private_Thanksg i ving.
Say slowly, a few tinea, prayers
like these-
Uy Lord and my God.
Thank you Lord Jesus for coming
even to me.
Now I have you in my heart.
Change oe that I nay. be like you.
I give myself to. you, body,soul,
and spirit, to do your holy will.
Blessed, praised and hallowed be
Jesus Christ on his throne, of glory,
in the most holy Sacrament of the
altar, and in the temple of my
Remember all the day long that
Jesus is in you.

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lP:rivate Preparation. Jesus C hrist. comes to me in ::[oly 2-I e e;ives oe his B o d y broken fo;:o n e and his. Blood s hed for B e gi7as me his life. to fae.d my soul and strengthen o y body. T o prepare for receiving Jesus in Holy Conr1union I need F aith a nd Love. Repentence. Holy S pirit o f God, help ne. to lilY s .ins., a ucl oake m e truly sorry for them.. (T hink about your liic to fin e out your sins. If you are 'tTOrried a bou.t s.Ja__:.v s :ins, osk t h e prieat to h e a r your confe ssion). 0 n y G o\1, I htwa sinn.e d v ery r.1uch you.. I very sorry I havre hurt you b y my sins I kno1 r that Jesus. ior l'.lC to set ne f're. e froo sin. I trtt a:t in Jes,ua for my forgivenes.s, and. 'trith your help I '"ant to o bey you and p u t ai ro y all sin. Faith.",. I believe. t het you aent your San Jesus to be. uy Saviour. I believe t hat I s hall receive. h i m in Boly Coonunion. I put n y trus.. t in Jesu.s, not myself.


Love I l.ove you. becnu.oc. le we. Cltill uinuers you. sent Jesus. to die for uo. Josu.s, I ;n:mt to love you. -truly be ca.urre you iirst. l oved ::c J .esns, come to t1c and c;ivc. me. life, and l!illY I YU':ver you. Ue c:.o not trus.t in our o>m righteousnes.s, 0 1or(;, w hen ue coe:e.. to your holy table, but iu your ereelt nercy. Ue ere not uort7:.y even to gatner the crumbs fro>::l u;ccler you.r table... :Su t you are c,l-;ra;srs ne rcii.ul. Grant us eracioun Lord, so t o eat. t he. body oi your dear Sou Christ. and to his.. blood, that i'la nay 0vc.rmorc. live iu hitl and he in us.. llne.n Aloighty God to rho::1 c.ll hearts nre open, <2.ll desirec knovm and from 1-rhoo :no cecr0tCl arc hi

Stand. Intr:)C.uction. Lord hove wGrcy Lord oercy. Lord b.a.v e lilercy .. Christ have. marcy. C hrist marcy. Christ l1 U .' G me.rcy. Lord. have ncrcy. Lore!... hcve oe.rcy. LorQ. b.c .. ve eleison. Christe eleiscn. :ryrie elGisou. GLOI'.IA .. or be to Goa ou hi8h, and on earth peace eo men of good "'rill. U e proJ.s.c.. you:; T..rc 'ulcss. you.., .,e uorship you, ue elorify you, we t hant: you for your g;;:oeot glory, 0 Lord God hecv-:ml y :\i n g God tbe Fo.tncr Aloighty. 0 Lord, God s only true Son Jesus 0 Lord God, Son of the Fatt,c.r, you t .al:e. avoy the sin of the world-have oercy on us. 0 Lord, you ta?r:c. m1ay the sin of the. 'tl our prayer. 0 Lord, you sit


_ at the hand of G od the FatharDorcy on ua. You only are the. holy oil.C1, you aLone are Lord, you al.onc., Christ, with the. EoLy Spirit, are noG.t high i n the. Glory of God the.. Fa. t h e r. Amen. JKnee.l Le.t. us. pray The Coll.e..ct.(P nge..s. IG-lil}. The itlinis:try of the \ford The. Epistle .. The Gospel. {sit). {Gti.nd). Before the.. Goop0lGlory be to you, 0 Lord. After the be to you, 0 Christ. Sermon. Stand. TEE CREED. I Believe in one God, the. Fnthe. r -Alnighty, l'lcltar of heeven aml aarth., and of all. thinga seen and uns.een. And in one Lord Jesus., the Son of God; born fron the. Fnther before. all '\'r.orlds.; God fron


God; Light froo Light; true God fron true. God; who for. us nen end for our salvet.ion Cl:l.l::lc do'tm froo heaven, ond 1 'ms. Wlde flesh by the. Holy Spirit of the Virgin !11c:oJ.ry, and ;rns :mode nun; ond wos crucified ols o for us unccr Pontius Pilote; he s.uffered a.:nd ua.s buricei; a.T'ld the. t 1lird dny he rose again accord ing to t he. Scriptures; a.nd ae:cended into heaven, and sits c:t t h e right hond of the li'n:ther; ond he sholl. coca again ;'li th e;locy to judge both the.. living ond the dead ; ,..,hose. kingdoo sholl have no end. And I beliave i n the.. Holy Spirit, the. Lord, the giver of life, w h o fro:':l the Fother and the. Son; "'ll'h o with tl1e Father and the Son to gether is ;.rorshipped and glorific.d; who spoke by t he. Prophets.. And I believe.. Ona doly Catholic and Apost olic Church; I believe i n one baptise for the forgiveness:. of sina; anc:! I look for the resurrection of the de. o.d, and tha life of the. >rorld to cone. Anen. (llotic. e s about. the. life o.nd 1rorship of t h e Church be given here.)


