Habari za Wakilindi (MS 10294a and MS 10294b)

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Habari za Wakilindi (MS 10294a and MS 10294b)
Series Title:
Werner Collection
Abdallah bin Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajami ( Author, Primary )
Bin Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajami, Abdallah ( contributor )
Publication Date:
Paper ( medium )
Handwritten manuscript : Written in ink of various colours and bound in two green volumes; the manuscript contains small decorative drawings and Other elements of design


Subjects / Keywords:
Political history
Oral history ( LCSH )
Indigenous populations
Indigenous peoples ( LCSH )
Shebuge Kinyasi
Kimweri, Omari ( LCNA )
Essays ( LCGFT )
Spatial Coverage:
Africa -- Tanzania -- Eastern Africa
-6.307 x 34.854


This manuscript comprises a partial version (all but the first 30 ‘sura’) of the History of the Wakilindi by Abdallah bin Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajami. This narrative focuses on the succession of Wakilindi rulers, namely Shebuge Kinyasi, Kimweri and Shekuluwavu. It narrates some events in which the author had a role. The scribe’s use of vowels makes the manuscript difficult to read, and a lack of punctuation makes sections of the narrative difficult to follow. In the 1962 publication, non-Swahili words appear in italic type; in this manuscript, their presence contributes to difficulties in reading. ( en )
General Note:
Biographical information: The 1962 publication of ‘Habari ya Wakilindi,’ in outlining the life of Abdallah bin Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajami, says that he was born in Unguja between A.D. 1840 and 1845. His mOther was a native of Kilwa-Kivinje, and his father, an artillery commander at the sultan’s palace in Zanzibar, was a native of Iran. Abdallah bin Ahmad was brought up in the palace of Sultan Sayyid Barghash; there he studied the Qur’an and the Arabic language, and he learnt to fight with sword, shield and dagger and became accustomed to dressing in the Arab fashion. When he was 20 or 21, Abdallah bin Ahmad left Unguja on a dhow and arrived in Pangani. He met with an official from Unguja, who sent him to Kimweri Sultani of Vuga with a recommendation; and Kimweri Sultani employed him as a kind of ambassador. When Abdallah bin Ahmad wrote a letter to the sultan in Zanzibar on behalf of Kimweri Sultani, the sultan recognised Abdallah bin Ahmad’s handwriting, forgave his transgressions and determined that he should remain in his position in Vuga. -- Abdallah bin Ahmad was nicknamed Abdallah Gugu because of his habit of travelling secretly through the forest on his missions to force submission to the Wakilindi chiefs. In his ambassadorial -- and sometimes combative - role he became widely known and respected. The Germans appointed him as ‘akida’ and finally, in 1905, as Liwali of Tanga. In 1912 he died. -- A prefatory note to the first volume explains that the author ‘fled from Zanzibar before the days of Seyyid Barghash, on account of debts and Other difficulties and he became a sort of Prime Minister to the Wakilindi chiefs.’
General Note:
Date of Composition: 1895 AD (1313 A.H.)
General Note:
Languages: Swahili (Arabic script)
General Note:
Extent: 2 vols. (about 330 pages)
General Note:
Donated by Alice Werner in 1920
General Note:
Incipit: Somo 31: ya kimweri kutolewa Bumburi kuletwa vuga kutawala mahala pa Buge. Yule Mrao wa kwanza aliye akitumwa Vuga kwenda Bumburi amekuwa mzee sana
General Note:
Archival history: The above-mentioned note adds that the author kept the manuscript of the earlier portion for himself; hence this manuscript’s incompleteness
General Note:
Africa -- Eastern Africa -- Tanzania
General Note:
Africa -- Eastern Africa -- Tanzania -- Tanga Region -- Tanga
General Note:
Africa -- Eastern Africa -- Tanzania -- Tanga Region -- Lushoto District -- Vuga
General Note:
Scribe: Abdallah bin Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajami (?)
General Note:
Publication information: Abdallah bin Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajami. 1904. Habari za Wakilindi. Magila, Bonde (Tanzania/ German East Africa): UMCA.
General Note:
Publication information: Abdallah bin Hemedi ‘lAjjemy. 1962. Habari za Wakilindi. Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Kampala: East African Literature Bureau

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SOAS University of London
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MS 10294 ( SOAS manuscript number )
MS 10294a ( SOAS manuscript number )
MS 10294b ( SOAS manuscript number )


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