نظم اور مدح اعلی حضرت ادورد هفتم بادشاه سلطنت متحده (MS. 32592)

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نظم اور مدح اعلی حضرت ادورد هفتم بادشاه سلطنت متحده (MS. 32592)
Translated Title:
Naẓm aur madḥ aÊ»lá Ḥaz̤rat-i Idward haftum-i bādshāh-i salá¹­anat-i muttahÌ£idah
Abbreviated Title:
Nazm aur madh a'la Hazrat-i Idward haftum-i badshah-i saltanat-i muttahidah
حفیظ ( Author, Primary )
Ḥafīẓ, 1862-1924 ( Author, Primary )
Nazrur Rahman Hafeez of Patna ( Author, Primary )
Hafiz, 1862-1924
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Physical Description:
1 manuscript volume


Subjects / Keywords:
Urdu poetry -- 20th century ( lcsh )
اردو شاعری -- بیسویں صدی
poetry ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Asia -- India
Asia -- Pakistan
ایشیا -- بھارت
ایشیا -- پاکستان
21 x 78
30 x 70


General Note:
VIAF (name authority) : Ḥafīẓ, 1862-1924 : record number 31124212 : URI
General Note:
A short poem in praise of his Majesty King Edward VII Emperor of India written at the Imperial Coronation. Jan. 1903
General Note:
Incipit: در بازتاجپوشی جو هندوستانمین هی
General Note:
Extent: 102 f.

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SOAS, Univerity of London
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Archives and Special Collections
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This item is licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial License. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon this work non-commercially, as long as they credit the author and license their new creations under the identical terms.
Resource Identifier:
MS. 32592 ( SOAS manuscript number )

Full Text
A short poem in praise of His Magesty King Edward VII Emporer of India
Written at the Imperial coronation in India
By M. H. H. S. S. Nazrur Rahman Hafeez of Patna
Jan. 1908

Nazr al-Rahman, Hafiz, of Patna.
[Urdu text.]

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A short poem in praise of his Majesty King Edward VII Emperor of India written at the Imperial Coronation..Jan. 1903


102 f.

Nasta'liq hand


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Urdu poetry--20th century

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