OFFertory Your light oust shine bafore so that they rill sec the cood t hines you do, and give. to your Father in heaven. (l1lat. t .S.I6) Offer -to God y our thonkn; a.n.a d o what you prooised the i-:loo.t Eigh. ( TI 1 1: 0 ;r .. ) "sa_,_u. _. i"' D o to others. w hat you --vra...'"lt -then to cla f o r you.; t his is t h e ceoning o f the. Lm-r and tha tccchi::.g Qf Prophets. (Nett. 7 .I21 Tnke a good lock a t the. a.ardens; tha crops nre. now ripe nnd r ancly to be dug. T he Lord i s glorious in hia 0 co:oe let us. ndore l:iu. l\ueel. The Inte.rcessi?.!., Let us prny for the Church of Christ and for all ocn nccor.ding to their needs.. {SpeCial Intc.rcGsaioas.).


Alnic;hty God as 1<1e hove been tone;ht by your h oly \rlord to :prny for c,ll so i10"':T we osk you -to accept theae gifts, nnc1 t.o re_ceive our proyors. i'or tlw >'!bole Church of .. Christ, it :1oy be 'li th the spirit ol e;oodness nnd ponce, nnc1 t .hct. nll 11llo i n your holy lJa.wc :..1ny ce;rce in the trr.1th of your holy i!o:;:-d, end live na a. fnuily iu lli"1i ty a.ncl love. Ue p:rny fo::;:-the rul0rs of the one for your s

" To all your in their nnny cnllings gi vc. your he.r:.vcnly grace, nnd cspecio.lly to tuJ y our oarvnnts. thot oll Dny hear y::>ur holy Hard vi t.h c;ood ond l'rilli!:.g I:.eorts. nnd scl."'Ve you truly oll the Ci.nys o-ic t heir life tle nsh: you., J:!'ntl:or 1 t l l...,t, your grent l ove a.ncl kindness c.ny coofort nnc1 help, all 1-rl:.o nre. in. trouble, sorro'\'1, need or sickne-ss. And 1rre proy for nll your sarvnnt. s clepnrted life in your fo.i th and fenr; for -rh o se soodness lie give you. nncl 1-rhos a wnys '"e. proy thnt ue noy i ollo1r, and .vi tl1 then into your e:.1dle.s s joy. Grout this 0 b.oly, f o r Jesus Chris:t s J.llJ..ell.. 'l'he Invitation. H let un. cov.e with s Q rro'trr, ond in true f oi th, and our confession t o our hec.veuly


Al o ie; bty l"nt her, J'nc!.e;e o f nll ne.n, hnvc. s .inncd o.gninst you in 1 rhnt. 111e hove t h o:..1e;ht, ouicLood c'.onc. H e hnvc not lovec'. our ncie;bbours os Porc;iv e us for your Son our Saviour J:zsus C hrist's scire, and help us to sct"''J'c you i n t h e ne1-r life, to the e;lory of your nnua. ADen T 1 e Absolutior:. Al2ighty Gocl,o.ur nerciful Father, u h o hns plo::Jinccl forgivanes. s o i sins t.o nll "'-'-O ere truly s .orcy, t urn to h i m i n f .ni t.h nnd nrc. renc1y to for give. oti:'; ha.v c n c .rcy o n you, purdon nnc'1. snve. you fron oll your ains.; onke. you stron 5 i n nll gocclnes.s, and k e .ep you i n lii e aternol; t hrough Jesus C hrist our Lord .Amen. Stnnd. Su.rsun Cordn. v. The I,orC. be vith you. R. .And "'i -th you. v L ift. up your hearts. R .. U a liit t hen up to t h e Lord


V. Let us give thnnks to our Lord God. R. It is g ooct a.ncl right to clo. so. It is very eooc nucl risht we s hould nt oll tin?a c ncl in plnoes give t hnnt: s to You 0 Lord, Holy Fnther, everlnsting God. (:Here shn.ll follow ti-:o3 Proper Prefnc.JC') And so "Ti t h n.n&;ols c..c1 nr.Clhongels and nll t h e glo;;.:P.cus c.oupnn. y of henven1 joyfully vre prtdse you o.nd. so.yHoly, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts, heaven a.nd earth nra full of your glory. Glacy to you, 0 Lord most hie; h. Blessed is he 1'.rh9 caues i n the name the Lord. Boscnnn in the highest. Kneel.


