Nyaya-Kusumanjali Prakaranam

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Nyaya-Kusumanjali Prakaranam
Series Title:
Bibliotheca Indica
Tarkālaṅkāra, Candrakānta, 1836-1910 ( editor )
चन्द्रकान्ततर्कालंकार, 1836-1910 ( editor )
Place of Publication:
Asiatic Society
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23 cm. in


Subjects / Keywords:
Hinduism ( lcsh )
हिन्दू धर्म
Nyaya ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage:
Asia -- India -- West Bengal -- Kolkata
एशिया -- भारत -- पश्चिम बंगाल -- कोलकाता
22.566667 x 88.366667


General Note:
Volume 1, Part 1
General Note:
Udayanācārya = Library of Congress name authority record n80093388
General Note:
Udayanācārya = VIAF name authority record 60383851
General Note:
Tarkālaṅkāra, Candrakānta, 1836-1910 = Library of Congress name authority record n89102115
General Note:
Tarkālaṅkāra, Candrakānta, 1836-1910
General Note:
2 volumes in 9 parts
General Note:
SOAS classmark = S.III.5 / 55051
General Note:
Contents: 1st pt. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd stavakas with the commentary of Ruchidatta and the gloss of varddhamana. -- 2d. pt. The 4th and 5th stavakas with the commentary of Varddhamána and the gloss of Ruchidatta.
General Note:
Commentary of Rucidatta entitled: Kusumāñjaliprakāśamakaranda; that of Vardhamāna: Kusamāñjaliprakāśa.
General Note:
Bibliotheca Indica, work no. 123
General Note:
Printed at the Baptist Mission Press and published by the Asiatic Society
General Note:
Edited by Mahamahopadhyaya Chandrakanta Tarkalankara.
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This item is in the public domain. Please use in accord with Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA). High resolution digital master available from SOAS, University of London - the Digital Library Project Office.
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SOAS, University of London
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S.III.5 / 55051 ( soas classmark )
728357530 ( oclc )


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