Śrī Lāljī (1551-1618 A.D.) with his four sons

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Śrī Lāljī (1551-1618 A.D.) with his four sons
Series Title:
ब्रज में सांस्कृतिक वस्तुएँ: चित्र
Alternate Title:
अपने चार बेटों के साथ श्री लालजी (१५५१-१६१८ ईस्वी)
Place of Publication:
वृंदावन, भारत
Vrindavan, India
वृन्दावन शोध संस्थान
International Association of the Vrindaban Research Institute
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Subjects / Keywords:
एशिया -- भारत -- उत्तर प्रदेश -- मथुरा ज़िला -- राधाकुंड
ایشیا -- بھارت -- اتر پردیش -- متھرا ضلع -- رادھا کنڈ
Lalji, Śrī, 1551-1618
Lalji, Sri, 1551-1618
Painting ( LCSH )
Spatial Coverage:
Asia -- India -- Uttar Pradesh -- Mathura District -- Rādhākuṇḍ
27.525278 x 77.491389


General Note:
The IAVRI catalogue places this image in Rādhākuṇḍ
General Note:
IAVRI series: Cultural objects in Braj : Paintings
General Note:
IAVRI series: ब्रज में सांस्कृतिक वस्तुएँ: चित्र
General Note:
1 colour slide
General Note:
Painting in the possession of Katan Lai Goswami of ÅšrÄ« GopÄ«nāth Mandir (Sukhan Mātā Kuñj) VrÄ«ndaban. They are from a series depicting gosvāmÄ«s of the Eighth GaddÄ« of the Vallabha sampradāya from Dera Ghazi Khan
General Note:
"Between January 1976 and March 1978 over 4,500 photographs were taken and subsequently classified at the Vrindaban Research Institute using a card-index system."

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SOAS, University of London
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CB 7.38 ( IAVRI Number )