The Prn,yer .of All-glory be to you, henvenly Fothar who in your lovine aarcy your only Gon ;:;-caus. Christ that nll who believe in him. night have. et.e.rnol li':fe. Hac.r us mere i ful Fa. the r, nnd grnnt tha.t ta.king t his brea.d a.nd this wine in remenbra.nce of the. deoth and passion of'your Son our Saviour J'eailll C hris:t, we oa.t reeeive. hia I':l.OS:t. blessed b&dy a.nd b ood; who tl:e nigh t before he suffered an t h e cross, tock bren.d, and when he hod given t h a.nks he broke it to his disciples, and soid T, eot, t his is. ny bocly '\fhich is givenfor you; d o this in rerlelilbrnnce. of ne.. In t h e sane wny ofte.r supper h e took the. cup, a.nd whe.n he hod gi van tha.nks he it to thea, ond soid, Drink this, oll of you, for this is nyblood of the new covena.ntwhich is shed for ycru end for nony, for the fargi of sins; c!.o this, os often_.a.s you drink it, in renenbronce of oe.


J.n6. so Father, eo ti:ia ns your Sou, nnd vre. offer to you. our prnis.e. and t h nnks.c;ivi::.:.g far his one 1oe.:rfect ::wcrifice. :2nde on cross for the sin vorld, for his niahty glorious nscenaion, W'bich lle bring before you. i n t his sncrc.nent of the bread -cf life oncl the cup of snlvntiou. Accept us, in his, l'le pray, t'ri th tl:is our s .a.crifice of prc.ise and t hanksgiving, end grant all we vho receive holy c.oDD.ur:.ion., oo.y be filled with the :doly Spirit o.nd be nnde one i n your holy Church, the body of your Son Jesus C hrist our Lord, through w ton o.nd in w.ho:o, in the unity of the Eoly Gpirit, o.l.l honour a.n.C. gluey be to you, oluit;hty Fa.ther, for ever_ o.nd. aver Anen. As our Lore! hns tcusht us, we sayOur Fa.ther in heaven; be your nane; your rule cooe, your "id.ll be clone, in the warlc! o.s it is i n heaven. Give ua t his our fa.od for toU.ny. forgive. us \Ih.o.t ile cla wrong o.s we forgive thOse who do \;r:rong to us. Bring us not into trouble to try us, but o eve us from evil. Fo r yours is tl:..e rule o.ncl the


power oud t h e glory for aver end ever t..nen.. V T h e p ence of t h e I.rord be. '\"rit h you. R And with you. Filius Dei 0 Son o f God you. take away t h e s cin of t h e world-h ove oercy o n us. 0 So.r:: af G o d you tak e awa y t he sin of the h nve rr e.rcy o n U.So 0 So n of God, y o u tcili e m roy t h e sin af t h e ... ,.,orld -give. us yo .ur p e nce. TI: e Coo.c.ur.:i o n (In civit:. G t h e :Holy Foo d t he priest snys. -The B o d y o f o u r Lord Jesus Christ. and-The. Blood o f our Lard Jesus C hxis.t.. ***********


,The .. vin&!_ Alnie;hty nncl everliving God., we tho.nk you 1-ri th oll our hc.a.:rta fox feecling us >-Ti t h the holy food of the ooat wonderful b o cly o.ucl bl.ood o f your Son, our Saviour Jeaua Christ.. vJe a.lao thank you for your love nnd for us in ua.kiug ua oeobers of his liviu.g. .. bocly which is the of nll people, for giving us n in at.arnnl life. And ao Fa.t.he.r keep us 1d tb. y-our grnc:.>:!, so thn:t ve. nny c l o the goo d uox:..c thnt :to7e n::1d e rcc.d;r for us. And here giv-a ourse.lve. s to you, soul nnd bod.y:J to be. o. ond living S'lc:d through Je.aus. Christ our Lore!., to uith you o.nd the Holy Spi:d t be. a.ll honour and gloey, in every tiDe. 1ll:len. Go i:c.t o the. world in peace; love ru""ld serre U:.c !J.'Jrc_, be full of joy in tha o f the. troly Spirit, a.nd the. blessice o f God ./i..loighty, tJ:1e Pother, the. S o n. nnd the Holy Spirit he 1rith you and. stay with you for ever. men.


{Ho te-The Creed is to be snic1 et every ce.lebration of the E.oly Coc OWlio!!.. The Glorin is o.lwc.ys used, except in Advent, Lent, and o.t o. Requ.ien. Ablutions will be token o.fter_the Blessing.) Say s.lolTly, c few tines, prayers. theseLore end cy Gael. 171hnnk you Lord for coning even to oe.. Now I hove. you in cy heart. Change oe that I like you. I give oyself to you, body,soul,. ond spirit, to. do your holy will. ole. ss:e.d, praised nnd hollowe d be Jes.u.a Christan his throne of glory, in the nost holy Socrnoent of the altar, and i n the tenple of oy he.a.rt. ************** Reneober oll the day long tha.t Jesus. is in you. **************