SOAS Digital Library for Pacific and Australasian Studies

SOAS Digital Library's collections for the Pacific and Australasian Studies (PAS) has reflected the library's collections of print materials on the regions, with special focusing on the subject areas of languages, linguistics and anthropology.

The Pacific and Australasia collections cover the areas of the Pacific Ocean (including Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand). SOAS Library holds an important collection on Australian Aborigines and New Zealand Maori languages, anthropology and on land rights.
Past and present SOAS-based scholars have conducted extensive researches on the regions and these include PhD students who have successfully completed their theses on the islands. SOAS Digital Library is aiming to be a platform for such research data, theses, and other forms of information resources available in the digital or electronic format.
Some highlights of the SOAS Digital Library's PAS collections include rare materials such as Observationes de Otaheite, &ct. (published in 1769), Language of Otaheite (1780), and Vocabularies of Taheitian & other South Sea dialects by Sr. Joseph Banks (1780). For more information and downloading, click here